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My Lady and I figured it was time, so we went out and got us some new pussy in the house.

Meet our new little kittens, Pepper & Coriander!


We could only go so long after we lost our good old kitty before we felt the need to have pets in our house again, so ML and I took a trip to the local shelter with the kids in tow. It didn’t take long for us to find these little guys. They are two brothers in a litter, so they spend about 70% of the day wrestling with each other. They are so much fun to watch!

They’ve only been in the house for two days, and they already feel like part of the family.

Yeah, I know… not any sex talk in this post, but I just wanted to share how freaking cute these kittens are! Plus, I couldn’t resist making the “new pussy” joke. 🙂

That familiar squeak, as I turn the knob to the bedroom door, wakes him just the slightest bit. One eye peeking open to see me standing there in only a tank top. I know he’s notices the look in my eye as I walk slowly to the side of the bed. He rolls to his back, as if to assume the position. He knows exactly what’s coming. Kneeling on the bed, first with my left leg, I swing my right leg over top of him and straddle his face.

My pussy is already soaking wet because I’ve just finished reading what he wrote about the amazing sex we had the day before. His tongue parts my moist lips and he finds the soft treasure in my warmth. His lips kissing, his tongue flicking and licking, sucking my clit as I move myself up and down slowly on his face. I can feel the heat inside me as I grow closer and closer to orgasm. My muscles tightening, pressing harder down onto his face, rubbing myself from his nose to his chin, covering his face in my gooey wetness. Closer and closer, my moaning gets slightly louder but still soft enough not to alarm the children. My thighs squeeze against the side of his head, my breathing quickens, I moan and ride his face harder. Pressing myself down onto him as I gush my warm juices into his mouth.

“That’s right baby,” I whisper, “lick up all of my delicious cum.”

It used to be that every morning was a facesitting one for cagedmonkey. Every morning he would come home from work, I’d “tuck him in” and I’d sit on his face, just like that. I got to start my day with an orgasm or two and he’d go to bed, frustrated as hell, covered in my juices. It was wonderful to feel that yesterday, ass I started my day. It made me remember the powerful feelings I’d get from being the one in control of how he eats my pussy. Controlling when I lift up just enough so he can get a breath.

We don’t often do the facesitting thing anymore but I really should get back to doing it more. Facesitting is one of those “make him feel very submissive” things. It’s also something that makes me feel powerful and controlling, two things I love to feel.

My “weekend” started last night, finally getting a night off of work to spend with my lovely wife. Earlier in the day, we stopped off at the wine store to refill ML’s supply of alcohol. She also picked up a couple bottles of flavored shots for me. We had plans. 🙂

What an awesome fun night we had! We started getting our drink on while watching Mission Impossible: Ghost Protocol; after a couple of shots/glasses of wine, we were laughing and joking about how Tom Cruise has a running scene in every movie he’s in (seriously, what’s up with that??). The next thing I knew, ML’s feet were in my lap, squeezing my cock through my underwear. She had me squirming almost immediately with the way she was working me with her toes.

It felt really great, but the alcohol was opening up so many more feelings than usual. This time, I felt really deep frustration from waiting so long since my last orgasm. It has been over three months, after all. I started whimpering and pleading, not even about anything specific. I was just saying, “Please, please…”

I saw in My Lady’s eyes exactly how turned on she was getting from my begging. In one semi-smooth motion (she was pretty well drunk, after all), she leaned over and gave me a deep, wet kiss as she fished my cock out of my underwear and gave it a tight squeeze.

When ML and I get drunk, we get real horny and real loud. Soon both of us were moaning and breathing heavy as she continued to kiss me as she straddled my lap. She kissed me hard, still stroking and squeezing my cock. Suddenly, with an almost angry-like growl, ML jumped off of my lap and onto the floor. Before I had a chance to say anything, My Lady grabbed my cock and shoved her mouth down on it.

I know that is a weird way to describe it, but there really is no other way.She didn’t suck it into her mouth, she didn’t give me a blowjob; she nearly attacked me, using my cock to satisfy her craving. It was crazy, watching her be so aggressive.

