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There was an excellent comment on my last post that was absolutely spot on, and perfectly describes one of the best things about male chastity.

chastityfemdom writes:

now that we have PIV so much less, when it happens (or rather when Mistress R lets it happen) we both enjoy it a lot more than we used to, when it was just an ‘everyday’ thing. Guy’s who don’t live this way really don’t appreciate how good it feels to be inside a nice wet pussy, or how it feels to hear ‘I want you to cum inside me’.

Thanks for the comment, Rob! And yes, I 100% agree with you!

When I’ve been locked up for a good amount of time, the feeling of My Lady’s warm wet pussy squeezing and gripping my hard cock is just fucking amazing. That’s not to say it doesn’t always feel great – because it does – but it’s a little extra special when I’ve been denied for so long.

It’s almost like tasting your first dessert after you’ve been on a strict diet for weeks. Sure, a brownie is a nice treat no matter what day of the week you eat it, but it’s beyond delicious if you haven’t had one for quite some time.

So, yes, male chastity is about submission and control and all of those things we talk about… but one of the bonuses of male chastity is that first taste of sex when you’ve been on a “pussy diet” for so long.

I ran across this article on Yahoo and it started me thinking that ML and I must seem like a huge outlier. I mean, we are probably as content as we’ve ever been in our marriage, and we very often – in fact, regularly – go more than a week without having sex.

Then again, that’s by design. In fact, our chastity lifestyle has caused us to redefine what “sex” is for us. Of course, PIV-intercourse counts, but there is so much more that we do that ends up making the whole “cock & pussy” thing almost a minimal part of our sex life.


Damn fucking good, but still minimal.

Take this morning, for example. ML and I woke up a little late, so we were rushing around a little bit getting me ready for work… but I still had time to kneel in front of her to show my submission to her. And she uses that time to tease me with her beautiful tits, making me want them but also making me wait until she was ready for me to have them. It was a small moment, but it have both of us a sexual charge that lasted well into the day.


Wouldn't this keep you horny all day long?

My Lady and I “have sex” in so many ways. We can do an intense domination scene with bondage and pegging, or just simple snuggling and kissing in bed…. it’s all sex for us. Even just a simple smile and a knowing glance can have that sexual edge to it. (And yes… I just did it, and it was great!)

So, I guess we actually have sex more than once a week. In fact, we are pretty much having sex with each other all throughout the day. That still makes us an outlier, though… incredibly happy, in spite of all the sex we have. 🙂

Last weekend we spent the entire weekend away at our son’s football tournament. I certainly couldn’t let the teasing subside just because we were away in a hotel with 15 other football families, now could I?

I will admit, I’m entirely too weak when it comes to this whole long term lock up thing. I really did want to try again to make it a good long time, keeping him erectionless but it just didn’t happen! On Saturday night I decided to have hubby unlock and leave his cage in the suitcase for the rest of the weekend. The night ended with a massive amount of teasing in bed, under the covers. I stroked him and edged him over and over again. I let him get the slightest feel of my pussy from behind at the weird angle we managed to get into. It was about a quarter of his cock that was able to actually enter me. As he tried thrusting he really just ended up teasing the head of his cock with my wet pussy lips. 🙂

When we woke up on Sunday, I started on him right away. I sent him straight to the bathroom to edge himself for me 4 times. He then has to come out and show me how hard his cock is while trying to hide it from anyone else. I love that nervous “I hope no one notices” walk he does. I literally spent the next couple hours having him periodically going to the bathroom for me and doing whatever number of edges I came up with.

Just because it was time to go to the field, don’t think I stopped there. During our teams warm up and during half time I sent him off on the long walk in front of the bleachers to the other side of the field to the bathroom. There he had to edge for me and take that long nervous wall back, hoping no one could see the massive bulge in his pants from his hard cock. It was such a perfect time for some private public humiliation. I’m sure the second I told him “You’re going to go to the bathroom and edge 5 times for me,” while sitting there on the bleachers, caused him to chub up.

