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My Lady has already shared her account of the intense pegging she gave me the other night. I won’t go into too much detail of what happened, as she has already done that (and I was also mighty drunk, as well). I do want to talk about what I experienced during the scene – how it felt and what was going through my mind. This is much easier to remember, as having a a big thick rubber dildo shoved into your ass until you can’t help but scream tends to sober you up pretty quickly.

After heading to bed after our drinking date, My Lady told me to get up on my hands and knees – assume the position, as it were. The alcohol made me very obiedient, and I followed her instruction right away. I knew what was coming, as ML and I had talked about this for a week or two before this; it’s not like she surprised me with it or anything.

ML started my anal abuse with Blue, a toy she sometimes uses near the end of our pegging scenes (if at all). God, when she uses this on me, it feels like I’m being invaded by a big bulbous head… probably because that’s exactly what’s going on. It’s always a struggle for me to relax enough to get that huge head past the tight ring of my asshole. Once it’s in, it’s not all that terrible, except for the fact that I can feel the thick round tip plowing back and forth inside me. It’s an intense experience, and I feel completely out of control when ML begins to speed up and actually fuck me with it at a good pace. I’m pretty much forced to give myself over to whatever is happening inside my ass.

A weird thing happens when ML pegs me – I very often have no clue which toy she is using unless I see it before she starts. In this case, I had no idea which toys she was using (even when she started using Mr. O, which I will get to in a little bit). Perhaps the alcohol had a little something to do with it, but not likely; this is something that I’ve experienced before. I usually end up thinking she is using a bigger toy than she is, and I don’t reall think you can blame me. Everything feels bigger when it’s buried deep in your ass… or so I’ve heard.

This time, after ML started fucking me pretty hard with Blue, I couldn’t even really think about which toy she was using. The only thing I could think about was praying that ML would be finished with me quickly. That ended up being far from the case. Each time I felt that I was able to adjust and handle the rough ass fucking she was putting me through, ML would thrust faster and deeper. I was constantly whimpering, begging her to please stop, to please be done with me. At some point, she reached underneath me and began stroking my hard throbbing cock (???), and I started alternating between moaning and asking her to let me cum and pleading with her to stop fucking my ass. My Lady fulfilled neither of these requests.

The one thing My Lady did fill was my ass with an even bigger dildo – Mr. O (side note: My Lady forgot to mention another reason Mr. O got its name – back when we were searching for a good strap on for me to fuck ML with while caged, Mr. O was the only toy that could give her a nice good “O”). I had never been formally introduced to Mr. O, and knowing the mood that ML was already in, I knew it wasn’t going to be gentle. The tapered shape helped with the pain of the initial insertion, but as you can clearly see from the link above, Mr. O gets much thicker much quicker.

Mr. O gave a totally different feeling than Blue – while Blue felt more invasive and intruding, Mr. O simply stretched my ass wide. And it fucking hurt. I couldn’t hold back and I screamed into the pillow as ML pushed it further inside me. She was thrusting hard, and after a few moments I didn’t even have the ability to beg for mercy any more. I hit what seemed like a combination of subspace and pure pain, where I went from sobbing into the pillow to simply enduring the torture and back again. I wasn’t tied down, but I couldn’t move. I lost time, it felt like it was going on forever and that time was standing still all at once. I was just there, being treated like a raw fuck hole by the woman I love.

I felt the first bulge on Mr. O’s shaft push into my ass, and my mind snapped back to the moment. I began frantically screaming for ML to stop, and I started to cry with my face pressed into the mattress. I asked for exactly this. I don’t think it’s hyperbole to say that I was actually being raped; I wanted it to stop more than anything. But My Lady kept going, pushing the dildo harder and deeper into my abused asshole.

The second bulge forced its way in my ass, and I felt ML bearing down even more, determined to make me take it all. She leaned in hard on me, and suddenly I felt a sharp pain inside me. I tried to adjust to it and endure it, but I couldn’t. Then I tried to just let it wash over me, but it only got worse. It felt like the dildo was about to tear me apart inside. I couldn’t take it any longer, and I used my safeword.

My wonderful loving wife, after hearing me resort to using my safeword, immediately began taking me down. She removed the dildo from my ass (calmly and gently, thankfully) and held me tightly and assured me that it was over and everything was okay. It felt wonderful for her to react so quickly to my SW, but I had the strangest reaction – I was telling ML that it was okay, also. I wasn’t really thinking, but my instinct was to make sure ML knew that what she did to me, deep down, was a good thing.

