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For the past couple nights I’ve been enjoying myself with cagedmonkey. I haven’t felt overly horny or sexual really but I’ve had fun playing a little with hubby.

We didn’t actually christen our new place until the second night we were here because, after driving all day the first night, we were so tired. I don’t even know if you can consider the quickie we had as christening it but technically we did. It really was a quickie and, yes I allowed him to cum… After I made him ask my politely, and beg me a little. It was awfully cute. 🙂

The next night I really wasn’t feeling like sex because a lack of water made my bladder not feel so great. Cagedmonkey asked so sweetly if he could masturbate for me and he didn’t even expect to cum but I told him if I was going to watch him stroke himself, I was going to watch him cum for me. Stroking himself for pleasure and to an actual orgasm is something I don’t think he’s done in like a year. I really enjoyed listening to the moaning as he stroked his hard cock for me. I made sure to rub his balls and to lick, suck and bite his nipples while he was doing it and then just as he was about to cum, I leaned over him and looked deep into his eyes and basically stole his orgasm. I can only imagine how that must have felt for him.

Yesterday I made him lock back up after a few days free (lifting boxes and a steel cage don’t go so week together). Last night was even better as I feel my control and disregard coming back. What I mean is, cagedmonkey and I were sitting here last night watching some Netflix and I had this urge to rub my pussy in his face and ride his cock. Right in the middle of a show I walked over to him and did just that. I didn’t care that he was watching something, I didn’t care what he wanted or didn’t want. It was all about what I wanted, right then, and I took what I wanted.

As I was riding him, pretty hard and fast by the way, he kept telling me he was close, to slow down or he would cum. It felt as if he was almost begging me to not make him cum. Instead I rode harder and faster and took what I wanted from him. I’m not sure he even wanted to cum but I wanted sex and I wanted his orgasm.

I’ll get mine soon enough because when he locks back up today, I think we will keep him that way for a good bit and build up his horny and his volume. When I make him cum again I want to see a lot of it. In the meantime I’ll make him give me lots and lots of orgasms. And keep him extra extra horny.

We made it to our new home! It only took a near exhaustion-level physical effort to load the truck, two days of travel, and a crazy unloading session, but we made it!

Rather than going through a minute-by-minute rundown (how exciting can an out-of-state move be?), here’s just a few highlights and details to share.

1. The guys who loaded our stuff uni the truck were complete morons! They loaded heavy stuff on top of light stuff, they put our TV boxes in sideways (clearly marked “this side up” for those who can read), and some of our stuff ended up smashed or spilled out inside the truck (more on that later). The stuff we loaded ourselves was sturdier than the stuff loaded by the “professionals.”

2. The stuff that spilled out into the truck? One of those tubs was the tub filled with our bondage toys! Some stacks of tubs toppled over as the unloaded were removing stuff from the truck, and out spills the leather bondage sack, the fuck machine, cuffs, fake rubber cocks, etc. Luckily, none of the unloadeders saw any of this as far as I know; I was able to stuff everything back in and pop the lid back on before our dirty secret was out.

3. We met the neighbors who live in a separate house that is also on the lot. And what would be the name of the woman who lives there? No joke… “Chastity.” 🙂

Now that we’ve got the Wi-Fi hooked up, we are officially back!

Monday night was the last night My Lady and I had to spend together before I started my last week at work. We laid in bed together watching TV, and she snuggled up behind me. Her big soft titties squished against my back as she reached over my body and began stroking my cock. I started moaning immediately, and soon I was humping against her hand softly. ML loves when I do this, when I just can’t hold still and I need to move against her.

After a few moments, she rolled me over onto my back and began stroking me in earnest. I love the way her hands feel on my cock, she knows every little spot that gives me shivers. She expertly toyed with my cock, alternating between edging me and gently squeezing my balls in the palm of her hand. It felt wonderful: her edges got me desperately close to orgasm, and the ball massages kept building the pressure of cum waiting to escape.

After twenty minutes or so of teasing me, ML began to stroke me again with a stronger pace. It’s the pace she usually uses to push me right to the edge and ruin my orgasm, so I expected her to let go of my cock just when my orgasm started and giggle as she watched the cum spill from the tip of my cock. However, as she has a strong tendency to do, ML surprised me with a different form of sexual torture.

