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One of our Tumblr followers (tumblers?) asked the following question:

How do you find the Jailbird? Was it worth the money?”

Rather than be all, “Go check out my Jailbird review post,” I decided to answer this a little more directly. Whether I like the device is not quite the same as whether or not it’s worth the price tag.

Is the JB worth the money? Short answer: yes. Long answer: yes, if you are using it for more lengthy chastity periods.

The Jailbird’s most value comes from its long term durability. It’s literally as strong as steel; as long as you don’t attack it with a blowtorch (not recommended, especially when in use), your device should hold up fine. Issues with cracking and/or breaking that come with the territory with other devices are non-existent with the JB. Cleaning maintenance is also a breeze – you can scrub it, soak it in soap and water, or you can even throw it in the dishwasher!

The one situation where I wouldn’t necessarily recommend the JB is in the case of casual or short term chastity sessions. If you are only wearing your chastity device for a few hours at a time, you can get the same results with a CBX or a BON4 at a more affordable price. It’s a lot like bowling – if you’re just hanging out and having fun, you can use an alley ball; if you join a competitive weekly league, you might want to get your own equipment.

And yes, I purposely used an analogy involving “balls” and “equipment” to make a comparison to chastity.

Since giving my girlie sub,Lizzy the task of looking up predicament bondage she’s started to fantasize about it. One of my subs requirements is to share their fantasies with me. This is one that got me extremely hot, including the aftercare, so, I had to share it here!

Here is her story: Deep Breaths

Deep breaths, I tell myself, deep steady breaths. My legs are tied together, rotated so the tops of my feet are touching. I hold them in the air, unaided, barely keeping them up high enough so the strings attached to my ankles don’t pull on the nipple clamps they’re attached to. My core burns, pulling pathetic whimpers from my throat. I am thankful for the bar I can rest my legs on, just low enough to painfully pull on my nipples but high enough so if my legs give out, I don’t seriously hurt myself. I decide to lower my legs. With a loud groan and a high pitched squeal, I rest my core but stretch my nipples a good inch or two. My chest heaves with my breath as I try to adjust.

My arms begin to shake above my head. They’re tied together and connected to a counter weight, so if I lower them the dildo right above my mouth will lower into the O-ring holding my mouth open and choke me. A small sob escapes me as the dildo falls with my arms. My muscles may get a break, but I don’t.

“You’ve gotten a lot stronger since we started doing this,” My Lady remarks conversationally from her chair next to me. The only response I can give is a strained, choked, muffled wail. She laughs lightly as she rises. “You know, you’ve done so well today, keeping yourself taut for so long, I think you deserve a reward.”

She moves behind my legs where trying to look at her is a horrid strain on my eyes. I just stare at the ceiling instead, waiting. “You’ll only get your reward if you keep your legs and arms up though,” the condition is delivered in her happy singsong voice. I try to say, “Yes Ma’am,” but what comes out is more of a guttural noise than anything else. Obediently, I lift my legs and arms back up despite my screaming muscles. That’s when I hear the sound of the Hitachi. I am more motivated to keep myself taught than ever in this moment. It has been a month since my last orgasm and I will do almost anything to earn one.

When the vibrator touches me I can’t stop the screams and pleads flying from my throat, scrambled and turned into senseless noise by the gag. My legs fall for a moment, pulling my nipples suddenly and causing the vibrator to be removed. Almost sobbing, I pull my legs back into the air, praying for the strength to keep them aloft. The vibrator returns, only this time with a sleeve. The attachment slips into my vagina and presses against my g-spot and clit. Bucking and thrashing, I struggle to keep my limbs up. I want this so bad. I NEED this! I scream in my head.

Somehow, despite myself, despite the burning pain in my body, I last. Somehow, I make it to screaming orgasm. Lights flash behind my eyes and I feel liquid gushing from me. The vibrator remains on and in me for a minute after I am finished, My Lady chuckling as I twitch around it and fall limp. I feel like my limbs are made of lead and I’m flying far away from my body. All too soon, the climb to orgasm begins again, forcing me to lift my legs for better access and pleasure. Right before I hit another, the vibrator is taken away. “Don’t get greedy now sweet little thing,” I swear I can hear her smile in her words. Without stimulation, I fall limp again, feeling like a rag doll. As I faintly feel fingers untying the ropes around my ankles, I close my eyes and allow myself to rest.