As usual, after I experience a good hard pegging, I was feeling extremely subby to ML. I serviced her in my favorite way by licking her pussy, which was totally soaked after dominating my so completely. After a few orgasms, both ML and I were completely exhausted. We fell asleep in each other’s loving arms, safe and secure with each other.

Amazingly, my asshole itself didn’t hurt too much the morning after. I thought I’d be sore and hurting after the the treatment I received, but thankfully ML used a ton of lube. I did, however, feel a soreness deep inside my hips from the deep and thorough fucking ML gave me. It wasn’t a bad hurt though, it was similar to the way your muscles ache after a good workout.

I never thought I’d be able to fully live out my rape fantasy, but My Lady made that happen. As much pain and suffering I went through, I never felt scared or unsafe with ML. I knew that no matter what happened, she truly loves me and would take care of me. She gave me a painful ass fuck out of love. 🙂

After all is said and done, I didn’t fully hate it. I am amazed at how fully used ML made me feel, and that depravity is definitely a turn on for me (I’m actually getting hard writing this st the moment). I really did hate it in the moment, but I can’t deny that I love that it happened. Part of me wonders exactly what it looked like to watch me be pushed so far; maybe next time I’ll suggest that ML get it on video. 🙂 in all seriousness, I don’t think I’ll be ready for a repeat of this after quite some time… but it’s definitely something I’d be willing to experience again.

We always love getting mail from our readers, you guys are the best and ask great questions! We’ve had a couple of readers ask similar questions so I thought I would answer here on the blog rather than each person individually.

Basically, people wonder what some of the toys are and look like that we use. We have written about both of the toys mentioned in the last post and even have pics but I do believe they are scattered throughout the blog. I’m thinking, perhaps an introduction to our toys is in order. So here goes!

Lockedboy writes:

I must say that I love the way you described how you fucked CM ass. Such detail oh I would love it if I could watch in real time hearing the moans and watching the actions.

Why thank you, I wish I could have been more detailed but I’m glad you enjoyed it anyway.

Do you have pictures of blue & mr o?
If so and willing to share I would like to see how your set up is like.

I went and took pics for you. Blue is obviously the blue one and Mr O got his name because he’s black and I started calling him Onyx. Blue is an inexpensive Basix brand rubber dildo. And Mr O is a moderately priced vac u lock attachment that goes to that harness.

Also what kind of lube do you use, I hear too use oil base. Is that what you use?

The lube we use most of the time is a hybrid lube. The hybrid is a mix between a silicone and water based lube. It is used for CM’s njoy plug wear and for some of the other probes. I will not use the silicone based one for some of our toys and those we just use a basic water based lube.


Athena's Perfect Harmony Tingling Lube

I am super excited that we received a gift today from our Amazon wish list from Lali. Thank you so much pretty girl for this amazing gift! I can’t wait to show you pics with it on!
It’s so amazing and perfect and heavy duty! It fits awesome, I had to try it on the minute I got it. I really just love it and I know I’m going to be able to peg hubby perfectly now. And, who knows, maybe if I find myself a nice subby girl, I can use it on her too!

Please let us know if you have any other questions about anything! You can find our email addresses and Twitter name on our contact page. We look forward to hearing from you!

I had hoped to wake up this morning and be ready to post an ever so sexy detailed post about last night’s events. Somehow, with the little bit of a hangover I have, I doubt that is going to happen. I’m going to do my best!

We had planned all week to have a little date night and drinks at home after the kids went to bed. I had picked up a bottle of wine for me and some Jack Daniels for cagedmonkey. He’d never had it before and I think he really liked it! I’m pretty sure (I haven’t looked in the fridge) I drank a whole bottle of wine during the course of the night haha. We did enjoy our date night, watched some tv and even played some Super NES games. Gotta love retro gaming!


Stirring his drink with pussy juices on my finger

I knew I wanted to feel hubby’s caged cock so I had him take off his cage. I simply told him, “get that hard right now, I want to use it.” So he started to stroke himself. I thought it might be fun, and faster, to sloooooowly show him my ass. So I got on all fours on the floor in front of him and wiggled my round ass side to side while I slowly slid my yoga pants and panties down each side to bare my gorgeous cheeks. I pushed my hips toward the floor and presented my back end to him. The whole time he was saying “oh God” and “oh fuck.” Once he had himself good and hard I told him, “come fuck me.” And that he did, like a good boy! He pounded me from behind hard and deep. It felt so awesome. Sometimes you just need a good solid fucking. It’s a good thing there was a Mythbusters marathon on so cagedmonkey had something to do to keep him from cumming or edging himself too quickly.

