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Shane wrote and asked: “If you were to chose ONLY one device for CM to wear…which one would it be and why?”

Thanks so much for writing and asking this question! This is actually a really easy question to answer. If I had to have cagedmonkey in one device for the rest of our lives it would definitely be the Mature Metal Jail Bird.
The reasons I like the Jail Bird device are pretty simple too… First, it’s sexy as hell seeing his cock locked up behind those steel bars. I also love to be able to tease him through the bars. I love seeing his cock trying it’s hardest to burst through as he attempts getting an erection. I even love seeing the dents the bars make in his shaft. I also love the hygiene factor. The Jail Bird allows me to keep him locked as long as I please, days, weeks, months, years and I never have to worry if he’s staying clean. There is also no smell like there is with other devices we have used. The open design of the JB let’s air and water flow through. I do also love the security screw, however I wish there was a better way to keep that part even more secure. Though it’s not like I have much to worry about in that regard. Cagedmonkey isn’t about to cheat his device… He’d really be sad if we had to stop enjoying chastity because he cheated.

There really isn’t much else to say… The Jail Bird is definitely my favorite device.

We are so happy to let everyone know that we finally are! It’s been quite a long wait but it feels so good to finally have our domain where it belongs. So much easier to type the name you know! 🙂

Thanks for following along with us on our journey and we hope you continue!

Lady and Cagedmonkey

Sunday was such a great day. We drove down to watch the Mets play the Braves… Boy what an awesome come back by the Mets after that stupid dickwad of a pitcher… Oh wait… I’m getting off track! Anyway, it actually was a good weekend all together. Our daughter turned 10 on Saturday and had her dance recital. She was awesome by the way! Always makes mom tear up. And the weekend ended with an awesome time as a family at the game.
I do want to mention that I was in no mood to deal with metal detectors at the gate to the stadium so I did have cagedmonkey go sans Jail Bird to the game. However, I don’t think there would have been an issue whatsoever if he did wear it.

After the game we had the long drive back home through NYC traffic and the kids ended up falling asleep in the back seat. Which left me the perfect opportunity to give hubby a good teasing while he was driving 70mph on the thruway. One of my favorite ways to tease him is to stroke, squeeze and fondle his cock in rhythm to whatever song is playing. It was quite a few songs that I made him endure my teasing through. It was awfully fun listening to him try to muffle his moans or cough to cover them up. I loved the times I would hit that sweet spot and the sounds couldn’t help but escape his mouth. It turns me on so much to tease him and make him want me!

It really was a wonderful weekend and I enjoyed very much spending time having fun as a family! Such a needed break from all the stress we’ve been going through.



It’s been a crazy couple of weeks for us, the reason being that I’ve started looking for a new job. That alone would be plenty stressful. Most of the phone calls and interviews I’m doing end up being scheduled during the day, which piles onto the stress. I work midnights, remember, so I’m usually sleeping until the early afternoon at the least. A phone interview scheduled for 2 p.m. is just like waking up a normal person at four in the morning for a job interview. It should be pretty obvious why I’m grumpier than normal and my sex drive is running a little low.

It’s not all stress and madness, though. ML and I had a really good laugh at a really dumb thing I did, which helped lighten up the mood a bit.

I had a phone interview with an HR person at one of the places I was applying for. The conversation went pretty well, and we left off with the woman getting back to me at a later time to schedule a second interview.

I hung up my phone and went into the other room to let ML know the good news about the interview. I was feeling pretty good about things as I gave her the rundown of what we talked about, After a bit of explaining, I joked around a bit and started coming up with really stupid things to say that would make me sound like a crazy person. These things included (but were not limited to) pretending all I cared about was the money as well as speaking in hashtags. One example that ML and I couldn’t stop laughing at was “hashtag cheddar!” Then I joked around by looking at my phone and pretending that the phone wasn’t hung up.

I looked at my phone, and the phone wasn’t hung up.

A check of my recent call log showed that I had made TWO phone calls – the original call, and a second one immediately after that apparently consisted of me talking like an idiot and shouting out “HASHTAG CHEDDAR” while my wife and I laughed hysterically. Either this woman sat there and listened to me make an ass out of myself, or there was a 4 minute long voicemail on her phone waiting to be listened to.

Naturally, I freaked out.

After a few minutes of testing, it seemed as though my hashtag-speak wasn’t audible in the way I was holding the phone. That seems to be the case, as I have spoken to this woman again a few more times, and she hasn’t mentioned it at all. So either I got away with a huge near-fuck up, or she’s waiting to spring this on me during the salary negotiations in order to lowball me.

After a nice little period of “casual chastity” as I would call it, My Lady feels as though it is time for us to get back into the more intense schedules that we have gottten used to. Not surprisingly, I agree with her. Although I’ve certainly been horny over the past few weeks, but it doesn’t compare to the intense need I feel when it’s been months since my last orgasm… or, perhaps even weeks since my last erection.

That’s exactly where My Lady plans to start – I’ll be wearing the chastity cage 24/7 for a good amount of time, perhaps as long as July 4th, which is over 3 weeks away. ML also set July 31st as Maybe Day, although I’m pretty sure that will be extended.

As ML and I were talking about me wearing the chastity cage, I realized that we haven’t used the Revenge in quite a while. I was about to suggest that she use the Revenge during my long lockup, but we haven’t had the best results with that in the past, hygeine-wise. So the Revenge will have to wait its turn until after the holiday at the very least.

