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Last night I wasn’t really in much of a sex, tease, denial or any play kind of mood. With all the packing that needs to be done while still taking care of the regular house stuff, dishes, laundry, kids, etc I’m just feeling overwhelmed and not really “in the mood.” However, what I love about our relationship now is that, even when I’m not in the mood, I can still enjoy sexual intimacy and even quickly become in the mood.

Last night was cagedmonkey’s first night back to work after a long week and a half off. It has been so nice having him home and sleeping in bed with him and everything. It was hard to send him off to work again. Anyway, we were sitting there watching tv and he played some video games and, like I said, it wasn’t a particularly sexy time.  Just before it was time to get ready to go cagedmonkey had asked to taste me. Of course he could taste me! It really only took about 10 seconds of him gently kissing and licking my pussy for me to reach down, grab the back of his head and start grinding my pussy against his face.

That is what I love about us now. I really wasn’t at all feeling a desire but just something so little can flip that switch and all of a sudden I’m using his face as a fuck toy and rubbing my now wet pussy all over him just before he’s ready to walk out the door to work.

It’s just lovely, isn’t it?

We are driving back home right now so I thought I’d take a sec to write. Cagedmonkey’s mom’s service was really wonderful. A very long day driving down and being at the funeral home all day and night but still a great time to remember a wonderful woman. We really will miss her. She was such a loving mother and grandma.

Anyway, we had to drive all morning and be at the funeral home in dressy up clothes all day yesterday so I let go of my “no look, no touch” thing slightly. I allowed cagedmonkey to unlock in the morning yesterday and be comfortable and cageless for the day. There certainly was no sexy happenings though with how tired we were, unfortunately.

Now that we will be back home and not traveling for a couple weeks we will get back to the “no look, no touch.” Not that cagedmonkey was all touching himself or even had a hint of a boner but it will still be nice to have him back in his trusty armor! 🙂


If you’ve been following along here on our journey you probably recall that cagedmonkey did the whole job hunting thing recently. Since we haven’t taken the time to post about all of the changes going on here, I thought I’d do that now.

A couple months ago now cagedmonkey started looking for a new job. For the past, almost, 4 years he’s been working midnights and furthering his education so that he could advance his career. Unfortunately there wasn’t an opportunity for him to advance at his current place of employment so he had to look elsewhere. Well a few weeks ago he did just that. He accepted a position for a supervisor job making more money and working on a day shift! So amazing! I’m super happy about that because that means I get cagedmonkey back in my bed every night! 🙂 This wasn’t an easy thing for cagedmonkey. He’s been at his job for over 12 years and he loves where he works. This is a positive change and a wonderful opportunity.


What all that means is that we are relocating this whole production from New York to West Virginia! We will be on the east side of WV near the Virginia border. If you’re near there, please let us know, we really do love meeting new friends! First we will be dealing with all of this funeral stuff and then we will be busting some booty to pack up this apartment and move two and a half weeks after that.

As I mentioned yesterday about how we might have less posts coming up soon, I realized that it might be a little longer than that with a lull because of this move. Soon the toys will be packed away – certainly not the Chastity Cage haha – and we will have a lot less time for play but we will do our best to keep you up on the happenings around here. I certainly have no intentions of not teasing the hell out of CM over the course of all this. 🙂


I’ve been trying to figure out how to write this post all day. Last year, cagedmonkey was the one who wrote for me when I couldn’t. This morning we got the phone call that his mother has passed away. It’s been a sad day but a day of relief as well. His mom was not doing well the past couple of months. We’ve been traveling a bit to NYC recently knowing that she was not well.

She’s no longer in pain and no longer suffering through her days barely functioning. She’s in a much better place, with God and we are all happier for that. She was a great little lady with a lot of love that she gave so freely. We will certainly miss her craziness! 🙂


Thank you to those who have already shared their condolences, we appreciate it more than you know. We do have to travel again now to be with our family so there will likely be a bit of a quiet here with the blog. I wouldn’t want anyone to think we’ve just up and disappeared! We’d never do that!