It really was a very fun day keeping him literally dangling on the edge all day. We had about a two and a half hour drive home and he thought he might get a break from many torment… But, come on, really? Haha especially when both kids fell asleep! I teased his cock and nipples while he was driving and he even got to the point of begging me to stop. I love the sound of his voice when it gets all shaky and he truly does want me to stop.

Cagedmonkey was completely a dripping mess by the time we got home… But I didn’t stop there haha just about every 15 mins from dinner to bedtime I had him going in and stroking himself to the edge for me multiple times. He was so incredibly sensitive after that all day tease-a-thon. I enjoyed very much pushing him that much further into his horniness.

I really think, after that, he’s been feeling very submissive. I think he really loved getting on his knees before work this morning to service my pussy. I am looking forward to the weekend. We put the bed restraints back on the bed and I think it’s going to be a bondage kinda weekend! 🙂

Just sitting here in a hotel after a long day of kids football games. More to go tomorrow but I couldn’t help but notice how damn sexy I look leaned back in this chair, leggings on and my boots propped up on the hotel bed. I thought I’d share! 🙂
These boots are awfully dirty after walking around the field all day… Which one of you good boys wants to get on their knees and clean my boots?
Enjoy the boot porn! 🙂

One of the things I am asked often is Do I or why don’t I have cagedmonkey shave completely or dress in panties or [insert sissy/feminization reference here]? The simple answer is: I don’t want him to.

The more complex answer is something interesting I’ve been realizing slowly about myself. Over the last couple years, traveling along this kinky road, I’ve often analyzed my reasons for liking certain sexual things. Sometimes I’ve given up on analyzing some stuff because there is no rhyme or reason why that thing turns me on. Most things, however, I can link to a good event or even a trauma (mostly traumas!) in my past and that act is simply helping me work through the emotional baggage from the past.

I’m not going to get into my childhood traumas but simply put, I was sexually abused by a man early in life and, as you can imagine it left that little girl very vulnerable and helpless. So, for me and my complex answer as to why I don’t want some sissy, feminine guy for a submissive husband, it’s simply that I get off on controlling a man. Knowing that this man who could on the outside obviously take care of anything he needed to but is submissive to me, kneels before me and is locked in a chastity cage for me and is controlled sexually by me.

For me, it’s more of a turn on to control the big strong man and to have myself a submissive man for a husband.

Last night I decided to see how long Cagedmonkey could stand being in the bondage sack while being tortured in his cage. I got him in it and strapped down and I took the vibrating cock ring, stretched it around his cage and turned it on high speed.


He was almost instantly bulging out of his cage, I had to be careful putting the cock ring on so I didn’t pinch skin against the bars. I loved hearing him start moaning and I could see him trying to struggle in the sack but he really could not move while strapped in there.


I left him like that for a good hour, periodically unzipping the zippers on his chest to pinch and pull his nipples. Grabbing the post on his cage to pull and push it in all directions, moving rooty around. I’d even gotten to the point of snuggling in to go to sleep. I was totally prepared to go to sleep and leave the vibrator to wear itself out – I’d just fully charged it before that with my phone charger! 🙂

I made sure, before I got comfortable, that I could trust hubby to use his safeword if he had to. I wasn’t sure with his sensory and elbow issues if he could truly stay in the sack all night. Once he assured me, I was able to relax. A little while later, I’m not positive when because I know I had fallen asleep, I heard him calling me. I know he didn’t want to but he had to use his safeword. We found that restraining him with the bed straps is doable for him to sleep but keeping him long term confined in the bondage sack isn’t going to work for a couple of reasons.

I’m glad we tried this and I’m glad I got in at least a good hour of cock torture. It was fun and made my pussy so wet. It was amazing to see that look in his eye while I was leaned over him tightening the straps down. That “I’m completely helpless” look that turns me on so much!

I haven’t had a full night’s sleep for the past three nights. I’ve woken up at 4 am each night with an extremely painful cage-strangled erection, and the only way to calm myself down is to get out of bed and do something to take my mind off it. I try to lay in bed and relax – think about boring things, do math in my head, etc. – but nothing works. The pressure of my erection starts to ache, which is kind of a turn on for me, which keeps my erection from calming down… there’s no escaping the problem at that point.


