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It’s been quite a long week, with a family emergency requiring a mid-week road trip, which was followed by a busy weekend at work. It felt really great to blow off some steam by fucking My Lady from behind as hard as I could.

That’s right. 🙂

Last night, My Lady and I were enjoying some really good sex before I went off to work. God damn, her pussy feels so good when it squeezes my cock after a nice deep thrust. ML was being a little more vocal than usual; I’m not sure if the “free wheeling” policy of our chastity/orgasm denial play is loosening up ML’s ability to control her volume.

My Lady still hasn’t given me permission for an orgasm, so it quickly became time for me to stop to avoid cumming. As I pulled out, ML said, “Wait,” and rolled off the side of the couch. She keeled over the cushion and wiggled her sexy naked ass at me. I didn’t need any more explanation than that to know what she wanted.

I slid up behind her and positioned myself so I could drive my cock deep into her horny pussy. A few deep thrusts later I was right on the verge of orgasm again. I stopped to avoid cumming, and My Lady whined and began pushing herself back into me. “No, don’t stop,” she pleaded.

“I can’t without cumming,” I replied. “Can I cum?”

My Lady moaned loudly and pushed herself back against me again. I asked her a second time if I could cum. “Yes,” she cried out, “fuck me… fuck my pussy HARD!”

I reached forward and grabbed her shoulders and thrusted as hard and deep as possible into her. ML yelped in surprise. After making sure ML wasn’t hurting (you have seen how big my cock is, haven’t you?), I started pounding her pussy as hard and fast as possible. It took only a few moments for me to fill her up with my cum. As I was cumming, ML began slamming herself back against me, wanting me deeper inside her. It felt wonderful, feeling my cock sink deeper into her pussy as I came.

My Lady was still pushing back against me as my orgasm finished, wanting more and more of me. So, being the good hubby I am, I gave her what she wanted. I pounded her even harder that I had earlier, and ML shoved her face into the couch cushion and began screaming in ecstasy. I fucked her even harder; this may sound bad, but I was trying to fuck her hard enough so it “hurt.” I wanted her to feel it now as well as later. Harder and harder I slammed into her, until I felt her pussy nearly crushing my cock as an intense orgasm hit her.

I fucked her right though her orgasm until her body started shaking and her moans turned to animalistic groans. I pulled out after a few more moments and simply watched her – her body was trembling and convulsing in post-orgasmic pleasure, and the sounds coming from deep inside her throat were so damn sexy, I would have fucked her all over again if I didn’t have to go to work (and, also, if I hadn’t just cum in her pussy moments before).

It always ends up being great fucking sex when we can really let loose and just fuck each other silly. It’s why I miss it so badly when I’m in denial.


I’m really craving a good bondage session. A tightly bound man of mine being tormented, teased and denied orgasm. I have been thinking a bit about the stockade and how I wish we would have a chance to use it for a good amount of time. I want to see him restrained, ass in the air, while I spank it to a gorgeous rosy red color. I really do miss feeling the power I have when he is bound and helpless to endure whatever I want to put him through.


Cagedmonkey’s ass has been getting my attention these days too. That gorgeous little thing is getting me all turned on and getting my juices flowing. I keep imagining him restrained as I take advantage of him and make him mine, taking him.

The other day I wrote about how I was taking a break from setting a “Maybe Day” for cagedmonkey. I got quite a few comments on the post, all of them kind of referring to the same thing, so I thought I should clarify a few things. I don’t want there to be any mistake about who is in control at any point in our relationship. However, a relationship is about two people and you need to do the things that work for each person so that emotionally and physically there is fulfillment.

Let’s back up some and get a little more personal. Cagedmonkey has allowed me to explain a few things about his childhood so you all understand him a little more. When hubby was a child his mom was very much a “don’t rock the boat” type person and he was more on the high strung side. As a way to avoid confrontation (or hubby having a temper tantrum lol) his mother would say things like “maybe later” or “we’ll see” never really giving him a straight answer. She didn’t want to be the one to tell him “No,” because he might get upset. It was sort of drilled into him that those “maybe’s” and “we’ll see’s” always meant no. Cagedmonkey is also the type of guy that needs to know that SOMETHING is definitely going to happen or not happen and SOME kind of time frame that it is going to happen or not happen in. Even if that time frame is “Yes, you WILL cum 3 more times in 2015” that gives him something to depend on. Whether or not he cums 9 times or only the 3 he has something to hold on to. He was pushed off by his mother and it felt like he was lied to so much as a child as a way to appease him that now as an adult he really does need to have something he can count on to ease his anxiety.

