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It’s been about a week straight that I’ve spent locked in the Revenge now. Yes that means 24/7, one whole week of not even being able to see, let alone touch my cock. It’s starting to drive me a little mad, to the point of I have to say “about a week” because I can’t remember the exact day this started because it feels like such a long fucking time.

Making things worse is the timing of ML’s cycle denying me of my other avenue of release of sexual tension – pleasing My Lady’s horny pussy. Oh, don’t get me wrong, she’s had her share of orgasms. She has managed to get along just fine without me touching her pussy, which kinda rubs it in my face even more. It makes me wish I could cum without touching myself, because I really fucking need to right now.

Yesterday, ML spent the whole day incredibly turned on. We were doing what we call an “extra control” day, in which I need to ask her permission for a lot more things than normal. She also has a tendency to either say no or delay giving me what I want for just a little bit, just because she can (hot as fuck). For example, she gave me a stern look when I forgot to ask her if I could play a game on my cell phone, instructing me to do the dishes instead before I was allowed to play. Holding this type of control over me keeps her horny brewing all day long, and she unleashed it on me after the kids went to bed.

The extra control day was the result of me disclosing a couple of switch fantasies I’ve been having lately (that’s a whole other post, altogether). They were some pretty intense thoughts, and ML felt that she needed to keep her “naughty boy and his naughty thoughts” in line.

(Note: I fucking absolutely LOVE My Lady, because she made sure to let me know out-of-role beforehand that I she wasn’t really upset, and she was using the term “naughty” in a playful way. She loves hearing my fantasies, and actually requires that I share them with her. She also knew that I needed to know this in order to avoid a debilitating shame spiral. She really is the fucking best thing ever, I swear!)

After the entire day of controlling me exactly the way she wanted to, she decided she needed to complete my lesson and give her naughty boy a good spanking. She ordered me to lay bare assed over her knee and began spanking me pretty hard. The sting of the smacks built up until I was squirming on her lap after each sway. She continued spanking my ass as she worked the butt plug in and out of my ass at the same time (yes, that too… I am required to ask permission to use the bathroom during extra control days). I was moaning and writhing on the couch as the pain of being spanked mixed with the sensation of being repeatedly penetrated by the plug.

My Lady continued to spank my ass, not even saying a word. Soon, it really began to hurt and I needed her to stop. I asked…. begged her to stop, but she continued. Then I realized what I needed to do.

I apologized. I said I was sorry for being a naughty boy. These were the magic words My Lady was waiting for; she began telling me how naughty I was for fantasizing about her in the ways I did. She spanked me hard as she told me to admit that I’m a dirty little boy with a dirty little mind, and I said so without any hesitation.

Finally, the spankings stopped. She didn’t let me off her lap for just a few more moments, and it occurred to me that she was taking pictures of my nicely reddened ass for her enjoyment later.


She certainly did enjoy them later, as she had three more orgasms as she laid back on the couch and I rubbed her pussy and kissed her, the last of which ended up being a HUGE one triggered by me shoving my finger into her pussy with perfect timing. She came hard, her entire body tensing up as she looked directly into my eyes. Her pleasure was so intense, I could feel it taking her over and flowing right from her eyes into mine. It was an incredible feeling!

We both woke up incredibly horny this morning, which prompted the title of this post being my first thought of the day. I may be getting my wish later today, as I need a shave badly… but ML has told me that I still won’t be able to see or touch my cock until our anniversary. Is she planning a “no look, no touch” grooming session?

So I was completely unaware of this, but all of those times in the past that My Lady has squirted during sex with me she was really just pissing on me.

At least, that’s what the wonderful people over at the clickbait website Vice would have you believe.

A recent article was brought to my attention, titled, “Squirting is Just Peeing, Say Scientists.” I gave it a read, and I have issues with claims that are made in the article. To be honest, I wasn’t surpised at the level of investigative journalism from a site that features a link to an article titled “Brazil Is Grieving Over a Beauty Queen’s Rotting Ass” on its sidebar.

The article at least has the conscience to provide a link to the study abstract. My first question is: who exactly are these scientists? They got a nice gig going on here. “No, we aren’t watching these women orgasm over and over because we’re creeps… this is SCIENCE!!!” You can’t tell me that these pervs didn’t go home every day and jerk off as hard as they possibly could.

