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There are times when I really wish I wasn’t being denied my orgasm. Like when I’m balls deep in my wife’s tight wet pussy at quarter to four in the morning, for example.

My Lady and I had just finished a night off really great sex that ended with me standing by the side of the bed,  struggling to hold off my orgasm while ML’s pussy squeezed and quivered around my cock as she enjoyed her own wand-assisted orgasm. (Damn, our sex is seriously fucking great.) ML went to sleep with a soaked but satisfied pussy; I fell asleep hard, throbbing, and frustrated.

I rolled over in bed around 3:30 or so – yes, check the post time, this happened about a half hour ago – and my cock was so hard it was aching. I decided to take advantage of the situation because I usually don’t get this opportunity, due to the fact that a) I’m usually alone in bed, and b) my cock is usually locked in a steel cage that prevents me from getting hard. ML was sound asleep next to me, but that wasn’t a problem.

It’s hard to describe how wonderful it is to have a wife that is pretty much up for sex at any time, even in the middle of the night. There was a time when I wouldn’t even think about it, but after our communication/sexual revival ML told me that she would love it if I did. Knowing that I was so horny for her that I couldn’t even wait for the morning to fuck her would turn her on so much.

I pulled the blanket back off of her naked body, rolled her over, and spread her legs. I rubbed the head of my cock between her still-wet pussy lips, and slid myself all the way into her pussy in one thrust. She moaned as my cock woke her up from the inside out.

It wasn’t even about cumming – obviously for me (I asked after about two minutes of deep thrusting, ML had the presence of mind to say no even when she was half awake), but also for ML. It was just about me needing to feel her pussy on my cock again. In fact, I think I’m going to do it again and write the rest of this post with my cock in ML’s pussy.


Seriously, this is happening RIGHT FUCKING NOW, you guys.

The opportunities are few and far between for these types of things at the moment, due to my work schedule and all that. Hopefully, that will all be changing soon and there will be more middle-of-the-night sex in the future. Of course, that is when ML allows it, when I’m not locked in my cage. At those times, I’ll just have to use my tongue, won’t I? :)~

After last night’s shower fun, My Lady was feeling very horny and apparently extra dominant. When bedtime rolled around, ML went to tuck the kids in while I channel surfed to find something on TV. I still hadn’t found anything good by the time she returned.

Normally, my sexy wife flashes me a boob on her way back from the kids’ bedrooms… yup, she’s cool like that. This time was different, though. She walked directly towards me with intent and determination. I dropped the remote on the couch as she stepped up on the cushion and lifted her pajama shirt, exposing her naked pussy as she made her intentions by shoving hee wetness right in my face.

My Lady grabbed the back of my head and shoved it into her pussy as she painted my face with her juices. I sucked on her clit and tongue fucked her pussy as best as I could as she grunted and moaned above me. It wasn’t even about making her cum, it was just about using my face the way she wanted to make herself feel good. And it felt great for me too, to just be her object to get herself off on.

My face was covered with her creamy juices by the time she was finished; she didn’t allow me to wipe them off, instead she sent me to work with her scent all over me. Damn, it drove me crazy all night long. I absolutely love how horny my wife gets, and I love how she uses me to take care of it.

As you all know, we have two kids, so we have to get creative with the time we have to spend being kinky. We don’t get much alone time together at all so it’s important to mix it in here or there when we can. A lot of our kinky happens behind the scenes so we don’t alert the kids to daddy’s chastity device or our dirty, kinky playtime.

Cagedmonkey has worked 6 nights this week and we haven’t had a whole lot of time to connect. I’ve used him in the mornings, when tucking him in, for some pretty fantastic orgasms but no real tease and denial time. This evening I decided to have him get in the shower and use that time to give him some tasks and make him take pictures and video for more while completing them. Oh the joys of him having a waterproof phone!

His first task was to uncage and shave that big ol’ cock of mine and then it was time to frustrate the hell out of him. He was then instructed to stroke his cock nice and hard for me.
I made sure he washed up really good and told him he needed to make sure his ass was also cleaned really good just in case I got in the mood to use it.
After he was nice and clean I told him to stand there enjoying his shower while he stroked and edged for me… 7 times. That wasn’t all he had to do! That would be about the time I popped in the bathroom and handed him the Aneros and told him I wanted him to get his asshole good and primed for me. I made sure to tell him to not get carried away with the self ass play but to make sure he was prepared in case I got the urge to peg him.
He alternated between edging and working the Aneros in and out of his ass being sure to send me video too. As he got to the last few edges I told him to edge while he was plugged with the Aneros. I wanted him to feel his ass clench around the smooth plastic as he got closer to cumming.

It really was an incredible amount of fun to tease him, deny him and frustrate him. Once out of the shower cagedmonkey was instructed to lock his cock back up for me in his Jail Bird. I love when we are able to find little ways, like this, to work kink into our everyday lives. It doesn’t take much to keep it fresh, sometimes wee just need to get a little creative about it.