After a little more tv and some more drinks we noticed it was nearly 2:30am and decided to head to the bedroom. I have been craving some ass play with hubby for a long while now but things just haven’t worked out, until last night. Before we got into bed I grabbed a couple of strap on attachments (Blue & Mr O) out of the toy box and the lube. I rolled him over on his belly and didn’t even really prep him. I squirted the lube on Blue and just stuffed it in his ass. Last night was not about me making love to my hubby at all, it was all about me fucking him like a little dirty slut.

I used and abused his tight little asshole over and over for about 45 mins. I wish I could describe it with some hot sexy details but it’s just so much. At one point after using Blue to fuck him good, I pulled his hips up and lubed up Mr O, which is a much thicker but tapered probe. I just rammed it in his slutty fuck hole and pounded away at him. The sounds coming out of him even from the beginning were so damn sexy. Knowing I was fucking those sounds out of him was fueling me and making me pound him harder and faster. He was whimpering and that whimpering turned into actual crying and begging me to stop, pleading with me to stop abusing his ass. Fuck, it was so hot and it wasn’t fake either, I could feel it in his voice he really wanted me to stop. I know deep down he was loving that I was doing what I wanted, continuing to take him like that after he was truly done enjoying it.

The moaning, whimpering, crying and pleading, all of it was so arousing, so hot it really just made me go harder and faster and deeper. I was so into it, so lost in fucking him, so deep in my own pleasure, dripping wet from ramming his ass, that I couldn’t stop. I didn’t want to stop hearing the anguish in his pleading. So much so, in fact, that our night ended with cagedmonkey using his safeword. I think I can recall, very early on in our exploration only twice that he has used it and last night definitely warranted its use. I truly was taking advantage of his tight little sexy ass.

This morning my darling boy has woken up in an ever so humble submissive mood. I can’t say I’m not loving every minute of it either. <3

Damn, I love tongue fucking My Lady’s ass.

Last night before we went to sleep, I asked ML if I could give her some oral pleasure. She said okay and removed her covers, but she did not roll over and stayed laying on her belly. I waited a moment, but then I got the message when she lifted her butt off the mattress and gave it a sexy wiggle.

I slid down to the end of the bed and between her legs. I could smell her horny pussy as I got closer. As I began softly kissing her pussy, ML pushed back against me. She has been really enjoying any type of “from behind” action lately, but she particularly likes it when I eat her pussy like that. From that position, my nose nuzzles in between her pussy lips as I suck her clit. It also gives me clear access to another hole she loves me to tongue.

I spread her ass cheeks a little wider and pushed the tip of my tongue into her tight asshole, and I heard her moan loudly into the pillow. I pushed deeper and she moaned louder, and she began to grunt as I tongue fucked her deeper. I wiggled the tip of my tongue inside her ass, and she squealed as her asshole quivered around my tongue. I love the way she reacts so quickly and forcefully. I pulled back a little bit and licked around her asshole, and I could hear her muffled moans getting louder. Without warning, I spread her ass wide and plunged my tongue into her asshole as deep as I could. She screamed into the pillow and her whole body began to shake

After that, I’m not quite sure what happened exactly, I really was lost in the moment. I know that at one point I started fucking her pussy with two fingers while tongue fucking her ass, and her entire body was shaking throughout. Everything clenched as she came, and her body fell limp to the mattress afterwards.

I laid next to her as she went from laying completely still and spent to having aftershocks of such incredible pleasure. She trembled as I held her tight. I could feel the pleasure coursing through her long after I was done. It felt wonderful to do that for her.

This morning, after we woke up, I couldn’t help but do it some more. This time, I gave her a nice mellow morning tongue fuck, slowly penetrating her asshole and softly thrusting. Her moans were less pronounced, but I could tell the pleasure was just as intense. She didn’t have an orgasm this time around, she just enjoyed the sensations of having her subby hubby’s tongue inside her tight asshole.

I was so excited to come home from errands this afternoon to find a package waiting for me. I knew exactly what it was since I’m a mail addict and tracked my package like a stalker. I was very happy to see a plain brown box with no identifying information on the box or the shipping label. Having kids and living in an apartment complex, this is a big deal to us. So for that, already, The Stockroom gets a big plus.