My orgasm approached quickly; just when I expected her to release my cock, she stroked me harder and faster, pushing me faster torwards my orgasm. I moaned loudly as I came, coating her hand with my cum as it rushed to freedom. It felt amazing to cum that good, to be stroked to orgasm so thoroughly, My Lady’s hand never slowing as the waves of pleasure coarsed through my body.

Soon, though, the waves of pleasure began to get a little overwhelming, as I realized that My Lady was still stroking me even as my orgasm was dying down. It became clear at that moment that the price of my orgasm would be suffering through some post-orgasm toture.

My Lady hadn’t restrained me for this, and it took a huge effort to keep my hands from interfering with her stroking. Somehow I was able to keep my hands out of the way, but to say I was able to lie still would be far from the truth; I thrashed around on the bed in a futile attempt to escape the madness, but My Lady continued her stroking without interruption.

The intensity of the feelings seemed to hit me in waves; there would be times where I was able to catch my breath and control myself somewhat, but the sensations would eventually become too intense and my body would begin to convulse. The worst was when My Lady would focus her attention on the head of my cock. She would rub the palm of her hand over the top of my cock, and my body would lurch upwards in response. I wanted to scream out, but I held them inside in order to not wake the kids. Within minutes, ML’s stroking had gone from wonderful to horrible, and I knew that she was loving all of it.

Not long after I had stopped trying to endure it and I decided to simply accept whatever torture she gave out, ML had mercy on me and let go of my cock. I was a trembling sweaty mess, yet I was grateful for everything ML did to me. After all, she did let me cum.  🙂  We snuggled up together, and I slept like a rock for the entire night.

When I woke up this morning I never expected my day to go so bad. I started my day and as I went along I could feel my chest and throat felt tight. I could breathe but swallowing felt really tight. My chest and ribs also had this sensation of vibrating, jittery and shaking inside. My brain was so foggy I was having trouble thinking and focusing. As the day went on my chest and throat got tighter and the shaking in my chest was really strong. I even texted Mistress Marie to chat about my anxiety and that helped it for a little bit but it didn’t hold out.

My anxiety was in high gear. I’ve been stressed out with packing the house, I was becoming depressed and full of anxiety, worry and fear. Fear that I’ll never get it all packed up and ready to go when the truck is here to be loaded. The anxiety has been hanging around for a couple days now but today it really peaked and feeling my anxiety physically like that pushed me into a full on panic attack. I was having trouble breathing, my hands started shaking, I couldn’t think. I felt numb in that moment. I knew the feeling I was having, the feeling of my throat closing, that super tight chest that really makes you feel like your having a heart attack, so strong that it makes me nauseous. I knew it was a panic attack.
I knew what I had to do. I couldn’t do this alone. So, not too alarm the kids I quietly got up, went to the kitchen to find my anti-anxiety meds and took one. Then I calmly walked down the hallway and woke hubby. The second he looked at me he knew something was wrong. I simply and very quietly asked him “could you please get up early and take care of the kids, I’m having a panic attack. I just took meds and just need to lay down.” Before getting up he just held me as my body shook and I cried in his arms.

Cagedmonkey has been through this with me before – when I didn’t know what they were. I used to have them often. It has been probably 11 years since I’ve had this kind of panic attack. We knew how to get me grounded again and let the meds kick in. I’m so incredibly blessed to have a hubby who loves me even though I’m broken. I’m not without imperfections but he doesn’t even see them and in fact loves me for them. Today I took a healthy step in going to him and asking for help. It’s not something I would have done before, I would have held it in and tried dealing with it on my own. I would have fallen into a deep depression. I love that we have a love and a trust with one another that we can come to each other with this kind of stuff and any kind of stuff.

Today I thank God for an amazing husband who is my hero. Thank you baby for being my strength when I’m weak.

