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Cagedmonkey wrote the other day about “Maybe Day” and his thoughts on it. He asked me how I felt about his post since it wasn’t something we had talked about with each other. I figured I’d respond here. Honestly… I don’t know how I feel about it. I have known my hubby for 16 years now and he’s never been ok with the unknown. In a way it makes me feel good that he’s grown and in a place now where he trusts me so much that he would be ok with doing away with Maybe Day. I love that he’s gotten here with us and our relationship that he would be ok with me just deciding when, where, how, and if he ever came again without giving him the whole “it’s supposed to happen this day” thing. I could always change my mind and make it happen before or push him longer. It is ALWAYS my decision when but we always had that goal or that “finish line” if you will. I feel like maybe it gave him something to look forward to so he worked to get there. I started to worry a bit that if he didn’t have that date to look forward to he would just eventually give up on trying or even wanting an orgasm. I do LOVE the desperate need to have one when he’s denied and teased and aching. Then again I guess it would sort of be the same as always because ANY day could be maybe day.


So really this post probably accomplished nothing as I honestly don’t know how I feel – I guess I’m a little worried and a lot happy, like I said, it feels good to know that his trust has grown that I would not just NEVER give him one again or that I would ever lock him up and leave him. It feels good knowing that he knows that would never happen. That I need him just as much as he needs me. That I love our intimacy just as much as he does and I crave feeling him. I actually do enjoy making him orgasm and giving him that pleasure but I enjoy teasing the fuck out of him and denying him just a wee bit more – that’s why he is locked up, teased and denied a whole lot more than he is given orgasms!! 🙂

We recently had the pleasure of trying out the Size Matters Max Twist Nipple Suckers which were sent to us by UberKinky in exchange for an honest review of the product. We truly appreciate the opportunity to review sex toys. Not only is it fun to try out new products, we love sharing things we like or don’t like with you guys!!


Cagedmonkey and I actually started looking into nipple suckers a few months ago when we were looking around for new sex toys. We wanted to see what the whole interest in them was. So this kind of worked out perfect for us. First of all let me touch on what the claim is for Nipple Suckers and why they might be enjoyable for some. For those who enjoy that sucking feeling and want to have strong, constant feeling of suction, these would be perfect. The whole idea is to wear them to create more sensation in the nipples which is great for some nipple play. Who doesn’t like the reaction they get torturing some nipples after they have become super sensitive?? 🙂 Using nipple suckers like the Max Twist Nipple suckers causes blood to rush to the skin in the nipple and makes them extra sensitive and a bit more plump and perky!


I will say, feeling that whole sucking feeling isn’t a turn on for me but I do love playing with hubby’s nipples so we focused on getting them to work on him. We did try them on me and they definitely grabbed a hold of my large breasts and nipples and had a nice tight, pulling seal. we really had no issues attaching them to my chest but like I said… it really did nothing for me other than to make me uncomfortable. That’s my personal preference and I know that some just LOVE that feeling of pulling and tugging and suction on their nipples. Feeling them get engorged and sensitive can be a huge turn on for some! For me, I love that hubby knows just the right amount of sensation my nipples can handle.

I will say, to be used on a man, it would be 100% better to have the area they are being used on shaved or free of hair. We did have some trouble getting them to suck on to cagedmonkey but we were able to by pushing as much of the hair out of the way as possible. If you know me at all you know I am not about my man shaving his body so we used these in the way we would use them. They were very easy to adjust by twisting the top to get a gentle pull and a twist or two more created a much stronger sucking feeling. At one point I gave it too much of a twist and may have gotten a cringe and a whimper to lessen it a little hehe 🙂 Maybe that wasn’t on accident! I left them attached to CM a bit and wiggled them around and pulled on them some just to give him some time to let them draw the blood to the surface and create that extra sensitive feeling in his nipples. Afterwards I made sure to play with his nipples and give him a bit of nipple torture to make sure they worked well. I believe he’d agree that they helped heighten his sensation.


As easy as these were to attach they were just as easy to take off. You simply twist the knob in the opposite direction and they very easily pop off. The little suckers could be used on many parts of the body and I have heard about some using them on their girlie parts. I really am not all about the suction thing so I did not attempt to use it on my own clit. I am assuming this would be fantastic for those who like the feeling of pulling and sucking on their clit. However, with how wet I get I can see there being an issue with cleaning these. The juices and wetness from my pussy would likely get inside the vacuum tube and behind the twisting mechanism and then there is no real way to clean it. That is another reason I chose not to attach it to my bits.