So, as I said, I got a few comments on my last post, like this one from one of my favorite ladies…

Mistress Marie said:

I love that you are changing this as this is how it really should be, you in full control with CM being clueless to know what your thoughts are on when he will cum. I think this is great because any day can be maybe day this way and he will never know.

I wanted to make sure that I addressed these comments because they make it seem like giving Cagedmonkey a “maybe day” is somehow taking away my control. This is entirely not true. I am in full control of his orgasms and sexual pleasure and I can give him and orgasm or not whenever and however I please. He is always clueless as to when I may make him cum. Heck, sometimes I’m clueless because it might creep up on me that I want him to! 🙂 Just because he has a maybe day does not mean I am stuck denying him until a certain date. I could give him a maybe date of July 4th and make him cum 5 mins later. The maybe day is a comforting thing for his anxiety and can be a challenge for me and him at times too.  Our last maybe date was set out at 6 months from his last orgasm. I wanted to try to push him (and myself) to 6 months of denial. I obviously didnt make it but that was MY choice because, after all, I am in control and I made the decision to allow him to cum – which was more for my pleasure than his. I didnt do it for him, I did it because I missed feeling him explode inside me. I missed feeling his body as he was cumming. I missed seeing his face and watching him enjoy that orgasm.

Since I told Cagedmonkey about needing the break he’s been very anxious, asking a lot of questions, making sure I’m not just pushing him off. He really was having trouble with the way things were up in the air. He really needs something solid to hold on to to function properly. I love that I know this about my hubby and while I did the up in the air thing on purpose to test out if he could handle it, I found a way to help him emotionally while leaving me to not deal with a maybe date. In other words, I found a loop hole of sorts to ease his anxiety. lol

I have decided instead of a maybe day where I’m trying to deny him until a certain date or time frame that I would simply give him an idea of what to expect for the time being. I explained to him that he could expect to be locked everyday, especially on his work days. He could expect to be denied but likely not more than a week or two and if I was enjoying myself and felt it would go longer I would tell him. He could also expect to be teased and tormented daily. I certainly do enjoy the build up of horny and I love that week to ten day point where it is at a high. That’s why at the moment his denial probably wouldn’t be much past that. I also told him he could fully expect that I could unlock him, use him and make him cum at any time during any of this. This seemed to go over very well and he seems to be much more calm about things and had stopped obsessing over when and how long, etc. Of course, this really is how it is EVERY day but it seemed to REALLY help to have me actually say the words and explain it out right to him. All of those things have been understood since we started all this but I think hearing them and seeing them written helped to give him that thing he needs to depend on and hold on to. He knows that I wont just tell him “we’ll see” and then not having something happen one way or the other. Cagedmonkey is just not that guy when we’re having sex and he asks “please may I cum, ma’am?” who can be told “maybe, baby.” He really needs a “yes, but not right now” or a “No, not tonight” answer.

I hope this helps clarify why we need to have a maybe day. Even if it kind of has no meaning (unless we are using it as a challenge for both of us) because, I control everything about his sexual pleasure anyway, it helps him mentally to know I’m not going to flake out on him like his mom would often do.



The other day, after I allowed cagedmonkey to cum, we had a chat about what I had planned going forward.

It’s amazing to think that we are coming up on 2 years that I’ve been fully controlling hubby’s orgasms and sexual pleasure. Our actual chastity device wearing didn’t begin until October 2013 but it was June of that year that he asked me to take full control. We’ve been into tease and orgasm denial our entire relationship – that’s over 15 years! – but never to the extent that we are now. It was much shorter before, hours, days and the longest we had ever give over the years was a month. Now we hardly blink if I’ve kept him denied of orgasm for 3 months.

This last period of denial (which was actually 106 days, I think) was the longest I’ve had him denied. Getting to 3 months was actually pretty easy once it got there though it was almost excruciating for me to go the next two weeks or so that I made it. I was aching to feel him cum inside me. To feel his body shudder as he had that first orgasm after being denied so long. I truly missed how it felt to have that with him. It’s one thing to have sex or make love and not have him explode into me and it’s completely another to share that amazing feeling as we are cumming together in the high of sexual pleasure.