Ok well maybe not signed, though someone did ask! 🙂 haha It was like a flash of light that we had the Jail Bird for sale and then it was sold. A nice gentlemen in Utah purchased the Jail Bird, which I found interesting. Last year at Christmas time we sold our Queens Keep device and it was also a guy in Utah that bought that one – not the same one though! 🙂 Hmmm who’s got all these guys in Utah with locked up cocks?

I want to thank our buyer for a great, smooth transaction. The device was shipped USPS Priority Mail with taking and insurance and he should receive it on Friday. I do hope it turns out to be a great fit and that you enjoy being locked up for a long time! Haha

Sorry to those who missed out! I’ll let you know if we are ever selling any other devices!

Our new Jail Bird with the extra cage ring and bigger diameter has already been ordered and now we wait! As timing has it, it will likely be a nice new gift for our new home in West Virginia.

So I woke up today intending to write my “wearer’s review” of the new Jailbird device ML purchased for me, hoping that it would be a good reference for anyone interested in buying it from us, as well as a general review/information post. Lo and behold, today I found out that ML has already gotten offers on it without my post being written. I guess writing my review of the new JB will be for informational purposes only, then! 🙂

The Cage

As My Lady mentioned in her post, the dimensions of the new JB cage are smaller in both length and width. When I look at my penis when it is locked in the older cage, it looks as though there is room to tighten up just a little bit – there is often a little bit of space when I am flaccid. In practice, though, the new cage is just too tight; I would often find my penis crunched up against the side of the cage or twisted around inside., and I would often feel slight pinching when moving around at work. It wasn’t painful, but it did make wearing the cage uncomfortable. It was also difficult to adjust myself because of the extra crossbar because it was located right where I’m used to grabbing the bars to move the around when needed. I’m sure that the crossbar issue was something I could get used to, though.

The Base Ring

ML was hoping that the double ring would help keep the cage more stable against my body. I’m not sure if this was the case. The double ring did cause some discomfort issues in my sack area, however; I don’t know if the increased surface area compressed my skin more than I’m used to, if the gap was affected by the double ring, or if the added weight pulled down on my skin. All I know is that it didn’t feel right. I’ve gotten many questions lately on whether a single or double ring is better, or which shape ring is best (circle/oval/anatomical/etc.). I think that whatever fits your own body best ends up being what you get used to. I’ve worn devices with a single ring for so long, a double ring just isn’t right for me. The reverse could be true for someone else.


The new JB doesn’t have any major issues – it’s not cutting off circulation, and there are no rough spots or anything like that. There are just a bunch of small discomforts that all add up to the conclusion that it’s not the right fit for me. I do think that the extra crossbar is a nice look, which is why ML and I are going to try a cage with the new bar style and the old measurements.

Wow! I didn’t expect to have such a big response, so quickly, for the new Jail Bird. Since I’ve gotten so many emails and comments requesting the selling information, I wanted to take a second and just post it here publicly to answer everyone at once!
So, yes, we are selling the new Mature Metal Jail Bird device. It has only been worn/tried on for a couple days. It will be clean and sterilized before it is sent and the selling price will include shipping in the US. This will be just like ordering the device from Mature Metal themselves but without paying for the rushed build time. Mature Metal always guarantees their handmade devices and will always make adjustments* even if you are not the original purchaser.
*Please note: sizing adjustments do require a fee.
Retail cost:
Jail Bird device – $320
Extra Cage Ring – $80
Double Base Ring (threaded) – $50
This device’s post is threaded for the security screw however it does NOT come with the screws. You can use either a lock or screws if you already have them. You could also purchase a set of screws and security screw keys* from Mature Metal for $65 + shipping. *Please note: Mistress MM will contact me to confirm that the purchaser has not received screws/keys with the device before they will mail you out a set. If you need a different sized Double Base Ring those run $95 + shipping because the Double Base rings CANNOT be resized.

I am selling this device so that we are able to reorder one with the correct inside diameter for cagedmonkey. That means I’m hoping to get back most of what I spent on it, especially since it’s pratically a brand new device.