When I was finally able to tear into my box and see my Spandex Sleep Sack, which I affectionately call the Bondage Bag, I was so so happy! It is made of nice thick quality spandex and the zippers, although plastic, seem to be sturdy and very good quality. Warning: lift up when zipping so you don’t zip skin along the way!
I’m already in love with the way cagedmonkey looks in it and was getting so turned on zipping the zipper and buckling the straps. It was easy enough to sit him up and roll him side to side to straighten buckles and get everything just right and closed.
Cagedmonkey fits perfectly in this bag. He is about 6 feet tall and 185lbs and it is snug around him and compresses him. He is able to move his arms around slightly when the buckles are undone but once they are buckled and tightened he is fully restrained and unable to move. I love that he is completely helpless.
Without doing anything with it at all, other than trying it on, cagedmonkey says he’s enjoying it because of what it is doing to me and how I’m reacting to him being in it. He also sees the potential this sack has and the fun we can have. He did mention liking the feel of the compression and that the sack itself was comfortable. The material is pretty smooth and not itchy or annoying, at least so far.
I do love that the access zippers are perfectly placed and I am able to take out or touch whatever parts I want to use, tease or torture.
All I need to do now is get out the spandex hood and have him completely bound, gagged and sensory deprived. I’m really looking forward to experimenting with my new toy. I haven’t even spent any time with it and I already know this is my favorite toy. It was well worth the money we spent. Which was not a lot at all! This bag is exactly what I was looking for and fits my monkey boy perfectly. So far I’m extremely pleased and can’t wait to post about our play using the bag.

Thank you to for an awesome quality product. FYI: if you are looking to purchase one of these for your own, look on eBay for The Stockroom because they only have a few left which they are selling on clearance.

Now, don’t get all excited; no, I did not get to cum on Christmas. I just figured using POCT in the title was easier than using PEABNQSOROCT (post edging, almost-but-not-quite, sort of ruined orgasm cock torture). Let me explain.

After doing the Christmas morning thing with the family, I went to go get some sleep before work while the kids were hypnotized by their video games. I got into bed and just before I drifted off to sleep, the door creaked open and My Lady sneaked inside the beroom with a smile.

My Lady slid underneath the covers with me, and my uncaged cock immediately began to harden (she couldn’t wait and had “unwrapped her gift package” on Christmas Eve). After a few moments of kissing and cuddling, she climbed on top of me facing my feet and promptly sat right down on my face. I immediately started licking her sopping wet pussy as I felt her hands run down my chest, across my stomach, and right to my throbbing cock. I moaned into her pussy, and she began rubbing herself all over my face. Her juices coated me from nose to chin as she moved her hips, alternating between placing her clit betwen my lips and forcing my tongue into her tight asshole.

Now, if having ML fuck my face with her horny holes wasn’t exciting enough for me (and it was!), she began stroking my cock at the same time. She was stroking it fast, as if she were on a mission, and I was very well aware of what that mission was: she was going to edge my desperate cock as she enjoyed her own orgasm while queening me. As frustrated as I knew I would be afterwards, I couldn’t resist. After nearly three months of being denied an orgasm, I was needy enough to be happy with getting as close as ML would allow me to.

ML is getting incredibly good at edging me. She is able to take me closer to orgasm than I ever thought possible. This time, she showed an ever greater talent. ML pushed her hips down on my face, and I felt her pussy quiver as she came. She didn’t stop stroking me as her orgasm hit her, and I thought maybe she might break her concentration enough to make me cum. I felt it approaching fast, my body preparing for a mind melting orgasm, I was heading for the cliff and there was no way to stop it from happeni-

She stopped one stroke short of making me cum, even as she shuddered through the final waves of her own orgasm.

My body screamed and ached, trying desperately to reach orgasm. It needed just one more touch to get there… but that touch wasn’t there. ML dismounted my face and laid down next to me and watched as my body trickled down from the edge. Just when I felt my potential orgasm fading away, she began teasing my cock again with her fingertips. She always seems to know the perfect time to start touching me again after an edge.