So, I told cagedmonkey that I wanted to take a break. For a second he looked at me, very sad, thinking I wanted to stop chastity and orgasm denial altogether. That wasn’t it at all! I comforted my confused boy and explained that I wanted a break from “Maybe day” and from pushing him and myself to go longer and longer in his denial. This decision had nothing at all to do with his chastity. As a matter of fact, I love that and he will be without his device very rarely for probably the rest of our lives. 🙂

I don’t know if cagedmonkey is still confused about what I mean but I have had to explain a couple times. What I want is to control his orgasms, which I already do. That doesn’t mean I’m going to have him out of his cage, fucking him every day, making him cum. It means I’m going to decide moment to moment if I want that or if I want to deny him. I could literally not feel it one minute and yet another be like, “oh fuck baby cum in me!” I guess it might depend on how physically turned on I am, how emotionally turned on I am our how deliciously evil I’m feeling.

That’s really where I’m at right now. I don’t want to have to deny him, I don’t want to have to make him cum. I want to just control it moment to moment and if I feel like denying him for a week or 3, so be it. I just don’t want the set periods of time right now. I need a break from constantly pushing further and further.

I think this will ultimately be fun but also I think it’s already a bit frustrating for him. Like I said I’m not sure if he thought taking a break from denial meant that he’d cum every time we had sex or that HE’D get to choose when. That’s not it at all, I’m not handing him back control of his sexual pleasure at all. I’m just liberating myself from set periods of time that I have to try to do or fear disappointing him or myself because I didn’t make it to the time frame I was hoping.

I’m going to enjoy this and, when will we set a time again? I have no idea but I’m sure it won’t be too long because I do love that build up of horny while getting that denial going, trust me! 🙂

One of the most important rules that My Lady and I follow is the concept of “Maybe Day.” We usually set a target date for my next orgasm, but ML is under no obligation to allow my next orgasm to occur on that day. She can make me wait longer if she desires, or have me cum earlier if she wishes. Basically, every day is a Maybe Day. What’s important is that ML is in charge and she gets what she wants.

This weekend, My Lady wanted to give me an orgasm. After 105 days of being teased, made to wait while my wife enjoyed orgasm after orgasm, it was finally my turn on Saturday night.

I had the feeling that this moment was sneaking closer and closer. My Lady had been making comments for about two weeks about how good it would feel for me to cum and how badly she wanted to feel it. With three months of denial in the rearview mirror, I was in no condition to argue with her. Then, last week she mentioned how she might let me cum over the weekend. I was excited (of course!!!), but I did my best to not get my hopes up too much. After all, ML truly an expert in mindfuckery, and this could have been a ploy to make me that much more crazy horny.

Contrary to what you would have expected, there was not a big deal made out of it. There wasn’t a hot scene prepared with bondage and teasing and all that, we were both craving the simple closeness of being with each other. ML instructed me to remove my cage and we began having sex. Just like the many times before, I was close to orgasm before even a minute passed. Slowing my pace, I held on for a little while, thrusting my hard cock into tight wetness. I looked into her eyes and I told her that I needed to stop.

“Wait,” she told me, and patted the bed next to her. “Lay behind me, I wanna spoon with you for a little.”

I laid beside her on the bed and cuddled up behind her as I felt her hand guiding my cock into her pussy again. It’s such a different feeling, entering her from behind. It gets to me so much quicker. I only had enough time to slide my hand up from her hip to cup her tit before I felt my orgasm rushing towards me.

“Please can I cum?” I whispered in her ear. She paused for just a moment, then let out a soft moan.

“Yes,” she answered, “do it.”

I didn’t expect it to happen so fast; I thought maybe I would have another few thrusts before I came. But almost exactly when she said yes, I felt my entire body shudder as I had my first orgasm in over one hundred days.

My body shook and I squeezed her titty hard as my hand clenched involuntarily, but my hips kept thrusting my cock into her pussy, filling her with long stored load of cum. After a few moments, I could feel my cock get really sensitive, especially the head as it parted her pussy lips and drove deeper inside her. The sensitivity was almost too much to handle, but I couldn’t stop thrusting, nor did I want to. It felt just too damn good to stop.

Instead of stopping, I started to laugh. It felt like the most natural thing to do; everything just felt so good at that moment, that was the only thing I could do. Even when I was finished with my orgasm, I was laughing softly as noticed my body was as tight against ML’s body as it could be. Afterwards, I found out that she too had an orgasm, triggered mostly from the intensity of the situation and feeling my reaction to what was happening. I was happy to hear that, only because I couldn’t really control much of what I was doing once I started cumming.

