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We had some other questions asked from Chastity Forums and I thought I would answer those publicly as well. 🙂

My question to you Lady M:

as a dominant woman do you feel the urge to “use” your submissive male for your pleasure, denying him any form of sexual release?

Every so often I do feel this urge to just “make him my bitch” as I put it. That could be anything from simply using his face and hands to get off whenever, wherever and however I like to locking him in the stockade and pegging him until I felt he’d had enough. Cagedmonkey is ALWAYS denied his orgasm unless I’m feeling generous. I do very much enjoy denying his orgasms. I like the man that he is when he is denied. 🙂

Question to CagedMonkey:

Just wanted to know if Caged Monkey felt the same when you took him so hard and dominantly? For me it certainly changed things, emotionally and physically, and brought me to a level of true submission last felt when she gave me a hiding in the spreader bar

It is an extremely intense experience when My Lady steps into her “ultra-dominant” role. I can usually see it in her eyes before anything else. It’s intimidating and a little bit scary, I admit, mainly because I know that literally ANYTHING that ML wants to happen can (and most likely will) happen. But it is also very exciting and thrilling to be taken in that way, feeling how much control she has over me and knowing that’s exactly how it should be.

A little tease and torture fun with the wand this morning. Cagedmonkey was trying to sleep but I decided I needed some good old fashioned playtime haha. I went in and set my wand between his legs, under his balls so that it was vibrating his base ring and getting a bit of his prostate. I lubed up the small nJoy butt plug and worked it in his tight little ass.


I continued to use the wand all around his balls, ass and all the parts in between. I loved seeing his ass clench and wiggle and hearing him moaning. I just love watching and hearing him react to my touch.

After that I left him there, plugged to try to get to sleep. A little while later I went in to change into my bathing suit and decided to rub my wet horny pussy on his face. He was left again to sleep, plugged and covered in my juices.

The other night cagedmonkey and I were sitting here and we decided to look around at some new toys. Not anything crazy but fun little things to add to our play.


I got a nice new black paddle, I hope lasts awhile. I loved my other one but it really was for a beginner and not meant to give a beating. 🙂 I also ordered an attachment for my Hitachi wand… It really seems like a great thing to torture cagedmonkey with. It might be fun to tie him to the bed and get the wand positioned where it could be on him vibrating him and masturbating him so slowly. He would be stuck lying there taking it while I go about my day. I could pop in every so often and give the Hitachi a break while I ride his face and cum all over him. It would so awesome to have him all gooey with precum and my cum all over his face and wiped on his chest and stomach, left to dry.

The other thing I got, that I’m a bit excited about is the positioner. It’s going to come in handy for quite a few things. I can use it to keep his thighs up when I want to peg him missionary style and I can also lock wrist cuffs to the buckles at his thighs. I think there are many uses for this, in multiple positions… I also like that it’s pretty small and we can just pull it out to use it without any set up. The under bed restraints and the stockade require some sort of set up and time to use. This seems to be something I could pull out on a whim and use and put away.

Another thing we’ve looked at getting recently is a good hood with a gag that doesn’t look evil and scary! I’ve yet to find one that doesn’t make me kinda cringe.

Anyway, fun new toys to add to our playtime. That’s exciting on it’s own!

We got some more email questions and I thought I would answer some of them here in case anyone else had any advice for our readers.

subhubphx writes:

I just recently posted on my blog about sometimes not being able to fully satisfy Mistress K. when she needs or wants to be fucked really good, really hard and for a long time.  Being her dutiful, chaste, submissive husband, my urge to cum happens waaaay sooner than Mistress needs for her to get what she needs often enough.  I was hoping to get your advice on how you might handle a similar situation that possibly exists with your sub/slave men.

I appreciate you writing for my advice subhub. It’s actually pretty simple, there really is no way cagedmonkey can give me a good, hard, thorough pounding when denied his own orgasm – which I sometimes crave and need – though, he’s gotten very good with hands, mouth and toys. He’s learned to satisfy me through other methods. However, there are times I need it and that’s where a good strap on and “Adam” come in handy.

It’s very hard for me to enjoy insertables because they are usually cold, hard and not all that forgiving and just don’t follow the contours of a vagina. That was until I found Adam (you should be able to use the search function to find posts re: Adam), which is the most realistic dildo I’ve seen and felt and it’s really just a great toy. It’s soft but firm (but still bends a bit with tightness so you do have to help it get going) and feels really great. It warms up quickly and even more quickly when you warm it before under some hot water.

We’ve just found that the strap on harness is the best way to get that “between the legs, hip thrusting, manly fucking” feeling that us ladies do actually crave sometimes. While cagedmonkey is able to hold off longer the more he practices, he’s still not able to pound the hell out of me when I really need it without the strap on.

I hope this helps answer your question and please write us if you have more! 🙂

Wednesday afternoon, I was taking a nap in the bedroom, attempting to recover from driving home overnight. ML had slept a little bit when we first got home, so she was on kid duty while I got my sleep in.

That was the plan, until the kids asked if they could play video games, which allowed ML to sneak away to the bedroom for a few moments. 🙂

ML woke me up with a pair of big giant titties in my face. I greedily sucked on her nipples as she grinded her pussy against my hardening cock. A moment later, I was sliding into her wet pussy with ease.

ML slid herself up and down on my body, taking my cock deep inside her with each thrust. As usual, it didn’t take long for me to start getting close to cumming. As usual, I let ML know I was close. Not as usual, ML didn’t slow down; she continued thrusting up against me, and I felt my orgasm approaching very quickly.

I felt ML’s body tense up from her orgasm about one stroke before I reached mine. She continued riding me as we both came, fighting to keep our moans of pleasure as quiet as possible to avoid alerting the children of their parents getting it on in the next room. ML continued to work her cum-filled pussy on my cock to a second, even more intense orgasm. I’m sure she would have screamed if she weren’t holding herself back.

Damn, it was nice to just cum inside her like that. I’m going to have to savor it, since it seems that I will be denied for quite a while this time around. My Lady has already said that she wishes to go for a full month before she even unlocks me, so it’ll be at least that long before my next orgasm. I have considered the possibility that I have already had my last orgasm of 2015. It’s all up to My Lady and her desires.