I will say that if you are looking for that feeling on consistent sucking on your nipples, the Max Twist Nipple suckers would work great for that. If you are looking for that feeling to be on other parts of the body I know there are different sized Nipple Suckers that would be even better for that. Overall, a good product for it’s intended use… in my opinion to use it on the wetter body parts it could get gross after a bit unless they fixed the design to add a few extra twists to get it clean up inside the suction tube.


Looking ahead to the looming start of my next period of orgasm denial – longer than I have ever been denied, longer than I ever thought I would be – has got me thinking about a few things. I’ve been thinking about the difference between what I want vs. what I need, as well as what it means to truly submit to My Lady.

Many of our readers out there (and ML, as well!) would agree that it is not easy being ML’s sub: it is not easy to be locked in chastity, it is not easy to be teased so intensely, and it is not easy to be held in strict orgasm denial throughout it all. She is a special and unique keyholder, and it takes a special and unique level of commitment and determination to endure her treatment. I’ve been questioning my level of commitment to submitting to ML lately, mainly because of certain aspects of our initial chastity agreement.

Way back when we started living this chastity lifestyle (over… 2 years ago? Holy shit, it was over two years ago!), we crafted a chastity agreement that allowed us both to have input on how our FLR would take shape. The spirit of that agreement guides every aspect of our D/s dynamic, even if we don’t follow each and every clause to the letter (for example, it’s been a long time since we’ve written in our communication book, only because we’ve grown to be so comfortable communicating with each other directly). One of the clauses that ML has been very gracious to uphold has been the use of the “Maybe Day.”

To explain the Maybe Day clause quick and simple: ML gives me a date when she plans to let me cum next, and will let me know if she decides to push me significantly past that date. She can choose whatever date she wishes, and can choose to extend it for any reason, but she is required to let me know when it will be or how much longer I will have to wait.

Looking back on it, I wanted to put that clause in our agreement because of my trust issues. When things were difficult between ML and me, there was never any telling when our next sexual encounter would be. I was scared that ML’s interest might fade once again if there was no date to hold her accountable. I needed even just a small guarantee that I wasn’t going to be left and forgotten about. I wasn’t ready for such an open-ended situation.

I think I’m ready for that now.

Over the past two years, I can’t remember too many nights where ML and I weren’t sexual in some way with each other. I even recently posted about how just a knowing glance across the room can be our way of “having sex.” The level of passion is certainly there, and it’s stronger than it’s ever been. I don’t think I need to be worried that ML will lose sexual interest in me anymore. I probably have to be more worried about ML driving me insane with TOO MUCH sexual attention!

With My Lady’s agreement, I would like to do away with the concept of Maybe Day for good. I realize that this opens me up for denial periods longer than I’d ever expect with absolutely no warning whatever, but I am ready to submit to her that deeply.

(This post is the first that ML will be hearing of these thoughts, so I am very curious to see what her reaction is. Wish me luck!)

Recently, cagedmonkey and I ended up with some extremely rare alone time and we got in some playtime. We’ve needed this time together for awhile since we moved and it just happened to work out that we got it. We both wanted to take a few minutes to explain why this time is important to us as a kinky couple as well as for each of us emotionally. It actually might help others understand why the like to do some of the things they like to do sexually. A lot of times it comes down to healing from our past. Please understand we are not professionals, we have never claimed to be, we simply have worked hard on ourselves and our relationship over the years and have learned a lot. We love to share our thoughts and views on things in hopes that it might help someone out on their journey!

In therapy there is something called “Act it Out” exercises. We have never actively done this kind of therapy but we have read about it in the past couple years and discussed it’s benefits with our therapist. Cagedmonkey and I have realized how helpful this kind of therapy can be for people who have had childhood trauma and/or abuse in whatever form. There are so many ways a kid can be screwed up by things, whether it’s physical or emotional. Most of the time, abuse survivors will hold back, hide, fear expressing their feelings or being themselves and sometimes even end up losing relationships in their lives that are important because they don’t know how to show who they really are. There are therapists out there who incorporate acting exercises into therapy sessions to help abuse survivors to come out from behind the curtain and face their fears and their feelings. That’s the simple version of it because I don’t want to turn this post into a REALLY long post on psychology. As always, if you want to know more about “Act it Out” exercises please do some googling! 🙂

I’m sure you can imagine how the whole “Act it Out” thing comes in handy in a kinky relationship. It addresses all those sexual feelings we may feel embarrassed by or afraid to admit, even to ourselves. Having a safe partner to act things out with is crucial. Whether you have a trusted sex therapist to talk to about these things or just awesome communication with your partner – either way gives you the release you may need, to work through some of the bottled up feelings and fears you have hidden away inside.

