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Recently I’ve noticed I have been feeling off and unsettled about our tease and torture and our D/s side of things because there isn’t much. I feel so busy lately and unorganized because, even after a month here, the OCD side of me is uneasy. Things aren’t just where I want them, days don’t go exactly as planned… I admit I’m a control freak and I feel like all the little things added up mean I have no control. It’s weird, I know, but there is so much I want to accomplish and so much I’d like to do – in regular vanilla life as well as our sexual, kinky, intimate one but I never seem to have enough time to do it.

Flipping our schedule around after soooooo many years is a lot harder to adjust to and still, things are changing! We recently found out that homeschool kids here in our new state are allowed to take a couple classes in the public school and that the school offers homeschool kids all the curriculum and textbooks, etc that the kids are using in public school. So we have begun looking into getting our daughter into a couple classes a day at school so I could have an hour or so to myself on weekdays. I’ve actually considered the fact that she may do well and like it and want to actually try going full days at some point… Which has me thinking stupid and emotional for all kinds of dumb reasons. I’m excited that that might happen but scared and anxious over it too.

All of these things with kids activities (it’s our son’s team won their 2nd round of playoffs for football today! They are off to the Superbowl!), school, errands and all that has left me with little time to get the rest of the boxes unpacked or taken over to our storage unit. Which I just got the other day because there is no storage here at the house and we can’t even get in our closets because we’ve tried to pack everything in there. Let alone having room to set up and use our sex toys! Haha

That’s been another struggle. I have no room to set things up which, with the little time we have, needs to be done before we can play. We don’t have time to set things up at night when we want to use them and then play and put it away after, etc. Anyway, excuses excuses! I really want to get our room set up in a better way, get the boxes and bins of decorations and stuff put away so we have room to actually play. I want to get a rug for the floor so we are able to set up the stockade. Really, can you see my dilemma? There is so much I want to do and so little time to get things done. Which is why I actually think having my daughter gone for an hour or so a day might be good so that I can do some of the things I want to do.

With all of this stuff I want to get done and feeling like I never have time for any of it, I find myself doubting my ability. Doubting if I’m a good mom, a good wife, a good teacher, etc. I start getting anxious and worrying if I’m keeping my hubby satisfied. Does he know how much I love and adore him and that I find him incredibly sexy? I start to worry if I’m teasing him enough, if I am good enough for him, pretty enough for him, sexy enough for him. My mind races and races in 90 directions of stupid. When I’m not in control, I worry and I am not liking the ups and downs and changes and the lack of flow!

Another note for you all is that we found we really like it here and we have talked about and started looking into sticking in some roots. That means we put the wheels in motion to either buy or build a house! That in itself is scary and exciting!

Ok I think I’ve caught you guys up on my anxiety and my crazy and what’s going on in our lives!

How are you all doing these days?

Yesterday, Cagedmonkey and I were chatting while he was at work and, of course, I was teasing him and getting him all kinds of excited and turned on. One of the things I love most is teasing him with pics and video while he is not with me – usually that means he’s at work – and getting him all tight in his cage. It’s such an incredible turn on for me to know that even being 40 miles apart I can still make his dick (attempt to be) hard and get him horny for me.

Yesterday was lots of fun as I sent him some hot pics and video of me all soapy in the shower. He really loved it. Just to share a little of what I sent him, I was sending him pictures like this, today:
And this…
Not only was I sending him pictures but we started talking about the things we were wanting. A little bit of fantasizing together, which is something I absolutely love about our communication. We both know it’s not our responsibility to force things to make fantasies happen but the fact that we talk about sex with each other gives us the opportunity to make those fantasies real if we want!

If you’ve followed along on our journey you we have the doggy style Stockade and recently got a new hood. Well, CM and I started talking about how much we miss the extreme side of bondage and having the time (and space!) to do it. I mentioned to him that I was wearing his pants yesterday without panties. I told him I was sure that they were going to smell like my pussy and how I was going to make him wear them when he got home, which I did. 🙂 That kinda kicked things into gear and we started talking about how wet my panties get and how hot it would be if I was to gag him with my potent panties and lock him in the new hood. To make things worse I could have him locked in the stockade, with the vibrating buttplug in, leaving it until his prostate milked all over the floor. We talked about how incredibly frustrating it would be if I were to remove the hood (while he thinks I’m giving him a break) and I cover his face with more of my juices by cumming on him and then putting the hood right back on and leaving him like that longer. Not knowing when it would truly end because I’d just tell him I didn’t think he’d been milked enough. Maybe he wasn’t empty so we had to keep going until I felt like he was done. We talked about adding white noise headphones to completely take away his senses… Except the ones being forced to smell and taste my pussy.