The pain of removing the clamps brings me back to myself with a short shout and fast whimpers. The dildo already gone, my arms untied, my legs resting on the floor, the only thing left was the gag. It left my mouth with trails of saliva clinging to it. My head is pulled into My Lady’s lap and I instinctually move to please her. Confusion muddied my cloudy mind as she told me no and moved my face away to rest on her thigh. Have I done something wrong? I speculate as I turn to look up at her. I love to please her, to make her cum. I couldn’t fathom why she’d stop me.
“You are much too tired. Rest sweet girl, you can thank me later,” she softly explains, stroking my hair. I nod weakly, my head barely moving. We sit there for a while, silent. With a kiss to my forehead, she pulls a pillow under my head as she rises. The way she looked there, the light behind her head like a halo, she looked like a Goddess. “Be right back,” reassures the Goddess above me. Smiling, I give another incremental nod and close my eyes, slipping into sleep.

She returns with water and chocolate. “Do you want some water?” she asks, sitting next to me again. I open my mouth and give a soft “Ahh,” prompting a giggle from her. A straw is placed on my lips and I drink my fill. Water runs in the background. I perk up slightly, glancing between My Lady and the doorway. “I thought after all that you could use a bath,” she explains, rubbing my side and back gently, “A nice warm bath sound okay?” I smile dopily at her. I am loved, warm, and safe and cared for.

I can’t wait to repay her.

Thank you my sweet Lizzy girl for the amazing story and for being such a good girl sharing it with me and ultimately our readers. 🙂

I could write out some long descriptive post about what this is but it’s been done so I will mostly borrow the words written on the Predicament Bondage Wiki page. If you want a little more information or read into the different uses you could check there. I plan to only talk about the bits of predicament bondage that intrigue me. Perhaps as I do more of my own research I’ll get more interested in other uses – you know how research and time tend to expand my interests a bit once fantasy gets involved.

So, one of the reasons this came up is because both hubby and my girlie sub Lizzy are kinda the same. They both have a thing with being put into difficult situations. So I had both of them do some research on different types of predicament bondage. Lizzy was to look up the general sense and cagedmonkey was to look up Asymmetrical Bondage. Both of which put your sub in a difficult position.

So what exactly is Predicament Bondage? Predicament bondage is the art of restraining a person in such a way that there is a limited number of positions in which they can be, each of which are so uncomfortable that they are forced to shift their weight or position. Upon doing so, they place themselves in another equally uncomfortable position. It basically causes a sub to have to choose or alternate between the two positions, each of which carry their own pain. The default position is typically intended to cause muscle fatigue, such as standing on tiptoe. If they get too fatigued they have another option to choose which is usually a more physically painful position, for example letting themselves lower their weight and stand regularly while forcing a rope attached to their genitals to pull taut and cause pain.

One of the intriguing parts of predicament bondage is how it could be used in orgasm denial. Imagine hearing your dominant say, “you can cum but you’ll have to move up on to your tip toes to position the wand correctly and as you do that the rope will cause pain to your nipples.” Or something to that effect anyway. After being denied for days, weeks, months, are you willing to cause yourself pain to have that desperately wanted orgasm?

The sadistic side of me gets such a thrill thinking about watching someone try that. Giggling as I hear them grunt and moan. Agonizing over the decision. Such sadistic fun! 🙂

Another interesting but type of bondage is asymmetrical bondage which is more about causing a submissive’s body to become confused and off balance. It is when the body is bound in an asymmetric way, as in one leg bound bent up and the other straight. There isn’t a whole lot out there on this, that we’ve found, but we at least get the idea. When you bind the body in this way it throws the brain off since most of your body moves or works in symmetry. It’s an interesting concept anyway and we are still looking into it more and more.

These are some of the pictures I posted on tumblr earlier today and they seem to be well liked. I thought I would take a moment to share some here.

I’ll start with this picture that I haven’t really been able to stop looking at. It’s totally eye candy for me because I just love how my boy’s chest, tummy, tattoo and cage look!
Here are some of the others I posted, enjoy!
Damn his cage is just so sexy and I love his cock! Then again he’s got a really nice cock… That’s what makes it so hard to keep him locked. I want to take him out and use that beautiful, sexy, big, fat thing! Hehe and I usually do, because I can! 🙂
A few of these pics are taken just after teasing him so his cock is trying awfully hard to get out of that cage. Pressing so hard against the bars.

It’s been a little while since I posted; with all of the drama over the past couple of weeks, it’s been difficult for me to get the time to post, much less the motivation. All of this craziness, along with ML’s cycle had thrown a wet blanket over our libidos. This is precisely why it felt nice to finally get back to some sexy fun teasing games last night.