Another thing she knows about edging my cock – she knows that when she pushes my cock close enough to the edge of orgasm, it almost behaves as if it had an actual orgasm. It’s not quite a ruined orgasm because I don’t acutally ejaculate; it seems to be something else all by itself. All of the frustration is still there, but my cock will get soft if not stimulated for a while, and it’s difficult for me to be edged/reach orgasm if I am stimulated. Other than the need to cum still being present, everything else feels as though I had an orgasm… including the hypersensitvity afterwards. ML demonstrated this perfectly as she began to rub the palm of her hand on the head of my cock.

I quickly went through the phases of post-orgasm cock torture (if that’s a thing, and if it’s not a thing, I’m totally making it a thing now):

Phase 1: “Oh fuck, that’s so intense! Ok, ok, you can stop now.”

Phase 2: “Okay, you can fucking stop now!!”



Phase 5: [Mentally checking out, because you just can’t handle it any more]

For two whole minutes, my body flailed and writhed all over the bed as my cock was put thtough pure sexual hell. ML hadn’t tied me up, so she wrestled my left hand away from protecting my cock; my right hand was busy covering my mouth as I tried as hard as I could not to scream so the kids wouldn’t hear my suffering.

After My Lady finally released my cock, I collapsed on the bed in exhaustion. I couldn’t even roll over to watch her leave, I was entirely spent. As she exited, I heard her say, “That should help you sleep real good, darling.” And it did, too. I feel asleep quickly and thoroughly… and I didn’t wake up until ML was back, with a horny pussy that needed attention once again…

My therapist and I talk about a lot of things, which happens to be the exact reason I go to therapy. 🙂 I’ve been with him for over 10yrs and he’s been a huge impact on my mental health and my marriage. He is well aware of the fetishes hubby and I are into (ok maybe not ALL of them) and it’s fun to analyze with him what part of us is healing when we do these things. I’m sure you can imagine how interesting our sessions can get.

Yes, I’m one of those people that thinks some (not all) of our fetishes touch on some experience from our childhood. Those might be good experiences or traumatic ones, either way sometimes the sexual things we participate in are addressing some emotions from our past. I was going to get all psychological and explain how role play and acting out certain scenarios works to help you heal from the past but, it was really just too much for one post. I encourage you to look it up if that interests you at all. I really do just love that stuff and maybe one day I’ll be come a kinky therapist like my doc keeps telling me I should. 🙂

Obviously, we all know I’m a control freak, I have some strong OCD tendencies and other fun psychological stuff I get to deal with. I know from lots of work that my out of control, unstable childhood has a lot to do with my need to control every situation I’m in and person I’m with. No, I’m not a crazy person out there trying to control every situation because I am a logical person and I have learned that I am in control of MY things. 🙂 Which is also why I enjoy having things to control.

In exploring our sexual desires and learning about these different kinks and fetishes, I’m finding I like some pretty intense things. I know I’ve written before, in a comment, about how I feel like choking hubby touches on that one specific time I choked my brother. I felt so powerful in that moment when I was able to get him pinned, it felt so incredible at a time when I was very powerless. Being able to recreate that with hubby by choking him (we’ve actually done some more play like this but don’t write about every single time), we’ve realized is huge for me emotionally and well, it’s turns me the fuck on like crazy!

Yesterday morning I had another crazy realization when I went in to visit hubby, saw his gorgeous perfect little ass, climbed up and rubbed my pussy on it until I came, twice. The reason I realized this was addressing something from childhood was because in the middle of it I muttered out, in loud a whisper, something about how I wished I’d have had him when I was a kid. I told him his ass was the perfect little hump toy. How it fit perfectly for me to rub on and use him to please myself. When I was younger and started exploring this whole masturbation thing I would use a folded pillow or whatever to rub on or hump or however you want to put it. I can remember feeling like I was the one in charge, making myself feel that way. I was the one in charge of giving myself that pleasure. Nothing ever worked just right and I was constantly adjusting and readjusting. However, cagedmonkey’s little ass really does just fit perfectly in my pelvis. I soaked his butt with my extra wet pussy from cumming twice. I made sure to move up his body rubbing my wetness from his butt, up his back, to his neck.

I had so many emotions flood me right at that moment. I love that I’m so comfortable with my husband and our sexual relationship that I can admit these types of things to him. I’m sure he only thinks I’m slightly weird haha. It did spark a fantastic Dom/sub role play conversation and we both are looking forward to exploring more of these types of childhood things.