With that out of the way, reading through the abstract exposes a lot of problems with the study. They went about observing seven women (also known in the scientific community as an absurdly small sample size) who reported massive fluid release during sex (the article specifically mentions a cupfull of liquid, which, yeah, I would consider massive). So not only do we have a small sample size, but we also have selection bias going on. BAD SCIENCE ALERT!!!

They basically picked women who would give them the best chance to prove their theory (if you’re squirting a cup full of liquid when you cum, there’s a decent chance some of it might be urine, because duh, that’s a lot of goddamn fluid) and stopped when the data supported them.

Let me tell you what I know, from firsthand (and firstcock) knowledge. I’m pretty sure when ML squirts that it isn’t pee. There are a few reasons I believe this. First, ML can feel the difference between when I’m stimulating her in a squirty way and when I’m starting to hit her bladder, and so can I. Second, the fluid that comes out does not look, smell, or taste like pee. It has a very potent musky scent, and it turns me on like fucking crazy. Piss doesn’t do that for me. Third (and this is the best evidence, in my opinion), just about every time ML squirts, she feels the need to go pee after, and she pees A LOT. It’s enough to be like , “okay, if that squirt was piss, where is all this coming from?” The study claims that the women had empty bladders after orgasm; ML’s bladder is anything but.

So why is there such a disagreement? I’m guessing that the women in the study already had some sort of incontinence issue already. I mean, how else are you going to squirt a cup full of fluid? It’s actually not that big of a deal to me. Whether it’s piss or not, I still think it’s fucking sexy when M Lady’s pussy squirts. It’s mindblowing to think that her pussy squirts a lot more often than my cock does. I love it when she squirts all over me, soaks my body in her juices, and even forces me to drink it down. If it’s pee, then so be it. What’s most important is that it makes both ML and me horny, and it certainly does that!


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I thought I would come and take a moment to explain why, if you are looking for two posts in particular, you would get that error message.

I had written two very difficult posts about myself and exposed myself and my fantasies. Apparently this was not taken well by some and it wouldn’t have been the biggest deal if it was just aimed at me but it wasn’t. I removed the posts simply because I did not want to be responsible for putting other people in an awkward position. It is not fair that they need to be subjected to comments made by others regarding a post that I wrote.

Thank you for your understanding and now back to your regularly scheduled programming.

Ok seriously, I can’t leave this unsaid any longer! I keep thinking back to the other night. I had asked him to post about this because my vanilla world has been nuts as of late. He just hasn’t gotten around to it so before we get too far, I’ll take care of it and I hope he comments with his thoughts. Cagedmonkey was off work Sunday and Monday this week so after waiting for our weekend to finally get here on Sunday I decided to use him like he’d never been used.

We were sitting on the couch watching tv when I decided to kneel in front of him and take off his cage. He was pretty much instantly hard, as always. The first thing I did was stroke him and edge him a few times until I edged him so far I ruined an orgasm. I have gotten so good at ruinning them that barely a drop comes out. We’ve noticed recently that once I do this he is able to stay hard without trying as well as being able to fuck me really good without having to stop every three seconds.

Once I had him calmed a little from the ruined orgasm, I climbed up and rode him a bit. I stuffed my big titties in his mouth and made him suck on them (as if I really have to make him do that haha). He was already tired because it was getting kinda late but, to be honest, it doesn’t really matter if he’s tired, when I want to be fucked, I will be fucked.

I turned around to face the tv and rode him a bit with my back toward him. I love bending over forward just a bit in this position to show him that sexy roundness of my ass. The moans that escape his lips while he watches my ass slides up and down on his big thick cock are such a turn on. All I did to myself while bouncing on his lap like that was turn myself on more and make myself want to be fucked more. So I slid off forward onto all fours on the floor in front of him. I told him, “get down here and fuck me good and hard like my good boy.” He did exactly as he was told. He knelt behind me, guided his thick meat into my warm, tight, wet pussy and pounded away at me. Slamming his cock into me, with his hands holding my hips. Pressing into me as fast and hard as he could over and over until he was exhausted. He asked if he could stop but I was not done and not ready to allow him to be done. His cock was still hard, my pussy was still horny and I didn’t care that his body was tired and aching. I didn’t care that the cramp in his neck was hurting. I made him keep fucking me. He had begun to whimper and beg me to let him stop. I told him multiple times if he started to slow, “no! Keep going, I’m not done yet” and “don’t you dare stop fucking me!” I do love hearing him beg, especially when it’s so real and genuine.