After some kissing and hot and heavy touching following the kids’ bedtime, My Lady suggested that we move to the bedroom and find something on TV to watch. “I’m going to tease your cock for a little bit,” she said with a wicked smile. Not much longer after that, we were in the bedroom and ML was attaching the cuffs from under the mattress to my ankles and wrists.

My Lady began by touching me everywhere on my body except my cock. She lightly dragged her fingernails up my stomach and chest, my body rising up to meet her touch. She then caressed my hips, sliding her fingertips up the sides of my body, making me shudder in the process. It felt wonderful how she was loving every part of my body, not just the parts that were desperate for her attention. Soon I was moaning from just a touch of her fingers.

Her hands surrounded the base of my cock and balls and she squeezed gently, drawing a sharp gasp from me as my hips thrusted upwards. This was not acceptable to My Lady, and she sat with her legs across my midsection, holding me down as she stroked my cock. I tried to thrust up again without success; I was cuffed and held down by ML, unable to move.

My Lady continued stroking my cock constantly and steadily as my body began to shake and shudder. The stimulation of her hands felt amazing, yet the frustration began to build as her stroking continued. My inability to get any more stimulation only added to the frustration. Soon I was pulling on the cuffs that held my hands and feed immobile, but ML still didn’t break her rhythmic teasing.

Once my frustration led to my whimpers of need, My Lady decided to make things worse for me. She stroked me hard and fast, right to the edge of orgasm before letting go of my cock, leaving it to twitch and pulse on my stomach. She edged me four or five times, the last of which she brought me as close as she possibly could to the edge without giving me a ruined orgasm. We both watched as my cock spasmed, waiting for the telltale ooze of cum that signals a ruined orgasm… but after about ten seconds of twitching, my cock stopped its not-quite-orgasmic dance and laid still on my stomach.

“Wow, that was hot!” ML said, obviously excited over how far she had pushed me. I looked at her with pleading eyes as she took my cock in her hands once again. “Let’s see if there’s any cum in there that didn’t make it out,” she said as she squeezed my cock with both hands. She wrapped her hands around the shaft and rubbed my cock between them – ML called it her “start the fire” move, I’m guessing you can imagine why. My cock began to leak gooey precum as she did this, dripping down the shaft of my cock and lubricating her teasing hands. Cuffs or not, I couldn’t lay still during this, and I pulled against the restraints as she mercilessly tortured my oversensitive cock. She continued rubbing my cock until the flow of precum slowed, then she stroked me hard and fast to the edge once again. I was moaning loudly by this time, unable to even think about staying quiet. I begged her not to stop, cried out to her… but of course she didn’t let me cum. She released my cock from her grip at the perfect moment, once again leaving me hanging on the edge of cumming without pushing me over.

I was completely drained of energy; I barely even noticed when she undid the cuffs on my wrists and ankles. I was still trying to catch my breath as she rolled over, saying, “Time for bed honey, turn off the TV and come snuggle with me.” I did as I was told, pressing my body up close to hers, my teased and tormented cock pressing against her back. I couldn’t help but grind against her a couple of times, making ML giggle. “Goodnight, my sweet boy,” she whispered. I drifted off to sleep smiling, grateful for the opportunity to please My Lady by enduring her teasing.

Some of you may know and some of you may not but for a while now, I’ve been looking for a submissive girl to have as a plaything. A good little girl to be mine, to play with how I want, to corrupt. Not just any girl, because I actually want to build a friendship and a relationship with this girl. Sort of like having myself a girlfriend on the side. I have been looking locally, only to find that most were fake or just playing games and not really into actually meeting. I am looking to experience real life play but decided I would expand my reach a bit.

I started with a simple f4f post on Reddit in the BDSMPersonals and, good Lord, some of the responses from Reddit are simply comical – in a not so good way! I have met a couple good people and gotten to be friends from there but the crazies made me pull my ad down and take a break. I was still looking through, though, in hopes of finding a f4f post by a sub looking for a Domme. I should say I put hubby on the task of finding them and passing them along to me. Basically I was making him look for a girl for me to play with. Which, in itself is kinda hot and very frustrating to him to think about the fact that I want him to find the girl in going to make him watch as a cuckold him with a woman. Tied up and locked in his cage as he watches me get pleased by a woman, as she makes my pussy cum and it’s dripping down her chin.