We made love once again in the early morning, before the kids woke up, and ML allowed me to have an orgasm once again. This time I was a little more under control, and was able to enjoy the feeling of her pussy squeezing me as she came herself. We haven’t had sex since, because of events with the children or due to me being caged – the steel tends to be quite the deterrent when it comes to PIV sex, but sometimes the children can be even more effective!

So now the big question that is probably on your mind – and is CERTAINLY on my mind – is how long am I going to be waiting this time around? Well, it’s probably not going to be anywhere near as long as my last few stints: My Lady has already mentioned that we may take a break from the denial portion of our play for a bit.

Now don’t get worried like I did when I first heard this! I thought she meant she wanted a break from everything we have been doing. Not so, she explained. She just wants a break from doing things long term. She may tease me from day to day, and make me wait a few days here or there, but she misses being able to have me whenever she wants and not be holding off for a certain amount of time. And she DEFINITELY wants to keep up the chastity! I completely understand what she is feeling, and I agree. I miss not having to stop less than a minute into sex day after day. I have a feeling I’m still going to be kept extremely horny by ML’s sexiness and nonstop teasing. I’ll just be getting my pleasure a little earlier than I’ve grown accustomed to. And when we are ready for another long term go at it, we will know it. We are having waaaaaaaaay too much fun to stop what we’re doing now!

So don’t get TOO jealous when you read about me having orgasm after orgasm. After 105 days of denial, I’ve think I’ve earned a little bragging rights!!!  😉

Just another fantasy story that I thought deserved to be shared on the blog! 🙂

So Long on the Edge of Orgasm
by: CagedMonkey

I’ve never been more sexually tortured in my entire life.

For the past God-knows-how-long…. hours?… I’ve been locked on all fours in the stockade while the fucking machine s l o w l y stroked my cock, driving me crazy and keeping me on edge but not quite giving me enough stimulation to cum. My body trembles as my hips try in vain to thrust forward to get the stimulation I need, but the waist pad holds me snugly in place. I can’t move my hips an inch forward, or even backward to escape the constant stimulation. At this moment, I’m not even sure if I want the machine to make me cum or just stop stroking me and stop the torture. The one thing that is certain is I won’t get either option.

I’ve been here for so long on the edge of orgasm, and the tension has tired me so much that I’m nearly falling asleep from fatigue. Only the machine won’t let me rest, the torment doesn’t stop. Every time my brain tried to turn off, it snaps back to its incredible need for release.

Suddenly, I’m jolted fully awake by the sound of the collar of the stockade being unlocked. I know what this means, you’ve done this before. Some of the times you’ve woken up to apply lube to the fleshlight, you simply masturbate yourself to sleep. I’m forced to listen to your moans of pleasure, unable to see you because the collar prevents me from turning my head or looking up at the bed. Those times you leave me locked where I am, barely speaking to me as you make it possible to continue my ordeal.

This time, I know you want more. Unlocking the collar means you want me to move my head. You stand in front of me, holding your pussy in front of my face. I need no further instructions. I begin licking you, tasting your dripping wet pussy as you rub it all over my face. You grab my head and pull me into your pussy further, grinding your hips against me. Then I feel something different, something that hasn’t happened during the other times you’ve used my face to get off.

The machine has begun moving faster.

I moan loudly into your pussy, gasping between licks as the machine strokes me faster. I want to push against the machine, thrusting harder as it drains the cum from my tortured body. My breath quickens as I realize the machine is going to make me….

… the machine stops, just moments before I cum.

I groan in frustration, vibrating your horny pussy and triggering a deep orgasm in you. Your hips grind against my face as I sob into your pussy, wishing that you would end this horrible/incredible experience, one way or another. But I feel you applying the lube once again, and the machine begins stroking me once again, even slower than before. You kiss me on the cheek as you lock the collar shut once again.

“Enjoy,” you whisper before you climb up on the bed and leave me on the floor again. Soon, I hear your soft moans as the bed begins to squeak; I moan and sob quietly as you rub yourself to sleep once again, leaving me only to endure until you decide I’ve had enough…

Things here with Kid1 have been very stressful. For those who haven’t read the What’s This All About page or follow us on Twitter, our oldest child is on the Autism Spectrum. She also has some other medical issues but that is neither here nor there, that’s just something that can add to the stress sometimes. She’s been on medication since she was about 4 years old for her inability to control her emotions and that she can even get violent. Anyway recently we have tried to switch her to a new medication and it has been an extremely horrible experience. I just made an urgent call to her Behavioral Pediatrician today about it.
My point in telling you all that is because we have been finding it very hard to find time to connect. That’s not to say we haven’t had a few little sexy moments or little teases here or there. Even through all this we manage days like the other day, where I tease and torment cagedmonkey all day. The problem is the in between times where the horny is completely lost due to a child having a complete breakdown and my ulcer flaring up and being totally worn down by the whole thing. That small connection we were able to make, physically or emotionally, was now severed by a screaming, yelling, flailing around 10 year old girl.