When he finally collapsed backward against the couch I still wouldn’t let him be done. I moved myself back onto his cock and pinned him against the couch, continuing to fuck him and push my ass back onto his lap, driving his cock deeper into my pussy. That’s when I felt him inside me just right and I knew I could squirt. So I tightened just the right muscles and as I was fucking him I squirted all over his cock and balls. I still wasn’t done with him. I continued to pound myself back on him. I worked my pussy back up to squirt again and pushed his cock inside me at just the right angle and right when I could feel it was time to tighten those muscles, I stood up and backed over his face. I let my squirt juices go and cover his chin, chest and drip right down his stomach to his cock, yet again. I stepped away, looked at him and giggled just before climbing up on his face and making him clean up my messy, cummy, squirty juice, used pussy.

Mmmm it’s nights like that where I love being the dominant one. Using him for all of my sexual pleasure while he is left covered in my pussy juices, used, tormented and denied his own orgasmic pleasure.

Today marks 3 calendar months since my last orgasm, which – thanks to Pope Gregory XIII – corresponds to a very uneven 92 days. My Lady put it into perspective for me by equating it to 1/4 of a year. Has it really been that long? Yes, it fucking has. I may not have been counting day by day, but I was very aware of my growing frustration and horniness. ML made sure of that. What’s even more amazing to think about is how many orgasms My Lady has had during this time. Considering how she averages at least one cum a day (and very often more than that), it has to be well over one hundred.

So… exactly how long has it been since my last orgasm? What has happened since that morning when I filled My Lady’s pussy with a nice load of cum? Let’s see… since my last orgasm:

I have about two weeks go to until I get to cum; ML has promised me that this is not a “Maybe Day” this time around, it’s a “DEFINIETLY Day!” It’s been a long wait, and I’m not going to lie… I’m really glad it’s almost done. I’m desperate to cum! But that’s how My Lady wants me, and that’s why we do this.

Yes, you read that right. I told cagedmonkey this morning that I didn’t want him to make me cum for a couple days. His reaction? Well, shock because I cum probably about 5 times a day on average. Sometimes I cum 3 times first thing in the morning when he gets home. So he says, “basically you’re denying yourself orgasm?!” Why yes, my darling sweet boy I AM. Of course he asked why, as I’m sure you just asked!

Well earlier in and throughout the week I’ve had some extremely hard orgasms and because of the kids I’ve had to control my volume. That has put so much pressure on my throat muscles and they hurt quite badly. It doesn’t help that I’m constantly correcting and disciplining my kids the past couple days (is the moon full?). Nor does it help that I’ve had to parent through the door directly in the middle of an orgasm because brother was hitting sister or sister took brothers toy.

So yes, I’m denying myself orgasms for the next couple days and trying (though the kids aren’t helping) to use my voice less. The first thing cagedmonkey asked was if he was allowed to tease me. I did allow him some gentle teasing of my pussy but no edging and no major make me breathe heavy through my throat muscles teasing either. He actually doesn’t think I’ll make it very long, I don’t usually go more than a day without. I’ll just have to turn my need for my own orgasm into some very intense teasing for him.

Today we were talking about some sensory deprivation using the bondage sack and the hood and his ear phones. Could be lots of fun there and I thought about making videos of his torment and sharing them. How humiliating to have everyone else see what you’re going through when you have no idea the time of day, if or when something might be happening. We also talked about getting some audio of sex sounds and forcing him to listen to sex over and over in his ears while he is completely bound and shut off from the world.

Anyone have any ideas for long audio clips of dirty, naughty sloppy fucking? 🙂

A friend of My Lady – who doesn’t happen to know about this blog – was chatting with her about male chastity. How the subject came up without mention of the blog is a mystery, but she asked her a few questions that I thought it might be helpful to answer here. And if ML’s friend happens upon this blog, thanks for the post material!

ML’s friend wants to introduce male chastity into her marriage. She wanted to have an idea of what to expect from certain aspects of chastity. She writes:

Going months without an orgasm – is that healthy?

First, I’m going to be a stickler for terms. There is absolutely no danger for a male to go any amount of time without an orgasm. Ejaculation is a different story: there is some evidence that frequent ejaculation decreases the probability of prostate illness, however there is also evidence that regular ejaculations increase prostate disease. When it comes down to it, nobody really knows. If you are interested in the “better safe than sorry” approach, there are ways to have a male ejaculate without a full orgasm (milking, ruined orgasms, etc.).

What effect does that have on him?