The fun part is, I want to do the same to her, tease her, deny her and force her to watch me get pleased when she is dying to be the one making me cum. I want to dominate her, bind her, spank her, control her. I really had given up hope, if I’m being quite honest. I didn’t think this girl even existed.

Then I got a link texted to me from cagedmonkey. At first I left it sit in my messages without clicking on it. I just really was tired of people. After a bit I gave it a chance, when I read it I was like, “yeah right, he must be crazy, she’s half my age!” Ya know what, I said fuck and sent her a message. I quite simply said “I want to chat more, message me,” pretty much because I figured she wouldn’t so why prove myself haha. I mean, what could happen, she’d be fake, we’d talk for a bit and then conversation would trail off like it always does. Well, not so much! Haha the weirdest thing happened. This girl, we’ll call her Lizzy here, and I clicked like crazy and couldn’t stop talking. We both actually wanted to hear from the other and we talked, for days! It was so much fun – it IS so much fun – getting to know each other. Now an even hotter thing is that she and hubby have started chatting and getting to know each other too. They are almost exactly alike! It’s like I found the girl version of him, I love it! I find it interesting to think that my hubby is chatting away and becoming friends with someone who is basically my girlfriend and who I am hoping I get to see in person to cuckold the hell out of him with.

I have had so much fun, recently, taking bits of control away from Lizzy. I love to hear her call me ma’am. I love to make her follow my instructions and do things to her body for me. She’s my little pain slut too and I love to hear her whimper. I can’t wait to dig deeper with her, to touch her deepest darkest fantasies.

For now I leave you with these images – I mean how could I not be turned on and want to control that body?

And damn! She’s just so delicious looking, I can’t wait to get her on her knees, bind her arms behind her, wrap my hand in her long dirty blonde hair and just rub her face in my sloppy wet pussy.

Today was supposed to be cagedmonkey’s surgery, for the second time. If you’ve been reading you know how that turned out. A lot has happened this week, actually a lot has happened to us in the past two weeks, some good, some bad. We’ve actually managed to get in a little play and sexy teasy time even though, emotionally, things have been up and down.

It all started with finding out cagedmonkey had ridiculously high blood pressure and him ending up in the emergency room. Since that time we’ve cancelled and rescheduled and cancelled his surgery again. We’ve had him at the cardiologist, started him on two meds and scheduled him for loads of testing to try to find out the cause of his high blood pressure. Wish us luck there, the doctors are semi confused!

We’ve had to put our almost 15 year old cat to sleep. She was an amazing girl. CM found her when she was 3 weeks old, half dead, behind his work. He brought her home to me and when we took her to the vet we were told, “don’t get too attached, there’s no way she’s going to make it!” I nursed her back to health and Ha! She proved them wrong and lived a long healthy 15 years. Nah nah! She was our first “baby,” together so it’s been pretty hard on both of us. I’m so happy that cagedmonkey got to hold her and tell her we loved her as she drifted off to heaven.
Now, not only did we experience disappointment and heartache, we did get some happy moments! We got to take care of hubby’s blood pressure so he didn’t have a stroke on the operating table. He started meds which seem to really be helping his blood pressure and his numbers are looking way better! We also got to celebrate our little guy’s 7th birthday yesterday. It turned out to be an awesome day for all of us. We had fun birthday shopping, having dinner and some frozen yogurt. After such a long day the kids even decided to hold off on birthday cake until today so we still get a little more celebration tonight!

I’ve written before about the “roller coaster of life” and this is just more on that bumpy road. Life has ups and downs, sometimes for us, those all cram themselves into a very short time but we survive and come out stronger on the other side. And now this weekend (our weekend is Sunday/Monday) cagedmonkey and I hope to get in some playtime. I must say I’m absolutely loving how touchy-feely, crazy-for-me, horny hubby is. I’m walking around with super wet panties because he can’t keep his hands off of me. I love hearing how horny he is, how bad he needs and wants to cum, how he wishes he could drop to his knees and please me! Mmm, deliciousness!

I just want to thank the “Chastity Gods” that found a way to bring this into our lives because without it, I think, we both would fall into a depression, our intimacy would suffer and ultimately our lacking sex life would cause huge amounts of resentment in our relationship – oh wait, been there and done that! Yeah… I’m so glad we found this amazing way to keep things fresh and hot, even during these emotional roller coaster rides that we certainly did not get in line for!