Like I said, we actually HAVE been connecting but it doesn’t feel that way, especially at night when I’m so exhausted. I’ve usually spent all day handling the girl child and then both of the kids when kid2 gets home. I end up falling asleep earlier than normal and missing out on texting hubby while he’s at work. I’m missing him terribly by the next morning when he finally gets home… But then he’s off to bed so I’m still not seeing him for 6 or 7 hours.

Life and marriage with kids is hard and this is one thing that can really put a damper on a sex life. Even cagedmonkey tried for like two days to write his last post but dealing with kid issues and busyness at work dragged it out. I’m just glad we are able to communicate these things with each other. That we are able to say we aren’t feeling as good of a connection as we need, emotionally. It really keeps our relationship healthy when we can help each other out by giving more of what we need to feel a greater connection.

Nothing all that out of the ordinary happened during the day Monday, unless you count constantly being teased by My Lady out of the ordinary (which I don’t). She was extra-secretive about it, however, sending me texts across the room or sometimes even a silent head nod when she wanted to take me into another room and tease my cock.
ML started the day early, meeting me in the kitchen before I was even able to make my breakfast. She squeezed and massaged my balls through my shorts while my daughter was watching TV before her homeschooling started. I was nervous about being found out, but ML used her eagle ears to keep us safe while she made my knees nearly buckle underneath me. I was already semi-erect after waking up, but her touch had me hard and throbbing within moments. She kissed me and left me there trembling as she went into the other room to start her day.
Later on in the morning, ML set up our daughter with an assignment and signaled for me to meet her in the kitchen again. I was two steps behind her. Once safely in the other room, she spun around and slid her finger inside my mouth; it was already wet with her delicious pussy juices. As I sucked her finger clean, she reached into my shorts and began to stroke my stiffening cock. My hips began to move against her hand, but she stopped before I was able to start enjoying it too much. She exited the kitchen to continue her work as I stood there with the taste of her pussy in my mouth and my cock dripping precum into my underwear.
My Lady’s sneakiness didn’t end there.

That afternoon, ML sent me a text while the kids were playing video games:

Meet me in the bedroom in 3 minutes.

When I walked in the bedroom, the first thing I saw was my wife’s perfect sexy ass, naked and bent over the side of the bed. “Come here and give it to me,” she said. I was rock hard in seconds, and my cock was in her pussy just a few seconds later. I was pulling her hips back against mine, driving my cock deeper into her with each thrust. I was only able to go for a few seconds before I felt my orgasm sneaking up on me and I had to pull out to avoid cumming.

ML turned around and began to squeeze and rub my slick cock with her hand. Her touch felt so nice after being in her pussy, I began to moan; I wanted to cum so badly. Then I heard My Lady’s voice in my ear, urging me to stay quiet. She hushed me as she put a finger to my lips. “Shhhhh,” she whispered, “not so loud. You don’t want the kids to hear, do you?”


I struggled to stay quiet as ML teased my aching cock. She took me right to the edge before releasing her grip and walking to the bedroom door. “Edge one more time, then put your cage back on before you come out,” she instructed. The edge came quickly, and I was overflowing with precum by the time I was soft enough to wear the cage again.  Back in the living room, My Lady gave me a wicked smile, knowing exactly what was going on in my mind and body and knowing that she was the one causing it.

Last night cagedmonkey and I had some very awesome (frustrating for him) sex. Actually it was more of an all day thing where I used his cock to get off on and to tease him. Last night just ended in some multipositional (pretty sure I just made that up) sex. I was teasing his cock in bed to the point he started to growl and his horny little animal came out and he rolled up on top of me. His big cock feels so good stretching my pussy and filling me up over and over as he thrusts into me. He may only be able to manage 4 or 5 thrusts at a time so he continues to be my good boy but fuck, are those few seconds incredible.

I guess some women might not be able to handle the constant stop and start like that but it really doesn’t bother me. I absolutely love that I have him in such a way that he can barely be inside me without being on edge. How powerful that feeling is!