He Said: Some people might think it’s kind of crazy, how ML and I use our “mental issues” and our traumatizing pasts as part of our sex lives. I wouldn’t suggest just anyone trying it; ML and I wouldn’t go this deep without having really strong communication between us, otherwise the potential for hurting each other would be too great.

My Lady can explain to you how I fit her needs better than I can, but I’ll just say that I take great pleasure in being what she needs. As for my needs being filled, ML represents a way for me to make up for past mistakes.

To give enough background for this without getting too deep or wordy, I’ll start by saying that I spent a good part of my childhood getting away with things. I was a “mama’s boy” and the youngest in my family, which basically meant I was able to do whatever I wanted without worrying about the consequences. It’s a good thing I wasn’t too much out of control, otherwise I could have ended up in some real bad situations.

Anyway, the kink that ML and I share gives me a chance to make up for the discipline I missed. She is the firm, demanding, “mother-like” figure I needed as a child, only now she uses her control in a sexual manner.

It sounds totally fucked up… and maybe it is. Maybe it’s crazy for ML to take her anger against men out on me, or for me to look to her to make me pay for mistakes I made years ago. But we both know that it is a safe way for us to work through our issues and heal old wounds and have some damn good sex at the same time. The mental/emotional connection that we have during it makes everything so intense and amazing.


She Said: I’ll take a minute to get a little personal with you all to help you understand why this Domme/sub relationship we have and the things we do are so incredibly helpful for me. When I was a kid I was always put down, told I was not good enough and that I would never have anything good because I didn’t act a certain way or look a certain way. On top of that I was sexually abused as a young child so I’m sure you can imagine the demons I have hiding inside of me. I have found during this journey with my wonderful, amazing husband that I need the man that he is. I need a man who is a MAN, who can show me how he loves me for who I am and how I am and how I look. I also need a man who is willing to submit to me and let me control, at times, even the little things. I was made to feel so worthless and pointless as a kid and teenager, not to mention completely helpless by an older man. Now I get to face the fear that those things are really true about me and I get to use the kink that I enjoy to help me dig through the baggage I carry from childhood.

When I am dominating my hubby and controlling him I feel like I am being listened to. When I tell him (politely yet demanding) to do something and he says “Yes, ma’am,” I feel important and worthwhile. I feel like I have something to give, like what I say and do means something. When I control him, even the little things, it makes me feel more powerful than that little girl who sat there being told she would never amount to anything because she wasn’t pretty enough or thin enough. I feel more powerful than the child who was beaten because she “couldn’t do anything right,” because she “didn’t clean that right,” and would never get a husband because she’s “too fat.” Yes, seriously I was told those things and so many other horrible things you may wonder why in the fuck I even still talk to my mother. After the welts she left on my back from not doing things just the way she wanted them done.

This is sexual side of things makes me feel even more powerful. After feeling so completely helpless as a child by this older man in my life, you can only imagine the feelings I have and the emotions inside that come from dominating a man sexually. How it feels to force HIM to do things he maybe doesn’t want to do, to force HIM to take what I give him and make HIM feel completely helpless because of me. I get off so very much on feeling that power, of making him take things from me and causing that reaction in him. Those moans, those whimpers and the begging and pleading with me, the one who is controlling his pain or his pleasure. It’s ME who’s got this big strong man where I want him forcing him to endure whatever I want because in that moment, I’m the stronger one. I’m the more powerful one. Perhaps not physically stronger but mentally and emotionally, I’m the one with all the power. I say what happens and when it stops. It fuels me and gives me back what was ripped from away from me as a child. My identity, my life, taken away when I was so small. In those few moments when I’m grabbing my husbands throat and making him do what I want, or making him feel what I want him to feel, it gives me back the power of myself.


I hope by both of us writing this out for you guys helps you get to know us a little bit better and helps you when you worry about some of the things you may like sexually. It’s ok to like them and it’s perfectly fine to Act it Out with someone safe!