Cagedmonkey and I don’t normally talk about the specifics when we bring up how important communication is in a relationship. I just wanted to describe one thing that he and I both say often because we remember what it felt like, up until 2 years ago (this month), when we fixed this whole union.

We often say things like “I’m so glad I can say (sexual) things like that to you now” or “I’m so happy we can show each other how horny we are for each other now” or “I’m so grateful we went through all that to be where we are now.” It’s not bringing up the past, it’s not resentment, it’s quite simply appreciation for the mess that our relationship was and the work we went through for the past two years – and will continue to go through – to clean up the mess, the fear, the anger and the resentments.

It’s almost liberating and makes us feel so good to say “thank God we went through that” so we know it is a place neither of us wants to be again. Sometimes old feelings come up, past behaviors or situations and each of us has gotten anxious at one time or another. The difference now is, right away, we speak up and take care of the worry. We both love where our intimacy is, we love loving each other and we aren’t taking that for granted anymore!

Communication truly is an amazing thing! If I can offer one bit of advice to anyone it would be to be honest with your spouse about your feelings, wants and desires. Even if you don’t understand them or why you are feeling them. Just get them out there because NO one knows what you’re feeling or how to support you if you don’t tell them.

We got an email the other day and I’ve been going over and over it in my head and chatting with cagedmonkey about how to respond… Honestly, I don’t know! So I wanted to post it here and give all of our amazing readers a chance to share their opinions and offer their advice. I know this subject often comes up on the Chastity Forums and there are many different stories told and suggestions offered. Please take a moment and comment if you have something to add. 🙂

Frank wrote and asked:

I have been reading your blog for about a year and have really enjoyed it. I’m a fifty something who wishes he’d learned about chastity 30 years ago. Survivor of prostate cancer who had a radical prostectomy and now can not get an erection. Sex life is almost non-existent. Married for 37 years but wife not into BDSM. She is very vanilla. Might get her to tie me up once a year. Any suggestions?

Thanks, Frank, for being a loyal reader! I appreciate your email and I wanted to respond here. This is a pretty common subject. Since I really do not have any magic words or advice as to how to get someone’s partner into BDSM or chastity… I will just tell you that the things that helped me the most were honesty, communication (the why is big for me), non-judgemental listening and most of all… Time!

For me I freaked out at first – which I know there is a post around here about it somewhere – but after months of my own reading and research and lots of communication, without feeling pressured, I was able to see that the chastity part of it all had nothing to do with hubby not wanting me or not wanting sex with me but everything to do with control and tons more sex and sexual energy between us!

So there is my “advice” if you want to call it that. I do hope that some of our readers will share their story about how they got started or brought up the subject with their partners.

I wish you luck and encourage you to continue to be open and honest with your wife.

This morning I was feeling particularly dirty and horny. Such a lovely combination for making my sexy subby hubby my service slut. I stood at the side of the bed with my wand in one hand and ordered him to get on his knees behind me. I bent over on to the mattress and positioned the wand at my clit. I flicked the dial to a medium vibration as I pushed my ready and waiting ass toward him slightly. He knew that was his signal to get to work. I love the way his warm tongue feels as it slides into my tight ass.

As the wand got me closer and closer to orgasm, I bucked against his face, pressing him deeper and harder into me. Using his face to push myself to the edge. Then at the perfect time, with his tongue in my ass, he slid his fingers into my pussy, filling up my aching horny hole. It wasn’t long after that I went the edge, stiffened my legs and every bit of me tensed up. He had to work harder to push his tongue into me as my muscles clenched down.

I felt my pussy gush as I came. It’s been so long since I’ve squirted that standing in that position made it simply gush from me. I covered his hand, tongue, face and the floor below with my delicious musky juices. I laid there on my stomach a minute, wand dangling, feeling the aftershocks of my orgasm while he knelt there behind me, used and aching in his cage.

I stood up, straightened my jammie shirt, patted my good boy on the head and told him to sleep well as I walked out of the room.

I realized today that I’m pretty grateful that my hubby and I work so well together. That our sexual needs and desires perfectly compliment each other. I thanked cagedmonkey today, I thanked him for being everything that I need and for allowing me to be everything that I am with him.

I can be a very aggressive person, if you’ve been reading along, I think we’ve established that. I get rough, I grab, squeeze, scratch, bite, pinch, pull and take what I want. I enjoy letting go and naturally letting my aggression take over, I love feeling my hand around his throat, under his chin or grabbing his face as I pull him in and kiss him very deep, hard and forcibly.

I love how powerful it feels to push him up against the wall, to pinch his nipple before I slide my hand up and hold him there by the throat. I love how it feels to move him exactly where I want him to kiss him or make him suck my titties or I shove his face in my pussy. I love that feeling of making him do exactly what I want him to do and I love when there is hungry, horny, aggression behind it.

No I am not like that all the time nor do I or would I enjoy it all the time… But there are those times when I, quite literally, get off on that powerful feeling.