After a few times of this thrusting into me he kinda collapsed on me, whimpering how he’d have to stop unless I was going to allow him to cum. Of course I wasn’t, it might be hot as stupid outside but it’s definitely not July and therefore not time cum. He rolled back onto his back breathing heavy. I only gave him a minute before I grabbed his rock hard shaft and started stroking him. I edged him a few times, so incredibly close to orgasm. I really do have a knack for that! 🙂 Almost as quickly as I let go of his cock, I was on top of him sliding him into my warm, wet pussy. I rode him and edged him with my pussy, as a squeezed him tight with my muscles. I edged him until he was begging me to stop. God, I love hearing him beg like that.

Yesterday, I was having all kinds of fun talking about possibly pegging cagedmonkey but after a long day and kid stuff and cleaning the house, he and I watched a movie and headed in to bed. The actual harness wearing pegging didn’t happen. I love that we are comfortable enough now that when something like that doesn’t happen we aren’t disappointed or resentful. We are simply appreciative of the fact that we had whatever kind of amazing sexual interaction there was.

However, this morning when I went in to wake up cagedmonkey I decided it really wasn’t fair that I was the only one that had my hole filled last night. That I talked about pegging him, I made him wear the butt plug all day to prepare his ass and it was only fair he got some assplay. So I grabbed the lube and the “Thruster” and gave him quite the awakening!
He was already laying on his stomach when I walked in. I told him “I didn’t think it was fair that I was the only one getting fucked, so I decided it was your turn.”

He managed to moan out a “please be nice, my ass is still sore from the plug.”

“Awww, baby, I’ll be so nice. Don’t you worry,” I assured him.

I put some lube on the end of the Thruster and gently worked at his tight hole. Pressing into him slowly and gently, this was about pleasure not pain. This wasn’t about using him for my pleasure or hearing that incredible moan when I peg him. This was all about letting him feel some pleasure. I worked the Thruster in and once he’d relaxed and things were going more smoothly I rolled him to his side and grabbed his cock. I started stroking him and pushing the Thruster into his ass at the same time. Fuck, I wish I could have recorded the moans that came out of him. I kept pushing into his ass as I edged him twice.

I, quite abruptly, let go of his cock, pulled the probe from his ass and said, “Ok gotta go, my coffee is getting cold!” I kissed his cheek and giggled as I walked out, leaving him there, humping the mattress. 🙂

I’ve been having a bit of fun teasing cagedmonkey today. Of course, because of it, my pussy is awfully wet. I cannot stress how much fun it is and how important I think it is to have this with a boy in chastity. Not only chastity but more so with someone who is being denied orgasm. Tease and denial play is a little work on the teasing partners part but it literally can take just a minute or two throughout the day. Some physical play, if possible and maybe more importantly the mental play that comes from the language we use.

A little bit ago, the kids were playing Minecraft, so I texted cagedmonkey and told him to go in the bedroom and get my toy nice and hard because I wanted to tease and edge him. Yes, I was quite blunt about it, haha. So off he went and a minute or two later he texted me to say, “he’s ready for you ma’am.” I snuck off to the bedroom and pushed cagedmonkey back on the bed. I had his cock in one hand, a nipple in the other and was simulating pegging him. It was actually so fucking hot to look down and see my big boobs as I looked down at his cock. Like, so hot I had to take pictures to share with you all.


Lady M's view

It really was just a few minutes of teasing and I stroked him to the edge a few times as I pushed my hips into him. Simulating that pegging thrust while pinching his nipples, made me really get into it, even for those few seconds.

Teasing your man does not need to involve a whole lot of planning or time. I do think it’s something that needs to be done. I couldn’t imagine enjoying this with my hubby if chastity meant “lock it and leave it” or if denial meant “ignore it like it doesn’t exist.” Both of those things wouldn’t work for either of us. We have kids and we still sneak in some hot minutes here or there. That’s really all it takes. I’ve got him to the point of whimpering today just when I lean above him to kiss him as I’m walking out of the room. I love hearing him moan and whimper, knowing that his entire body is aching for me. I’m sure remembering last night when I used his cock to fill me up as I came nice and hard doesn’t help his horniness. I can imagine being made to please me until I cum 3 or 4 times and then being denied must make the fact that he’s been denied about 3 and a half months really frustrating.

And it’s only noon! 🙂 I’ve got another 12 hours to play with him.