Long story short, it makes him fucking horny as hell. The male body craves orgasm constantly – it goes back to the primal urge to reproduce. The longer he goes without an orgasm, the more he’ll need it. Over time, he will recognize his keyholder (that would be you) as the source of his pleasure, and he will develop a submissive instinct and try to keep you pleased as a result of this. Some people have said that the increase in intensity of this reaction tapers off after a few months. I call BS on that. 🙂 Thanks to ML’s constant teasing, I’m still feeling that need to cum grow and grow every day.

How does a keyholder stay stasified without sex?

There are ways for a man to satisfy his woman other than with his cock! Tongue, fingers… there are many options. The most important thing is to redefine your idea of “sex.” For ML and I, we end up having sex all day long – for us, those hugs and kisses and loving touches are all part of us having sex.

With that said, I understand the desire ML has for a nice hard cock deep in her pussy. When she wants this, we have toys that we can use to satisfy this need. But sometimes, she just needs to feel my flesh. In that case, she unlocks me and uses my cock but doesn’t allow me to cum.

There are plenty of ways for you to get yours without letting him get his. 🙂

Mail Chastity has become a very popular subject on the blog. We’ve gotten lots of questions, either through email or Twitter, and we plan on doing more of these posts in the future. We could always use more questions to answer, though, so don’t hesitate to ask us anything!

Something that has only ever happened to me in the 15 years I’ve been with my amazing husband is apparently not all that uncommon. There are times when cagedmonkey will make me orgasm so hard that I go deaf. The loss happens mostly in my left ear but can occur in both. I experience this sudden cessation of hearing post orgasm, not all of the time, but pretty much every time I orgasm hard. When I say I go deaf, I don’t mean totally, I can still hear but it’s muffled as if there is cotton in my ear or I’m under water. It usually lasts anywhere between 30 seconds to several minutes. I don’t usually have any issues with balance, disorientation or dizziness. Although at times I’ve gotten up somewhat fast (aka kids interrupting) and got the whole lightheaded dizzy feeling but I chalk that up to the sudden blood flow leaving my head!

I’ve recently done some research on this because I was curious if this was something that only happened to me. I found that it’s actually not that uncommon. It doesn’t seem very common but not anything too rare. Apparently when you’re having a body-shaking, mind blowing, super awesome orgasm it can cause this hearing loss and sometimes vision loss. I wanted to see if professionals had any thoughts on it and I found a reply from one Dr online who wrote something to the effect of:

This temporary hearing loss could be due to Eustachian tube block. “The Eustachian tube is a narrow tube that connects the middle ear with the back of the nose.” Due to increased activity of all glands during sexual activity, this tube gets blocked and while it is blocked, a person could experience partial block or hearing loss. Later the tube opens and they can hear again.

Seems like a pretty good explanation because having a bit of a medical knowledge myself, the things she said are true. I’m sure if my crazy research lady took over I could find multiple reasons this could be happening but honestly it’s just nice to know it’s not some weird thing only my body does. I know, for me, I’m holding my breath and pushing so hard against the inside of my skull when I’m having an exceptionally hard orgasm that I could practically pop an eye out. Especially when the kids are about and I’m attempting with everything I have to hold in the “holymotherfuckingsonofagoddamnbitchthisisanawesomeorgasm” scream I want to let out. Sometimes I wonder, in a nerdy sort of way, what amount of force I’m putting on my throat muscles, my brain and my chest even while holding in my incredible orgasm response. If I did let out my screens of delight I often wonder if I’d blow out mine and cagedmonkey’s eardrums haha.

Anyway, along this road we find out awesome and amazing things about ourselves. Some we embrace, some we run from but in it all we enjoy the journey that takes us there.


It’s been a fantastic year. We’ve accomplished some goals we set last year and even some we didn’t expect to. We have met some really great friends and hope to continue those friendships through this year and many more to come.


I really don’t have some profound thing to say. As I said last year, New Year’s is just another day. This year cagedmonkey and I will both be writing down a few goals for the year and I look forward to sharing some of those with you all. We aren’t really resolution type people so basically we both said we are going to continue doing “whatever it takes not to screw this up.” We both remember what we have been through and what our marriage has been through and we are so happy to be on the other side. We love being in this happier, healthier place!

Thank you to all of our followers and lurking readers for all of your great comments, questions and even ideas throughout the year. It’s been so fun having you along on this exciting journey and exploration of our sexual selves. We hope to continue to share with you for years to come!

We wish you lots of love, happiness, safe play and locked up, denied genitals in 2015!