Maximum rootage.

The worst part is that I’m suffering through all these aches and pains, and I’m nowhere near getting the pressure relief of being unlocked that I so desperately need. It’s only been a little over a week since My Lady locked me up tight in the Jailbird, and the intensity of the ache feels like it’s been a month. And I have more than a month to go before I’m released!

I can tell ML is enjoying making me feel this way. She relishes the idea that it is her that makes my cock ache the way it does, and that thoughts of her are what keep it going strong. She’s been ultra horny over the past week (time-of-the-month or not, she’s feeling it bad!), teasing me just a little bit extra and getting off on it a lot bit extra. She’s even having sex dreams pretty much on a nightly basis now… I thought that was my thing!

I feel the energy building between us quickly and strongly. We’ve been talking a little bit about our desires, and when our horny feelings get really intense, we both start to want the same things. I’m not entirely sure, but I feel us moving towards a possible intense kink scene if this buildup continues. Come to think of it, we don’t have any plans this weekend. Who knows what ML has been dreaming up for me this past week…

Cagedmonkey has had a few very rough days. I mean he is still denied even after all the goings on the weekend our friends were here. Added to that, he’s been told he’s going to be locked and denied even an erection, until Christmas! Add on top of that things like the other night when I tried out a new toy on his sexy little tight asshole.

Just about every night, now, I have him eat my pussy. Just like he used to go to sleep in the mornings tasting me and having my juices all over his face. It’s become a nightly thing before we go to sleep. Even if I don’t cum, I love feeling his face between my legs and his tongue gently flicking my clit. Even more recently, I’ve loved the 69 position so that I can add some to his tease and torture. I will usually play with his bulging cock through the cage, squeeze and rub his balls and run my fingernails from his ass down to the underside of his balls. Sometimes he even gets a little tickle of his tight hole when I put my finger against it and just rub a little, not penetrating, just rubbing it, teasing him more. Making him completely ache.

A couple weeks ago I ordered a new toy and we haven’t had a chance to play with it yet. I decided I wanted to try it out the other night since I had his sexy little ass in the air and he was eating my pussy, anyway. It’s a smaller probe with “bumps” along it that remind me very much of anal beads. I’m not really a fan of the whole anal bead thing but I get the whole idea of it. I figured it would be a fun one to play with without much prep needed. Just a little lube and this one easily slides in for some fun ass play.

So the other night while I had him in the 69 position, him on top, I started playing with him a bit, which was causing him to moan and grunt and groan into my pussy. That gets me so completely and utterly turned on that at some point I couldn’t take it anymore and I made him lay on his back and I straddled his face. Running my pussy down onto him hard and fast. I grabbed him by the thighs, toy still stuffed in his ass, and pulled his legs up under my arms. I had him pinned there, face in my pussy and me using the toy to stimulate his asshole and prostate. At one point he tried to buck against me as I licked the length of his shaft, bulging from the steel cage on his cock. I slid my pussy hard all over his face, sliding the toy in and out and making him moan harder as I chose when he’d take a breath. Making him breathe me in, fucking his face so hard and cumming all over him while he could do nothing but take it as I had him there pinned down under me.

Fuck it was such a fantastic time, I couldn’t… No, I can’t stop thinking about it! It turns me on every time I think about the control I had over him and how turned on I was by his moaning.

Makes me want a repeat tonight… But we will have to wait for mother nature to run her course.

This is just a quick post to let you all know that due to some unforeseen circumstances we have had to remove some recent content. The posts promised to describe the rest of our weekend fun will have to be aborted. Although most of the good stuff was already written. The only other thing we were probably going to mention was how I got an entire tray of drinks dumped on me at Applebee’s by a waiter… in a much more funny post, I’m sure. If you have any questions or want to hear more please feel free to chat with us privately through our Contact page.

Due to these unforeseen circumstances a couple of our blogger friends had to leave the blogosphere. They are doing well and if you need to be in touch I would be happy to pass along a message.