Shortly after, he told me about how he was getting tight in his cage and sent me a picture to prove it. Of course all the squeezing from the cage and the horny talk gave him some nice wet with precum underwear! Yuuummmmmmy!
I really do love seeing that bulge and knowing that I’m the one that caused it. I really do get off on being a cocktease! 🙂


My Lady and I had the pleasure of trying out a new line of sex toys called “Ooh” by Je Joue, that recently launched on These are sex toys you can mix and match to create your own special collection of sexual enhancement. It’s pretty simple, you can purchase one of the “pleasure kits” which contain a motor and two shapes and then purchase others beyond that or purchase a motor and whatever shape or shapes look intriguing, provided they fit the motor. To be honest from the start, we weren’t sure what to expect mainly because ML has never really been a “vibrator girl.” The only toy that has managed to get her off with vibration was her wand, and that is one heavy duty summbitch. But, being the horny people we are, we couldn’t turn down some good old fashion sex toy fun!



The heart of the line of toys is the interchangeable motor that comes with the accessories themselves; some of the toys could be used without the vibration feature, but whats the fun in that? ML and I had the opportunity to try out the large size motor, but they do have a mini version coming soon, as well. The motors are interchangeable with the products they fit. Each motor fits a few different products because they vary slightly in size. The “shapes” come listed with a number and each motor fits certain products. The large motor we received lists that it is compatible with the shape Numbers 1, 2, 3, 5 and 9. We were very impressed to find out that the motor is waterproof (*when the shape and motor are securely connected) and rechargeable. The motor comes with a micro USB charger and doesn’t take long to charge up to full power.


The motor features 3 vibration speeds and 2 patterns, ranging from soft to strong straight vibration to pulse and wave patterns. The motor is pretty quiet and packs a strong punch for its size. The different vibration patterns are fun to play with as well. I will say the straight vibration seemed like it got a little uneven after a few moments of use. ML had some difficulty getting off with the patterned vibe – not sure if that’s just her, or if the patterns work better for male use. It was certainly effective on me!



The attachments are REALLY well made. The are made from 100% body safe silicone which make them firm, but not too hard like your garden variety vibrator. The surface of the toys almost feels like it’s micro-textured, which gives it a unique feel against your skin; sensory play with these toys can be really amazing! I didn’t find any raised seams or anything that can scratch or cause injury; these toys are extremely well manufactured. It really is a smooth satiny silicone which is very soft to the touch. It’s incredibly comfortable in and on the body.



The first toy ML and I tried out was the “Pebble,” a smaller sized vibrator that somewhat resembles the shape of a tongue. This toy is great for performing vibration-assisted oral sex, although ML does prefer the feeling of my tongue over the toy (I’ll take that as a compliment). ML also got creative with it and tucked it into her panties for a few minutes. It got her pussy pretty soaking wet, I must say!

We also used the toy on me, tucking it under my balls and caged cock. The vibration got to me pretty quick, and I was bulging in my cage in no time. When ML changed to the different pattern settings, I couldn’t help but squirm around. I can only imagine what being left to myself, having to endure that for hours would feel like. Such torture!



This one was more up ML’s alley (pun intended).

The Classic vibrator, again, is exactly what it says it is – a classic-shaped vibrator. It has a slight curve to the tip, designed for g-spot simulation. It also slims slightly up the shaft before widening at the tip, aiding in deeper penetration…. I would guess, I don’t have a pussy or anything (Note: we didn’t try any anal play for either of us, although I’m sure the firmness and surface feel would do just fine for that).

The toy worked just great, ML was turned on and was really enjoying the feel and depth of the it. But, and this is another one of those “to be honest” things, ML had trouble fully getting off with it. Her issues with finding a truly good insertable that works for her is well documented, so I really don’t think that it’s a problem with the toy. I really just think that she prefers the feeling of my real, hard, flesh-and-blood, cock deep in her pussy (again, I will take that compliment and run with it).



The name of this one pretty much says it all – it’s a blue cock ring. The material used to make this toy is stretchier than the others – I was afraid it wasn’t going to fit around my cock, but the ring actually had plenty of give. The ring stays snug and hugs pretty tight, but not so tight as to cause a safety issue. ML had fun putting it on my cock while I was still a little soft and watching my cock grow into the ring and stretch it. She also applied a little extra lube and stroked me with it a little bit. That, plus the vibration was a mind blower!