And I guess I also mean good, morning sex! Or more like great, awesome, wonderful morning sex! For cagedmonkey it was “after work sex” but I’m basking in the after glow of my morning sex and huge fantastic orgasm while he tries to sleep frustrated. 🙂

First thing this morning when he got home – well after the usual “good morning, daddy” hugs and kisses and some extra birthday loving for the 7yo birthday boy! – I told my darling hubby to take off his cage so his cock was available when I wanted it today. And oh boy, did I want it and have it. I went to tuck him in as usual, we cuddled a little and then I rolled over on top of him. That was sort of the end of that cuddling lol. We started kissing, damn I love his lips, and then kissed harder. I could feel his hardness beneath me, pressing into my belly, that was enough to want to feel him inside me, filling me up.

We enjoyed about a half hour of just intimate wonderful sex. Though, I did get extremely turned on and really wanted to feel him pound me so I made him get behind me and give me a few good hard thrusts. He grabbed a hold of my pony tail, pulled back on it and pounded his cock deep into my pussy. Not too much because we don’t want to have any accidental orgasms for him. After that I was just ready to cum. And I did just that, I came so hard, squeezing hard on his cock, soaking him in my juices. After, he was a good boy and, without my asking, he immediately cleaned up my sloppy pussy.

I do love cumming nice and hard, slicking up his cock and then telling him to sleep well, leaving him to sleep in our sex.

Today the final nail was hammered into the coffin of the idea that I might actually have a pain free elbow. It has been decided that my blood pressure issue trumps my elbow pain… and yes, I realize that this is the best decision for my health. It’s just very disappointing that I have to give up my elbow surgery for it, and it’s even more annoying when the doctors I talk to don’t understand this. They think “we’ll have this sorted out in a couple of weeks, and then you can reschedule your surgery.” That’s great, if I could just up and take a month off of work on the middle of summer vacation time (fyi, I can’t).

So now I’m pretty much stuck indefinitely with elbow pain that is worsening by the day, makes it difficult to work, and even more difficult to enjoy kinky stuff with My Lady. With this elbow problem, we are going to have to be very careful with the games we play, and intense scenes are pretty much out of the question… and for how long, if there is even an endpoint, is anyone’s guess (ML will argue against this point in the comments, lol).

Honestly… it sucks. But it’s necessary. Taking care of my blood pressure is much more important that my elbow. If I can only fix one, the blood pressure is the correct choice. It just really sucks ass the stuff I gotta give up to make thar choice.

It’s amazing to think how far we’ve come. I remember starting out with male chastity and being so turned on by it I could barely keep him locked for days at a time. Let alone weeks or months like we do now. I wasn’t able, back then, to even deny him that long because I just NEEDED it. I needed to feel him inside me filling me up, exploding his warmth deep into me. I really love it. I love that feeling of his cock throbbing and pulsing with each spurt of his cum.

Don’t get me wrong, I’m not saying it’s any easier or I’m not turned on by keeping my husband in a chastity device and controlling his orgasms. It’s just as bad and I need him just as much. The difference is I think we both enjoy the thrill much more now that comes from the longer term denial. The intense horny feelings inside that grow and grow and never seem to stop growing. I think we both enjoy the sexual pull between us, that constant want and desire to be with each other, to do for one another, to please the other.

Yesterday I was chatting with someone who told me they were basically climbing out of their skin by the time they were locked 3 or 4 days. It got me thinking… How long had it been now for cagedmonkey? I counted the days, 80. It’s been 80 horny, frustrating, intensely sexual days and I’d barely noticed the actual time involved. I’d only known that it’d been awhile and fuck I’ve been frustrated but, yeah, it’s been 80… Well over 80 now… days since I’ve allowed my husband to have an orgasm.

I will say that some part of me is not happy with this arrangement lol I had a bit of a breakdown yesterday about how I didn’t want to do this anymore. But it was short lived after having a good chat with cagedmonkey. He did express that he wanted to cum so bad that if I was looking for support in not letting him that he wasn’t able to give it. He would only be able to encourage me to let him cum. LoL He’s so cute when he’s this horny.

I guess when he starts to get comfortable with his horny level and I’m not seeing the frustration, it feels like I’m not good enough at my job. My job is to tease and frustrate the living hell out of him, to make him so horny he’s asking and begging to cum. During these longer term lock ups every so often we get to these plateaus and that’s when we need some intense tease our domination session to kick that horny in the ass and ramp it up a bit more.

I need know what I’m doing is working. I need to know what I’m doing is worth it. I need to know I’m worth it.