The other night before Cagedmonkey went to work I couldn’t help but get in a little play time. I mean, damn, when my man has an adorable little ass like he does, how can you not want to just bend him over the couch and take him?
We were just sitting on the couch getting a little flirty, he happened to flash me a little hip… Oh his hips are sexy! I straddled his lap and started kissing him hard. I was getting extremely turned on and I started pinching his nipples. I got more turned on by the sounds he was making as I pinched and twisted his nipples. I kissed him harder and deeper and more aggressively. I could feel how hard his cock was trying to get in his cage between my thighs.

I could feel that fire starting to burn inside me, that powerful aggressive burn, aching to just do things to him. To make him feel things and react to things. That need to have him in whatever way I wanted. I stood up to catch my breath and couldn’t help myself, I grabbed him by the hip and pushed him over on his belly, bent over the couch, face down in the cushion. I yanked down the back of his shorts and knelt behind him as if I was making him my little bitch.

I reached down and slid my middle finger in his ass and he moaned this growly moan into the couch cushion. Damn it was hot! I continued rubbing his prostate as I moved my hips back and forth as if I were pegging him, listening to him moan over and over. I had one hand on his back, pressing him into the couch, it really was like I was using him for my little ass slut.

I really enjoyed the powerful feeling I got from just taking him and doing what I wanted to him. When I was finished with him his cock was dripping like crazy and trying desperately to bust out of his cage.

A reader named “The Half Heard” wrote the following comment on the last Mail Chastity post:

With the security screw, do you ever experience it making it’s way loose on it’s own? I have that issue occasionally with the Jail Bird and the solution I found was I took the locking screw into the local hardware store, and found I think a 5/32 nut that fit on it nicely. Something along that size anyway!

Now that’s ingenuity for ya! 🙂

To answer your question… yes, the security screw on the JB does come loose. In fact, I know exactly what to do in order to make it finger-loosenable (I won’t describe it here, however, in order to avoid spreading “chastity cheating” tips). In all honesty, it comes in handy when ML wants a quickie with her toy: she sends me off to the bedroom and tells me to unlock and get hard for her so she can ride me. There’s no fumbling for a key, no wasted time, no awkward moments. It also helps when I’m too aroused to get the cage back on before I have to leave for work: I just take the cage to work and put it on during my first bathroom break (and text a pic to My Lady for her pleasure).

Now, some people might start crowing, “That’s not real chastity if you can just loosen the screw and unlock any time you want!” That’s only true if you’re considering “real chastity” as a physical entity only. I feel the mental aspect of it is just as important, perhaps even more so. Even if the post of the JB was welded to the cage, I could still pull out of the device and jack off. I wear this cock cage because it pass My Lady and I crave being under her sexual control, and that’s all that really matters.

With that said… THH has a great idea with the addition of a nut to the security screw (I can’t help but chuckle when I think about the “addition of a nut” to the chastity device). I just wonder if there would be enough counter-torque in order to disengage the screw from the nut. Maybe you’ll need a miniature wrench? Not sure. But, definitely great thinking outside the box!

My Lady hasn’t been feeling very well lately; she has been dealing with strong body aches and generalized overall pain from time to time. I wish I could do something to help her out and relieve her pain, but there’s not much I can do other than being supportive and loving whenever I can.
Our sexy fun play time has suffered greatly over the past few weeks because of this. It may seem superficial, but ML and I both agree that sexual attraction and physical intimacy is a very important part of our relationship. I can tell ML is getting worried that her physical issues are drawing energy away from our sex life. She doesn’t REALLY need to worry about that stuff – we can definite adjust to this situation, as we’ve been through much worse already – but it’s nice when I can help ease her fears when possible (and get her a little turned at the same time).
We were sitting on the couch tonight watching some TV before I had to leave for work, ML was resting her hand on my hip as I was laying on my side next to her. With the sole purpose of making her smile, I pulled the waistband of my shorts down to show her my naked ass. She giggled and squeezed my butt and gave them a soft slap with her palm. Her touch felt so nice on my naked skin, and a moment later I was up on my knees next to her on the couch, bent over the arm with my naked ass pointed in her direction. As her hands caressed my ass cheeks, I heard her make what would be best described as a half laugh/half moan, a sound that she often makes when she is surprised by just how turned on she is getting. It was music to my ears.
For the next few minutes, My Lady smacked my ass until I whimpered and tickled my balls until I couldn’t help but squirm. She gently stroked the base of my cock until I filled up my cage, and she teased the sensitive area between my balls and asshole until I was moaning into the couch cushions. “It’s so cute,” she said as she toyed with me, “I love to watch your ass twitch.” I couldn’t hold still as she brushed her fingers over my exposed skin, and she spanked me hard enough to make me yelp.

It eventually was time for me to get ready for work, but it felt really great to get those juices flowing between us again. It was also wonderful to see My Lady enjoying making my cage tight around my throbbing cock.