I am listing this at $400 currently, if you are interested, please send me an email here. I will accept only Pay Pal for payment and will ship 2-3 day Priority Mail within a day, usually, after payment has cleared – provided we are not in the middle of moving! 🙂

I recently surprised cagedmonkey with a new Mature Metal Jail Bird. I called up and talked to Mistress MM and ordered a different version of the custom device we already have, with a few changes in size as well. I told her all about the surprise I had in mind for cagedmonkey she was extremely helpful in getting the device ordered without him knowing I’d even ordered it.

Way back in 2013 when we ordered our first Jail Bird, we’d ordered the device very similar to the Bird Cage we had been using. We ordered a 2 inch round base ring and a 4 inch long cage that was 1 1/2 inch in diameter. While those measurements worked just fine, after about a month or so we knew exactly what measurements needed some tweaking. That’s when we sent back the device to Mature Metal and William made some adjustments.


Original Jail Bird BR: 1 7/8" ID: 1 1/2" Length: 3"

When we received the cage back it was all shiny and resized. It now had a 1 & 7/8 inch oval base ring and a 3 inch long cage with the same 1 1/2 inch diameter. That cage has fit perfectly for the past year and a half or so that cagedmonkey has been locked in it. There really is no need for a new cage other than I wanted to try a slightly new look.

When I ordered this new Jail Bird I really liked the idea of adding a ring to the actual cage part as well as making the whole device just a bit more snug. The added ring seems to make CM’s bits slightly less accessible as well as add a neat look to the cage. It still allows for wonderful hygiene though because it’s still a very open style cage. I also ordered him a double base ring with the hopes that it might help add some surface area and hold the cage a little more snug to cagedmonkey’s body.


New Jail Bird DBR: 1 7/8" ID: 1 3/8" Length: 2 3/4"

The new cage’s measurements are slightly smaller and tighter than our original but the double base ring is the same 1 7/8″ oval. The cage length is 2 3/4″ and the inside diameter is 1 3/8″. That extra ring on the cage really makes it look like a large difference in size but it’s really not.
I really do like the look of the new cage when cagedmonkey wears it but alas the new sizing wasn’t exactly a good thing. The new length was probably not an issue at all but the diameter was just a bit too small and cagedmonkey was getting pinched because his skin was sticking out between the bars just enough. There is such a thing as a cage being a little too snug around the shaft. I hear people say all the time how “you really can’t go too short” and I’m not sure I believe that because you really do need a properly fitting device in length and diameter.
While over all I do love the look of this cage, I want cagedmonkey to be comfortable in the cage he wears for me, or at least most of the time anyway. Granted, the cage can get a bit uncomfortable at times when I make it that way but in everyday wear I want it to be something he can wear all day everyday. It shouldn’t be pinching him or difficult to maneuver or need too much adjusting to use the bathroom. That is something I’ll let cagedmonkey tell you about here.

So what it comes down to is this; we will be selling this new Jail Bird and I will reorder another one exactly the same with the 1 1/2″ inside diameter. If you or anyone you know are looking for a nice Mature Metal device life this and you don’t want to wait on build time, please contact us!

I have been very stressed out with all of this moving stuff and trying to pack while still taking care of the kids and the house and functioning in this living space. Not to mention the kid with the medical issues having bigger issues this past week. Then the “normal” kid is having behavior issues, likely because of the move. I have a lot on me and my patience wears thin very quickly these days.

Yesterday, by the afternoon, I had lost all patience and was getting more and more irritable with things. As I said, the medical stuff was crazy and I just started to lose it. Cagedmonkey heard me starting to get very frustrated while he was trying to sleep in the bedroom and asked if I needed him to wake up. Normally, I would say no but I’m trying to change my “I don’t need help” way about myself and actually admit that there are times I need help. So I told him yes, I did want him to get up, even if it was just to take on some of the craziness with the kids.

Just before coming out of the bedroom, I was texting him telling him how frustrated I was and he texted me back and said, “Would you like to come here and take some of that out on my butt before I get up?”


I love how he knows just what I need! I didn’t even text back, I ran down the hallway with a big smile on my face, went in the bedroom and spanked his sexy little ass for each of my frustrations.

My subby hubby is so amazing and this whole D/s and FLM thing is great because I get to take back my power and control with the help of my wonderful hubby when I feel like it’s been stripped away by the craziness of everyday life.