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Ever since we moved here to West Virginia, I can not help but get the biggest smile on my face every time these southern gentlemen say “yes, ma’am.” I actually get that smile when anyone says those words to me down here because it’s gives my inner Domme that oh so yummy feeling. Especially since so many people around here have that great southern accent.

I love hearing my subby hubby say “yes, ma’am” and it gets me every single time I hear it from others too. In my head I’m like, “yes ma’am, is right!” haha I’d never tell anyone else that, instead I smile and say thank you and go about my day. For some reason those words just give me a feeling of being in charge. That someone is agreeing to do the thing I’ve asked or told them to do. Those two simple words are so respectful and at the same time so submissive.

Just thought I’d share 🙂

I quietly opened the bedroom door and latched the newly attached hook & eye. I tip-toed to the box at the side of the bed where, earlier in the week, I had placed a few toys, rope and restraints I thought I might use this weekend. I grabbed out the leather handcuffs and straddled cagedmonkey. I was naked under my jammies so he immediately woke and felt my wet pussy on his caged cock.
I buckled the cuffs on each wrist and clipped the carabiners together. I lifted cagedmonkey’s arms over my head and down around my waist. He was stuck there, arms around me with no where to go. I’m sure he was pleasantly surprised to wake up that way.

I continued rubbing my wet pussy all over his Jail Bird soaking the attempted erection trapped inside. I leaned myself a bit more upright which, in turn, pulled cagedmonkey up and I reached behind his head and shoved his face into my chest, forcing him to suck on my hard nipples. As he was sucking and flicking my nipples with his tongue, I continued to rub myself on his crotch. My clit rubbed against his rooty hardness behind the base ring until I came and covered him even more with my delicious girl goo.

I certainly was a mess after cumming like that and needed to be cleaned up. I slid myself out from under his arms, unhooked the cuffs and reattached them behind his back. I made him kneel at the side of the bed, like my good boy, and clean up the warm wet mess between my legs. As he licked, sucked and slurped it up, he got me quite worked up and I just had to cum again. Instead of having my subby hubby make me cum, I decided to torture him by making him rest his face about an inch from my pussy and I rubbed myself right into another orgasm. Forcing him to smell me and watch me until mid orgasm I grabbed his head and buried his face nice and deep into my spasming, gushing pussy. I covered him, again, in my yummy juices which he happily devoured.

I told him what a good boy he was for me, patted him on the head, unhooked the cuffs and as I walked out the door I simply said “Good morning, sweetheart.” with a big smile on my face.

I hope this post fulfills the promise I made to the Twitter peeps for some eye candy. I obviously think my hubby is deliciously sexy but I’ve also added in some pics of me for those of you not into locked cock. 🙂


Nothing like a locked cock in the morning. I really love how the tattoo is right there.
Because an unlocked cock is sexy too 🙂
And teasing it is fun too! I love how both tattoos are in this pic… No doubt who belongs to who here. 🙂
And, of course some boobies for the boobie lovers! 🙂 Wouldn’t you just love to squeeze and suck on these beauties? To feel that nipple harden up as your tongue swirled around it… Yeah that’s what cagedmonkey gets to enjoy daily! 🙂
Anyway, like I said I hope this fulfills my promise at some eye candy and you all enjoyed it! Sorry it took a couple days, most of you know things have been difficult here with our daughter off one of her medications. It makes me so happy to share and get you boys and girls all horny and worked up.

Getting adjusted to my new schedule is taking some effort. It’s not bad, don’t get me wrong. It’s actually really nice to be able to spend nights at home with ML; she has unlocked me for sex quite often over the past few days, and even allowed me to have an orgasm Monday night (she needed to be fucked hard, and I gladly obliged). Work is just very… different from what I’m used to.

I’m still in the middle of being trained… sort of. I’m also helping out with some supervisory paperwork… kinda. At the moment, I’m here and there; I’m not quite sure where I’m working or what I’m doing specifically yet. I thought maybe I’d get an office which would allow me some semi-privacy and a chance to text/talk with ML. If I’m getting one, I haven’t gotten it yet. In fact, I’ve had less chance to connect with her at work than ever before.

So yeah, it’s an adjustment. Just like living in this new place is. We got ourselves a bed frame to replace the one that got trashed by the movers, and some sexy sheets to boot. Our toys are still packed away, though, which has kept us from getting into any kinky games. Add to the fact that our bedroom door doesn’t really lock (the door can be pulled open, even when it’s locked), and the kids’ bedrooms being on the same floor as ours with no real buffer… any bondage or domination scenes are pretty much out of the question.

The one thing we do have to go on is our chastity play – it’s the one thing we can still hold on to right now. I’ve been meaning to talk to My Lady about what her immediate and longer term plans are for my chastity/denial, but honestly I’m just glad to have this.