The stars aligned the other day, and I happened to get a day off of work during the week. This gave My Lady and I some time together with absolutely no kids in the house. She took advantage of this time by making me scream and cry with a rough pegging. What a way to spend your day off, huh?

ML cuffed my hands to the bed above my head, then she used the Easy Access Thigh Restraint Sling to position me with my knees up to my chest and my legs spread. I felt very slutty right then, wide open and vulnerable. I couldn’t close my legs even if I wanted to.


She began to rub the tip of her strapon against my asshole, and my cock quickly began to stiffen. “Ooooh, you like being my little slut, don’t you,” ML teased me as she began to stroke me. “I bet your cock will even harder when I start sliding my big fake cock in your ass.” She slowly pushed the strapon inside me, and we found out she was absolutely right.


ML stroked my cock and quickly brought me to the edge, and I whimpered and squirmed as she teased me. I wanted my hands free badly; after a month-plus of teasing and denial, I was desperate to touch myself and cum, whether or not there was a big rubber dildo in my ass or not.

ML kept me teetering on the edge, using my cock as a handle as she fucked me with the strapon. I could see ML was enjoying taking me on my back, being able to look into my eyes as she penetrated me, but I could also tell something was missing for her. She couldn’t fuck me with the force she wanted to. After not getting any chances to peg me for so long, she wanted to take me roughly. She wanted to hurt me.

ML took the thigh restraints off me and told me to turn over on the bed. With my hands still cuffed to the bed, I was defenseless. She had me where she needed me in order to take me as she wanted.

ML was not gentle with me. After not having much ass play for the past few months, I probably needed some time to get accustomed to the size of her strapon… time that My Lady was not willing to give. She pushed the strapon deep into my ass, filling me almost completely after only a few strokes. I kicked my legs against the mattress to try to deal with the pain, since it was my only option. She continued to abuse my ass, giving me no time to gather myself, until I was sobbing and begging her to stop. I was glad that there were no kids in the house, because I couldn’t have kept my volume down even if I needed to.

When ML had her fill of me (pun intended), she thrusted deep into my ass one last time. With the strapon still in my ass, she unhooked the waistband from herself, reversed it, and hooked it around my waist, effectively strapping the dildo firmly into my ass.

ML then laid down next to me and reached for her wand. It was ML’s turn to take advantage of the kids not being around.

ML started by using the wand through her panties, getting them even more soaked than they already were from pegging me. Once they were good and wet, she took them off and shoved them in my mouth, letting me taste her while I watched her please herself. She then used the wand to bring herself to a massive, screaming orgasm, which lasted a good half minute before she started to come down. But even after that, she still wasn’t satisfied.

My Lady uncuffed me and told me to get up and fuck her. I nearly lept off the mattress, until I realized the dildo was still strapped inside my ass. She wanted me to fuck her with the strapon still in my ass! She knew exactly what I was thinking, and said, “Yes, be a good boy and fuck my pussy with your cock while mine fucks your ass.”

Her pussy was as wet as it had ever been as my cock slid easily inside her. I was close to cumming after only a few thrusts, but I managed to hold off. I nearly had a handle on the situation when ML wrapped her legs around my waist and used her feet to push the dildo deeper into my ass. I jumped forward reflexively, shoving myself balls deep into ML’s pussy and triggering another screaming orgasm from her. Her pussy grabbed and squeezed my cock as she came hard and loud, and my body wanted to cum with her so badly. I somehow managed to hold off… maybe the big rubber cock in my ass distracted me just enough.

ML’s timing was perfect – we had just a few minutes for aftercare before she had to go pick up my daughter from school. Back to real life we went, where we are parents instead of kinky fuckers we truly are inside. I couldn’t forget the morning, though… not with my poor asshole twitching and throbbing all day long, and definitely not with ML looking at me and giving me that knowing smile all day long.

Alone adult time is something of a Hot commodity around here, now that hubby is working early ass mornings and the kids are getting older and staying up later. Getting that precious time together to do all those deliciously kinky things we want to do doesn’t come easy. Well, today just so happens to be one of those extremely rare times where we get about a full hour of complete alone time together. Now that our daughter goes to school for a small part of the day and cagedmonkey has the day off we are taking full advantage of having the house to ourselves.