After she was done sucking my cock, she sat back and we watched some more of the movie… yes, that also seems weird, I know. But this is kinda what we do when we get drunk: we go back and forth, yet there’s a sexual charge in everything. ML sent me to get her another drink, and when I returned she was laying on the couch with her legs spread and pussy exposed. I knew immediately what she wanted.

I licked her pussy as well as I could while under the influence (which isn’t much worse than my sober pussy eating). After a few minutes, ML pulled me up and demanded that I fuck her nice and good. I thrusted my cock into her pussy fast and hard, but I could only manage a few strokes before I felt my orgasm coming on. Again and again I edged myself inside her pussy, until I almost pushed myself a little too far. To be safe, I pulled out quickly and jumped off the couch. ML rolled to her side, into a kneeling position over the front of the couch.

When I saw her ass bent over the couch like that, the animal in me took over. I grabbed her hips and pulled her into my cock, pushing into her as deep asi could. She squealed, possibly loud enough for the neighbors to hear, but I didn’t mind. I began pounding her from behind, slapping against her ass with each thrust into her wet pussy. I realized the alcohol was helping my “staying power,” so I continued fucking her even as her moans got louder. It wasn’t long before I felt her pussy gripping my cock as she came hard. I wasn’t prepared for that, and I had to pull out quickly one again before losing my load of cum inside her pussy.

It was another crazy night for the two of us, which is pretty much standard when we have one of our drinking dates. I’m home again tonight, and I asked ML earlier today if things were going to be a little calmer. She responded, “I dunno! We’ll have to see!” I guess I should be prepared for anything, as usual. 🙂

Cagedmonkey and I were texting last night while sitting on the couch together – since we have young kids and there is no way we can have these kinds of conversations in front of them. Even if we try to use cryptic words it would never have this impact.

Conversations like the one we had where cagedmonkey is telling me about how he’s feeling sexually – I just love communication! – really gets me going. Especially when his mood and my mood compliment each other. He is feeling like this:
And I’m feeling exactly the opposite of that, where I’m so fucking horny that I want to just use him for every bit of my pleasure… Like he’s my sex toy and nothing more. This right here is why we are so perfect together!

Fuck, I’m so horny I’m sitting here in church and my pussy is wet, quivering and aching as I think about going home and taking out my horny frustrations on cagedmonkey!

Today was absolutely hilarious! Last week I saw a mouse in the apartment so I called the office and they said they’d send over the pest control guy. Awesome, but since I saw the mouse in our bedroom closet cagedmonkey and I knew we really needed to put away the sex toys and bondage equipment. We had the doggystyle stockade and accessories and stuff all on the floor on the other side of the bed so the kids wouldn’t see it. We kept reminding each other we needed to put it away but things kept coming up and we kept pushing it off.

I didn’t even think about it today until the guy knocked on the door. Oh Shit! I said to myself and I was hoping to make it to the bedroom to wake up hubby and quickly throw the little stuff in the drawer. But, no! The dude was right at my heels going down the hall. He practically walked in the bedroom while I was trying to tell hubby he needed to come in to set some traps.

I was dying as he walked to the other side of the bed and there was the stockade, the fleshlight, the leather wrist and ankle cuffs and a few other things. As he’s stepping over the stockade he makes the comment, “got a little bit of a 50 Shades of gray thing going on here, huh?” Bahahaha I almost crapped myself! All I could do was laugh out loud but in my head I heard myself say, “50 Shades ain’t got nothin’ on me, baby!” If he only knew! I’m pretty sure he was thinking that I was the one that that those handcuffs and things got used on.

I bet I turned 50 shades of red, I was pretty embarrassed and cagedmonkey, I’m sure wanted to hide under the blanket, but hey, whatever! Shit happens and it honestly wasn’t that big of a deal but really it was quite a laugh. I just apologized for not putting it away and him having to step over it. He assured me he’s seen plenty of stuff when doing his job and it was no big deal. I’m so sure we’ll be laughing about this for a long time. It’ll be a great memory! Monday, when he comes back to check the traps, should be interesting! Haha