After the not-so-sexy events of this afternoon, ML and I were more than content to spend the night relaxing on the couch and watching tv. We figured a nice quiet night before I headed to work would be perfectly enjoyable… but, as always, any time My Lady and I are in a room together there is a potential for some hot and horny sex.

After spending about ten minutes nestled in each other’s arms, ML requested that I get her a drink from the kitchen. Being the good subby hubby that I am, I dutifully obeyed. When I returned, I nearly dropped the drink on the floor when I saw her laying back on the couch, naked from the waist down with her legs spread, displaying her wet pussy for me.

I got the message loud and clear what my next assignment was. 😛

Within moments, I was on the couch with my face buried in her pussy. She tasted delicious as usual. I was very eager to give My Lady an orgasm, but I decided to take it slow and make sure she was completely pleased before doing so. I gave her pussy soft kisses all over, from her clit all the way down her lips. I felt her pussy quiver as I brushed my lips against her sensitive flesh.

I sucked her clit gently into my mouth, and she moaned in response. She pushed her hips upward, yearning for more as I eased her higher and higher in pleasure. As I gave her pussy slow, lingering licks from bottom to top, she began to whimper and even accused me of “being a tease.” Guilty as charged. 🙂

ML couldn’t wait any longer; she grabbed the back of my head and pulled me into her sex. “Make my pussy cum good,” she demanded. I moved my hand up so I could reach her pussy, and I slid two fingers deep inside her. She gasped as I massaged her g-spot while swirling my tongue over her clit. It didn’t take very long until she was ready to cum.

I pushed her closer and closer, her body tightening and rising off the couch as she willed herself to orgasm. Just as she hit her peak, I pushed my fingers deep inside her pussy and strummed her clit furiously with my tongue. Her entire body jerked and she cried out as she came hard, shooting much higher over her peak than she expected. My fingers and tongue continued their assault, driving her right through her first cum and right into the second. Now her hands were on my neck, pulling as hard as she could, nails digging slightly into my skin. The twinge of pain urged me on more, and her body spasmed as she came once again.

Easing her down from her orgasmic rush, I began kissing her softly again. She was completely spent; she looked so sexy laying back on the couch, completely limp and exhausted from cumming so hard. I laid down with ML, my cock throbbing in frustration in the cage next to her thigh.

My hunger for ML was apparently not satisfied either, as I would soon find out. I exited the room to get ready for work, and when I came back in the room (always when I come back into the room!), she was bent over the couch fixing the cushions. Her beautiful round naked ass stopped me dead in my tracks. Without a word, I rushed over to her, dropped to my knees behind her, and shoved my tongue right up her asshole.

ML immediately made that sexy squeal sound that she always does when I tongue fuck her ass. It drives me insane! I spread her cheeks wide and pushed my tongue even deeper. Her asshole quivered aroung my tongue. Unfortunately, I couldn’t afford much time ass-fucking ML with my tongue, or else I’d be late for work. Damn, I’d seriously do that all fucking day long!

It was incredible how our night went from a peaceful snuggle on the couch to thrusting my tongue into ML’s asshole in pretty short order! But that’s how things go with us now – we go with the flow. And very often, that flow between us is one fucking sexy flow of desire and need!

So there I am drafting a great post on communication and how cagedmonkey and I just worked through a little issue of where he didn’t notice some old behavior creeping back in. We talked, I let him know how I felt and, Yay, better.

Well before writing said post I teased hubby a bit and told him to get himself nice and hard for me and keep himself that way… because I’d be in to use him soon… yeah, keep going baby… I’ll be right in, I promise… I’m almost done, I’ll be right there. Yeah, haha I made him keep stroking himself a bit before I headed down the hallway. About 1 minute into burying his big thick cock deep inside my pussy while on top I hear, “mama HELLLLLLLLLP!”
I loudly respond, dick inside me, “what do you need, honey?”
To which she says (with an echoish sound?), “mama please just come here…”
Fuck she’s in the bathroom, so I climb off cagedmonkey, thrown on whatever pants I grabbed off the floor, open the bedroom door to find my girl child had spilled her insides full of left over Chinese food from the living room, through the dining room, down the hallway and did manage to get some in the toilet too.


I REALLY did try to clean it up but gagged so bad doing it, I pissed my own pants hahahaha. Yup, I’m that awesome! So instead of napping, my super hero of a hubby was on his hands and knees cleaning our childs puke out of the carpet while I was changing my pants.

I’m pretty sure that diffused any amount of horny we had today… but then again, the day is only half over.