It’s been almost 10 years since cagedmonkey has had a regular day shift schedule. He has worked so hard to provide for our family. He has made me so proud to be his wife and the mother of his children. We made the choice together, 10 years ago, that I was going to stay home with the kids (at the time it was just one). Which meant we needed more money from his income to survive. That meant going to an off shift for the differential pay. We knew it was temporary but we never expected temporary to last 10 years lol. Over that time hubby has put so much into his job, went to school for some extra letters after his name and busted ass to become supervisor ready. Then the job he was at for 12years let him down and we ultimately moved here to West Virginia. Which, by the way, is beautiful and we really do like it here!

I never knew, after 10 years, how conditioned I was that I put the kids to bed and Yay! I have a few minutes to spend with hubby before he goes to work. He’s been off that schedule for about a month now, you would think it would go away by now but, still, every night I have to remind myself… I have ALL night with him. I actually get to sleep in bed with him every night. We go to bed together, we hold each other (most of the night unless it’s too hot LoL), we wake up together. It truly is something I feel others might take for granted. I cannot even begin to express that feeling of relief I get every night when I realize, “oh! He doesn’t have to go to work tonight.” And yes, I still get it every night! It’s weird!

The other thing that’s been so hard to adjust to with this whole day shift thing is just how much I miss the man I love. When he was working nights we chatted in text messages through half the night and then I’d fall asleep. I sure missed him but half the time he was gone I was sleeping. During my awake time he was sleeping but I still had access to him. 🙂 it’s so different now that he’s working and we are awake and asleep at the same times. I feel like I miss him much more now when I only get a text or two at his breaks and lunches. I know I will get used to it, it’s only been a week. Trust me that I appreciate that it’s something I have to get used to. He has worked hard to get to this spot and we, as a couple and a family, have been through a lot to get here too. I love the place we are in. I love the relationship we have now, the intimacy level and the communication between us has never been better. Not to mention the amazing, awesome, kinky sex we have! 🙂

I really want to thank our readers for being a part of this with us. It’s so fun to have met some amazing friends who we can totally be ourselves with. We love the questions we get and the conversations we have but more than that I think we really appreciate the love and support our new friends have offered!

I woke up this morning with a sore pussy for the second day in a row. Two nights ago I had cagedmonkey take off his Jail Bird before bed and we had some pretty incredible sex. I came so hard on his cock which was so big and thick and aching to cum itself. My muscles were sore from clenching down on him and he stretched my tight pussy as he slammed deep inside me. I am actually pretty amazed at how much he could give me that night without pushing himself over the edge.

Last night I was just in a mood to cum but then after cumming once I just needed to a few more times. I wasn’t letting him out of the cage though. I wanted him to feel the cage as he attempted to get hard. I wanted him to know who controlled him and controlled if he was even able to get an erection or feel my pussy wrapped around his shaft, swallowing it up. Instead, I insisted that he eat my pussy and make me cum like the good boy he is. I just love having him locked and in the 69 position, caged cock and balls dangling there for me to play with. He makes the most beautiful noises when I scratch my nails from his ass down to his aching, swollen balls. I love how the moans feel as his face is buried in my wetness.

Since I wouldn’t unlock him to feel my pussy, and he wouldn’t be getting any penis play, I started to rub his asshole as he slurped up the juices dripping from wet pussy. He moaned louder into me as I teased him. His moaning makes me even wetter so, of course, I wanted to hear more. I gently (at first) slid one finger into his tight hole. It certainly didn’t stay that way long, his ass loves to get a little slutty for me sometimes. As I fingered his ass faster and harder, I was adding fingers to stretch him and make him moan more and more as he sucked my clit. I came so close to cumming a few times and grabbed the back of his head, shoving his face deeper and grinding against him until I came good and hard on his face.

I love to hear him breathing heavy, whimpering and moaning and his face covered in my pussy juices. Of course I made him sleep that way, in my gooey sticky mess.

Yesterday I tweeted this…
and it actually got me thinking about how much fun I had with my last girl toy. I think I miss that little taste of how it is to dominate a female. It’s also so much fun to tease cagedmonkey and basically cuckold him and force him to watch me being pleased by a woman.

Last night I told cagedmonkey to start looking on Fetlife for me again to find me some interesting, active, bisexual/lesbian girls so I can send messages to meet some friends. I wouldn’t say there are a lot of kinky people here where we live so I’m assuming any playthings I find will likely be at a distance. That exactly bother me too much having some distance gives space and time to get to know each other, to play and try things out in other ways to even see if we are compatible.

Anyway, I did send a few messages and got a couple responses and even started texting with a lovely young lady here who is bisexual and has a Dom currently. Who knows where it will go or if anything will come of it but it’s fun looking around and making new friends anyway.