I honestly have no clue what is in store for hubby this morning but I’ve had this desire burning inside me for months. This desire to tie him down and make him my little slut. This desire to completely dominate him sexually and use him and make him feel what it is to be my bitch. I want to spank him until he’s whimpering, I want him bound, unable to move, unable to squirm or wiggle away from from whatever I want him to endure.

I really just have this want inside me to take him and use him, all of him, for my pleasure. Using him, taking him, spanking him, pegging him until I just don’t have anything left in me and he’s left there whimpering, after being forced to take it all.

Ah well… It is only an hour so we will have to see what comes of it but, trust me, none of that precious time will be taken for granted. It will be used very wisely! One thing I know for sure id’s that he will NOT be enjoying an orgasm in any of this! 🙂


So, ML’s post let the cat out of the bag and it has now turned into the elephant in the room – I won’t be having an orgasm in 2016. Honestly, that sounds a hell of a lot worse than “I won’t have an orgasm for a year,” and I’m not quite sure why that is. Maybe because it’s so definite, so final… and it also says nothing of when my next orgasm will be…. Ok, I’m going to stop right there before I start putting more ideas into My Lady’s head. 🙂

Now that this is going to be a reality, I can’t help but think back to how we got this far. I can vividly remember one of the first few conversations ML and I had about our goals for chastity and orgasm denial. My goal was to eventually be made to go a year with an orgasm; ML wasn’t so ambitious. When I asked her if it would ever be a possibility, first she answered, “I don’t know.” Then, following a good pestering from me, she said, “Probably not.”

I’ll admit, I was a little disappointed. I wondered what it would be like to be that desperate, so needy after a year of no orgasms, and what it would feel like to finally have one. But I also understood where she was coming from. We hadn’t even started practicing yet, we were still working out the details (so to speak). Looking at an entire year of denial wasn’t just putting the cart before the horse, it was filling up the cart before even buying a horse. I was just happy that we were communicating honestly and openly, and we were willing to try this together.

I never expected ML to get as far as even considering a year denial for me. It was always one of those “what if” fantasies, but it grew less and less important as our sex life got more and more amazing. Little did I know that My Lady was building up her tolerance for denying me.

Now it seems like my fantasy will come true. And, to be honest, it’s not a “be careful what you wish for” situation – I’m very excited to try this! I know there will be times where I hate it and I want it to end, but I love being sexually controlled by My Lady. Also, being insanely horny, almost constantly turned on, and desperate to cum pretty much all day every day is an AMAZING experience that I wouldn’t trade for anything.

Although, nine months from now, I might feel differently about that and be willing to trade it for a nice good hard orgasm. 🙂

I get questions all the time from other wives or girlfriends who have their guys in chastity. Some of the most frequently asked questions are about how I keep things fresh, how I keep him teased, how I remind him of my control over his cock. Honestly, I’ve said it before, chastity is not a “lock it and leave it” thing. Chastity takes a little work on the keyholders part. Unless of course it’s your kink to be locked up and the key tossed away never to be used again. That is certainly not how most… no, all, of the guys I know want it. They want to feel the control, the tease, the denial. They do not want to be locked up and forgotten about. So, how do I possibly make time to keep him teased and denied and reminded of my control?

A lot of this is mental, so there is that. The words and phrases I choose, how I say something, it all helps in reminding cagedmonkey who controls him and his sexual pleasure… Or torment! Then again, much of this is physical, too. There really, truly is a need to feel the physical control. Not that we need to be constantly stroking and edging our guys – though I’m sure they’d love that – but we do need to remind them physically. For those of us using chastity devices, that’s one constant reminder. He can feel that cage you keep locked on him so it is there to say “hey, she holds the key to your cock.”

Sometimes I have to get creative in my reminders. Since we don’t have a lot of time these days for long D/s sessions I need to find interesting ways to keep the tease and denial going. If you follow us on Twitter, you know, a lot of times I’m sending him pictures of myself and my sexy parts. I’m sending him texts about how horny I am and how I’m masturbating. I make sure to remind him of how lucky I am that I’m not locked in a chastity device and I can give myself an orgasm any time I want.