The Revenge is very useful when we are playing the “no look, no touch” game. ML enjoys the idea of denying me the ability to even see my cock, but the reality of it can become a real chore. Having to cuff me to the bed and blindfold me whenever the cage needs to be removed can eventually feel like a hassle. However, there has been one addition to our toy inventory that might avoid this annoyance: the stockade.

So, obviously, I’ve been fantasizing over the past few days about My Lady locking me in the stockade, removing the Revenge, and calmly going about her business as I struggle just to get a glimpse of my cock. She wouldn’t even need to blindfold me; the locking collar would prevent me from turning my head to see my penis. Of course, if she wanted to blindfold me, she could make it that much worse. Throw in the potential for stroking and edging me while I am harshly restrained, and it gets my heart beating heavy in my chest. She could even force me to watch her to get off inches in front of me as my cock twitches helplessly out of sight and out of reach.

Depending on how things go with some of the recent complications, it still could be a while before My Lady and I can try out a good “no look, no touch” run. If she’s going to deny me well past the end of July, as I suspect she will, then there will be plenty of time as the year goes on for her to mindfuck me.

It felt so good to edge him and tease him last night. Feeling him get harder in my hand as I stroked him. I started out with slow long strokes and as I got faster, my strokes got shorter. I loved looking into his eyes, smirking at him with a sexy little smile, as he got closer and closer to the edge. I watched his chest rise and fall as his breathing quickened. He started to moan this sexy little moan, almost a whimper – I do love to hear him whimper.

“Please, baby”
“Oh God, please”

In a whispered moan, he begs me to let him cum. I could tell as he got closer and closer to the edge. I could see it in his face, stroking him at the perfect pace, building, needing, aching…

And I stop.

I don’t just stop stroking, I STOP, I quickly let go and watch his cock bob to and fro and listen to him moan.

I love to tease him, to bring him so close to the edge that he’s practically dangling. Taking him to that point and leaving him there.


Happy Birthday to my amazing boy! Since last night I’ve been thinking a lot about how I’ve watched cagedmonkey grow as a person. We’ve been together almost half of his life. We met when he was 19 and still very much a boy. I have watched him grow up into this amazing man who I love more and more every day. He’s come so far and hurled lots of challenges and I couldn’t be more proud of him.

So happy birthday to my sexy monkey boy! I’m so happy and blessed to be your wife!


Of course hubby’s birthday brings with it so many thoughts in my head. I mentioned a few things to him this morning while tucking him in. I would love to cuff his wrists to his ankles, put on my strap on and look into his eyes while I take him slowly and lovingly. I know the best birthday gift for him would be for me to use him and take him entirely how I want to. I thought about how intense it would be for him to feel me staring deep into his soul, slowly penetrating him, while I stroke his cock and make him shoot a load of hot cum all over his stomach.

It’s too bad we don’t have the time to do that tonight, because he works, but I did tell him I’m looking forward to making that a reality on the weekend! I want him so bad!

In the mean time, happy birthday boobies!


We don’t often spill our actual happenings in life on our blog unless, of course, they are of a sexual nature but sometimes life isn’t all about sex and the kinky bits. We’ve often written about how real life can trump any sexual playtime or thoughts.

I know most of you know of the trials we went through in April with cagedmonkey and the blood pressure fiasco. That was just one of the things we’ve been dealing with. Over the past couple months there have been deaths in our family, health problems, a niece mauled by a dog and a few other things. Then there’s the mom stuff.

Over the past month hubby’s mom has been through more than any human should really need to be in any amount of time. She’s been in and out of the hospital (mostly in), she’s had quite a few surgeries, a leg amputated and a couple of heart attacks in just that short time. This is actually what led to our quick trip out of town last week. We did get to visit with her in the Critical Care Unit and she was able to talk a bit, even if she’s mentally in and out.

When we left she was stable and improving so now we wait for her to heal again from the last surgery. Hopefully she will not backside again and she can be moved to the rehab nursing home and begin some physical therapy.

I’m sure I speak for all of your readers and the rest of the interwebs when I say, MISS YOU GUYS!!

Trust us, we miss writing lots and lots about all of our sexual adventures. Heck, I miss all the sexual adventure, not just writing about it lol. I hope we get a chance to change that. All of this stuff happening in life has, at times, put a damper on the sexual side of things. We are still pretty horny though which is mighty fantastic. We do manage to get in some little sexual things here or there and it is working to keep just enough sexual energy between us. Neither one of us wants our intimacy to fall back into that rut we spent a couple years in.

We love where we are with our marriage and where were are with our sexual intimacy. I think both of us would work extra hard so it doesn’t change!

It doesn’t take much to keep our boys horny and aching for us. Just something as little as sticking my toes in cagedmonkey’s pants last night to mess with his cock was making him moan out these awesome noises. It was quite funny listening to him try to cover up the moans with a cough… We certainly don’t want to alert the kids who were playing on their tablets on the other side of room.
Even though the denial periods are much shorter these days, I’m still managing to hubby good and horny and wanting me. It’s a good feeling to be wanted. It’s a good feeling to be loved.

For the moment hubby is denied this week until his birthday… Maybe longer! 🙂