I do look forward to the fun Mistress Marie and I can get into when we see each other again. I’m sure the boys will be awfully frustrated if she and I have a couple drinks and end up getting a little frisky with each other. She’s a damn sexy lady. 🙂

Cagedmonkey and I haven’t had much time to connect these days, since we moved. It’s been a mad dash, it seems, to get things unpacked, replace things that broke, get kids going in school and then sports and dance started – 4 nights a week! It’s tiring being a parent these days haha. I’m so glad my kids have joined things in our new town. They are settling in and meeting people and seem to be enjoying themselves. It’s a relief actually because they were so nervous. Hearing them say how great school was and how much they love this or that is really just awesome. Like I said though, it’s left little time for us parents to get much play time.

This past weekend my mother decided she needed to come in from out of town to help us finish unpacking and to apparently rearrange my whole house because her OCD and my OCD are different – at least I’ve learned that I can’t force other people to organize the way I do – she thinks her way is the only way. She finally left Tuesday and we’ve been trying to find the silverware ever since! Lol needless to say that, too, put a hold on any play time we may have wanted to have.

We did have some really great sex the first week or so we were here but it’s about time cagedmonkey was locked back up for a good amount of time. He had his fun being in and out of the cage lots, got some extra orgasms that weren’t exactly planned – even if some were ruined. For a bit we couldn’t find the original JB and he was wearing the new one but he swears it’s just not as comfortable as the original. I did dig through some boxes though and found the original JB. He’s been back in the for the past few days.

As I mentioned the connection had been lacking a bit between cagedmonkey and I, so in, what I assume was an attempt at getting that connection back, hubby got very romantic the other night. We went to bed and he started kissing me all over, running his hands over my skin, purposefully avoiding the the usual places. I love when he does that because it makes me feel like he loves every part of me and not just the sex organs! I get so incredibly tingly and turned on when he’s being lovey and romantic and sexual in the not so normal ways. I think that turns me on more than anything – well maybe not those times when I’m using him as my bitch – but more than just the regular kissing and groping.

I turned over on my belly giving him full access to my back and butt. He started kissing my shoulders – uhhhhhh that feels so good! He kissed down my back to my butt, massaging it as he kissed each cheek. I felt my back arch as I pushed my big round ass toward him. Making it quite obvious I wanted more. He gently spread my ass and licked a nice long lick up my crack. I pushed back toward him more. He slowly slid his warm firm tongue in my tight asshole. I let out as much of a grunty, throaty, moan as I could. I didn’t want to alarm the neighbors or wake the kids. We still aren’t sure what can be heard from where in the house. He continued tongue fucking my ass and licking me up and down and making out with my asshole. Showing me just how much he wants to please me. I told him he was a dirty boy for me. I told him how I loved how he was so dirty and slutty for me and did whatever I wanted him to. I reached back and spread my ass cheeks wide for him, giving his hands freedom to use on my pussy while he was tonguing my ass. He finger fucked my pussy good and hard while pounding his face into my juicy ass and made me cum so fucking hard. Once wasn’t enough though so I spread myself even more open, lifted myself to my knees and pushed back into his face harder. I made him work his tongue hard and fast in my asshole and his fingers in my pussy while I rubbed my clit and came super hard a second time.

It was one of the best nights of sex we’ve had in a long time and it didn’t even involve the penis that was locked in it’s steel cage for me. I felt so loved, so sexy, so satisfied. I felt like we had a long night of rough PIV sex. I was spent after such an awesome night. I love how our sex doesn’t have to just be a penis in a vagina.

Since we moved cagedmonkey has been in and out of his new Jail Bird. Something about it is just not as comfortable as the original… Though since the moving truck incident, we can’t seem to locate the original JB! It’s quite frustrating to say the least. So the other night I had hubby unlock himself and we slept together without the steel pressing into me. Which, honestly, I don’t mind and actually like because I know he’s locked up for me, when he is.

The next morning I woke up to the most beautiful, sexy sight. I got up and went to the bathroom and as I walked out cagedmonkey was uncovered just enough that his sexiness practically took my breath away. I couldn’t, obviously, share the whole picture but when you wake up to this kind of thing, it’s hard not to take advantage of it!
I straddled hubby and pushed my big boobies together in his face and as he took them in his hands and mouth I slowly slid his hard cock between my pussy lips teasing him. He was so hard and aching to be inside me. I heard him moan into my breasts as I moved my hips back and forth. Then I lifted myself up just enough to position him at my warm, wet opening and slid him slowly into my tightness. I rode him slowly and methodically, teasing him as I enjoyed feeling his big thick cock inside me.

We rolled over and he began thrusting into me, he knew he wasn’t allowed to cum and tried hard to hold off. He’d stop thrusting just as he got to the edge, except the last time, as I started to orgasm myself. I was there ready to squeeze his cock with my strong muscles but I just needed another thrust… Just one more! So I pushed my hips up at him to get that extra thrust which was one too many for him and caused him to ruin an orgasm inside me. I couldn’t help myself, I giggled and said, “oops, Did I just ruin that orgasm for you?” 🙂