I’ve decided that our lack of alone time together doesn’t mean our D/s or tease and denial time needs to suffer. This morning after getting hubby’s lunch together, I snuck the small vibrator into the front pocket of his lunch bag. Once he left I texted him instructions to retrieve it and click it to a certain setting and place it under his balls, just far enough behind that it vibrated his prostate, for the drive. After a certain amount of time I had him switch it to another setting and then again another. I had control over him for the entire hour that he drove to work. He was an extremely horny dripping mess by the time he got to work. I love that he had to go into work with messy underwear. My little form of private public humiliation.

This little bit of surprise play completely reminded him of how much I love him and love controlling his sexual pleasure. He could feel my control all the way to work and I’m sure the residual submissive feelings are still with him a few hours later. I love finding ways to keep the kink alive, so to speak, when our alone time is not in abundance. I plan to find other wonderfully simple ways to keep reminding him just who is in control of his cock and his sexual pleasure!

Over the past couple weeks cagedmonkey and I have been talking a lot about his orgasm denial. When we started this whole denial thing 15 years ago, the longest we ever made it was one month denied. Usually the tease and denial lasted a short time from one play session to hours or days. It was so hard to get to that point back then. Since we started with male chastity over 2 years ago, denying him comes a little easier.

Hubby and I have learned something over the past two years. While there are some things we totally are not interested in, there are some things that are well, interesting to look at or think and fantasize about. Maybe we will never try them but we’ve learned that we can never say never, simply because there have been things we’ve tried and been like “whoa that was awesome, no idea why I like it but I do” and there have also been things that we were like “nope didn’t like that and never doing that again.”

When it comes to hubby’s orgasm denial, two years ago we never thought we’d make it to one month let alone the 3 or 4 we get to now. Our conversations recently have gone on to talking about 6 months to a year of orgasm denial. We have actually talked a lot about if we really think that we could do one year. Really the discussion is whether I could make it denying him for an entire year. He really has no choice in the matter. Two and a half years ago my husband ask me to take complete control sexually. I gladly took control of when and if he receives any sexual pleasure and if, when and how he will orgasm. So it basically comes down to, if I choose to deny him for a year, he will be denied for a year.

One of the things I made quite clear to him was that I could probably pretty easily keep him denied orgasm for a year but there was absolutely no way in hell I could keep him locked in a device that long without having him. I told him I NEED him, NEED his cock and NEED the connection of intimacy with him. I can manage to lock him 24/7 for about a month but I struggle by the end. That is something I will say never about… I will NEVER keep him locked in a device unused for a year. I know for a fact I could never.

So denial of orgasm for a year I can totally see happening and we are going to spend 2016 trying to get there but I will be unlocking and using him for my pleasure as often as I damn well please! 🙂

What about you? Do you think you could be denied for 6 months? A year? Do you think you could deny your guy his orgasm that long? Do you think your keyholder could keep you denied that long?

After a late night of teasing me and edging me over and over without mercy, My Lady was still not through torturing me.

(By the way, if you haven’t seen her post yet, click on that link… seriously, there is an AMAZING picture of ML’s tits posted there!)

ML once again took advantage of my unlockedness to tease me in the morning… from the very moment I woke up, in fact. She was stroking me, pushing me to yet another frustrating edge. After the edging from the night before, I was beginning to feel like I couldn’t handle any more. My body wanted to cum… my cock NEEDED to cum…. but My Lady wouldn’t allow it.

ML gave me three more edges before it came time for me to head to work. But she wasn’t done with me yet.

One thing I truly appreciate is the level of trust ML and I share in our chastity relationship. ML knows how devoted I am to being a “good boy” for her, so she feels comfortable leaving me unlocked if she is not directly with me – if it suits her needs, which it certainly did today.

ML instructed me to make sure that my cock stayed hard for the entire ride to work, which just happens to last about an hour or so. “Squeeze it, stroke it, do whatever you have to do,” she told me. So I ended up having to play with my cock for the next hour while I drove to work, desperate to cum but not allowed to. When I texted ML that I had gotten to work safely, she demanded three edges from me before I locked myself back up. I had to wait until about a half hour into my shift before I could stuff my poor teased cock back into its cage.

These edges are really driving me crazy! I do enjoy when ML touches me and teases me because it feels so fucking good, but eventually the frustration of being stimulated so much without orgasm begins to be too much. This, of course, is when ML enjoys asserting her control and forcing me to endure even more. I truly do want the teasing to stop at that point, whether she lets me cum or not. But I want it to be her choice – under her control – more than I want it to just happen. So I keep taking as much as she gives me.

What choice do I have?