I think it goes without saying that there wasn’t much for ML to do with the Electric Blue, due to her significant lack of having a penis… but she sure did enjoy teasing and torturing me with it!

imageThank you to for asking us to review these great products. After checking out this line we noticed some other great looking products by Je Joue that we might want to try!

I just think this is the sexiest thing… My beautiful subby hubby locked up in a steel cock cage for me. It really doesn’t get any better than this.


In other news… I’m extremely horny and I’m going to masturbate, probably multiple times today, because I am not locked in a cage and I can! 🙂

Awhile back I ordered a new leather locking bondage hood. It finally came in the mail yesterday. I’m not exactly sure how good it will be or how well we will like it. First of all, I’m not at all fond of the look of it. I love that it locks though, that part has potential! It also laces up and ties along the whole back of the skull so there really is no taking the hood off once it is tied, buckled and/or locked on.
It was advertised as a “sensory deprivation” hood but sound is merely muffled and there is quite a bit of light let in. He did say the nose holes were good and he could breathe easily but that it gets awfully hot and sweaty inside the hood. He only tried it on for a few minutes and was already sweating. That isn’t the biggest deal because he gets sweaty lots of times when I have him in some kind of bondage, torturing him.

We do have a lot more to try out with this hood. It’s actual use might be better than our initial reaction but I did want to post about it anyway, so I didn’t forget! I’m sure I’ll have cagedmonkey post the use review of this hood since he will be the one in it while I tease and torture him. Plus, it’s been awhile since we’ve had new toys to play with!

The past few mornings, we wake up and cagedmonkey goes to the bathroom. When he comes out of the bathroom I have my gorgeous ass uncovered and presented for some proper tonguing. He immediately climbs back on the bed and dives right in tongue fucking my ass causing me to moan like crazy.

Last night I just happened to unlock him for some use – I really wanted to cum hard on his cock (and boy did I!) and have him clean up the sloppy, wet, gooey mess that my pussy became. I came quite a few times, good and hard on his cock that it ended up milking him a little. I wouldn’t call it a ruined orgasm really because there was no actual edge to orgasm, except mine. It was just a couple drips or so that came out.

So this morning, after giving my tight asshole a good lick, I told him to get his dick hard. He stroked his cock for me while he continued tonguing me and within seconds he was hard and ready to give me what I wanted. Usually in the morning cagedmonkey is not as sensitive as other times of the day and is a little slower to the edge… But not this morning! It was a matter of thrusts and he was “oh my God, I need to stop-ing.” It was amusing that he’s so incredibly hair trigger horny – which I love – that just having his face between my ass cheeks and his dick in my tight wet horny pussy brings him to the edge so quickly.

After that we went about our morning, getting him ready for work, breakfast, etc all before the kids woke up. Just before he left for work I had him get on his knees and lick my pussy. I still love having him drive to work tasting and smelling me. All that did was increase my already horny mood. I ended up sending him of to work and left myself extremely horny today. My pussy is soaking wet, still! I know I’m going to have to sneak of to the bedroom this morning and use my wand to get myself off, because I can.

Then later this morning I have to take my horny, wet pussy out to a playdate for my daughter. It just so happens another homeschooling mom I met is the minister’s wife at a local church here. It should be extremely interesting, sitting in their house while the girls play and get to know each other, knowing in the back of my mind that I was fucked this morning, masturbated and that I keep my hubby’s cock locked in a steel cage! Haha It’s so weird this sort of double life I lead! 🙂

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I was lucky enough to get a day off from work today (although I’m working Saturday, so I’m not that lucky). ML let me sleep a little later than usual, but under one condition – she was going to make things a little “uncomfortable” for me.

My Lady started by applying the leather cuffs to my wrists. She then got a segment of bondage rope and started to wrap it around the base of my cock cage (which was starting to fill up very quickly as she continued to tie me up). Then came the uncomfortable part.

ML ran the rope down below my legs and up between my ass cheeks, all the way up my back and over my shoulders.  She gave it a quick tug, pulling it deep between my ass cheeks, before tying the ends of the rope to my cuffs. She positioned my hands at just above forehead level – not the most comfortable place for them, but any attempt to lower them would cause the rope to dig deeper into my ass.


Quite the "predicament"!

ML then tucked a small egg vibrator underneath my balls and held it in place with the rope; I began to moan right away. ML quieted me with a deep tongue kiss.

“Get some rest,” she said, “I’ll be back in a bit.”

Get some rest? That wasn’t really possible. It was bad enough just getting in a spot where I was decently comfortable. I’d have no choice but to move my arms when they got tired, but the rope tugged against me and made the base of my cock throb. Add in the fact that I had to endure the constant vibration, and I was dying to be released pretty quickly.

My Lady returned a little while later. She stood over me for a moment, smiling as she enjoyed the torment she arranged for me. Her eyes were locked onto mine as she removed her panties. My entire body shuddered as she climbed up, straddled my face towards my feet, and sat her soaking wet pussy right down on my face.

My face was instantly covered in her juices as she rubbed her pussy all over me. She rode my tongue, pushing it inside her and forcing me to tongue fuck her. I heard her moaning as she adjusted her hips and my tongue slid into her tight asshole. She spread her cheeks apart and pushed down harder to take my tongue deeper in her ass, all while her bouncing pulled the rope deeper into mine. It was really starting to hurt; between my movements and ML’s thrusting against my body, the rope had really started to tighten up on me. I started to whimper, but my cries were muffled by ML’s sexy ass and delicious  pussy. I’m sure she could still hear me, though, because she went faster each time I cried out.

After my face was thoroughly covered in her pussy juice, ML slid her body down until her pussy was right on top of my caged cock. She began rubbing herself against me, grinding her horny pussy right into my cage. I could feel her warmth and wetness between the bars of the Jailbird, and I was getting very desperate to be inside her. I got my wish, but not exactly as I’d hoped; ML took my caged cock and pulled it into her pussy. I tried to stay quiet, but I couldn’t; I moaned loudly as her pussy took my poor tortured cock inside. My Lady grabbed the base of my cock and fucked herself with the cage, effectively jerking my cock at the root as it throbbed helplessly against the steel. She pulled on the rope with each thrust, but this time in a different direction. By the time she got off of me, the rope was fully dug into my sensitive asscrack.

My Lady seemed to be finished tormenting me, but she wasn’t finished pleasing herself. She took her wand and laid down beside me on the bed, head by my feet and vice versa. I had a beautiful view as she spread her legs across my chest and began to rub the wand on her clit. She was moaning and writhing within seconds.

“Ooooh baby,” she moaned, “I bet you wish you could cum like this.” I was too desperate to respond with words. “Finger my pussy while I cum,” she said.

Her pussy was down by my hips, there was no way I could reach that far the way I was tied up. But before I could protest, ML made it clear what had to do.

“Finger my pussy and make my cum, now,” she demanded. “I don’t care if it hurts right now, I just need your fingers inside me.”

I pulled on my cuffs hard, tugging the rope up my ass, but I only made it about 3/4 of the way to her. “Come on,” she wiggled her hips, “make me cum.” I tried harder this time; I pulled the rope as hard as I could, and I yelped in pain as my fingers slid inside her.

“Ohhhh God, yes,” ML moaned. “Deeper, baby, I want it as deep as you can.”

Fuck, what terrible torture this was. ML knows how much I love to make her cum, and she knows how much more I love being her good boy and obeying her demands. But here I was, being forced to pull a bondage rope up between my asscheeks as hard as I possibly could just so I could reach her pussy. I won’t lie, it hurt. It felt like the rope was going to pull right up into my ass, I was tugging so hard. But I had to; I had no choice but to do it because ML wanted it.

It was an amazing feeling – the pain of the rope digging into me, the soft sexy feeling of ML’s pussy squeezing my fingers, the joy of listening to ML get closer and closer to cumming, all mixed together into one moment. Add to that the crushing helplessness of the cage still locked on my desperate cock… It was truly indescribable.

ML came hard, as she usually does when using the wand – her pussy clamped down on my fingers and her legs stiffened as her orgasm exploded though her body. Her legs were pushing me down onto the bed, adding even more pain from the rope. It was all moot though; feeling ML’s intense cum helped me push through the increasing pain with extra threshold to spare.

ML undid the restraints after she came down from her massive orgasm, and now we are back to our normal “parenting” lives… at least on the outside, for me. Inside, my horniness is brewing; there is a semi-subspace feeling fueling this desire more attention from My Lady, whether it be more torture or teasing… whatever she desires. I’m home all day with her today. I wonder if this morning’s amazing experience has filled her appetite, or if it was only an appetizer.

I have the rest of the day to find out.