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This term of denial has been quite intense for me. My Lady and I have been very into each other lately; we’ve been more touchy-feely than normal, which is really saying something considering that we can’t resist each other even on a mellow day! We literally cannot stop touching each other, and although I absolutely love it, it’s driving my orgasm-denied brain (and body) insane!

It hasn’t made my commitment to being more submissive any easier. I get so turned on that I’m desperate just to be unlocked for even just a few moments. When my need gets so powerful, it’s difficult to hold it back. I just want out.

Pleasing ML is one of the very few things that allows me to center myself and get my mind off of the steel cage locked onto my cock. I am REALLY enjoying my new focus on making ML feel good over making her cum. Last night, I spent a good half hour on my knees in front of her, licking her delicious pussy as she laid back on the couch and watched Monday Night Football… can you think of anything more submissive? I gave her whole pussy loving attention – I kissed her clit softly, I slowly teased her lips from top to bottom and back, I shoved my tongue as deep as I could and gave her g-spot a lick, and I even slid my tongue down and fucked her asshole with it a little bit. ML just laid back and enjoyed it all, sometimes moaning softly and other times grabbing the back of my head and grinding her hips into my face. I looked up at her face, enjoying the expressions of pure ecstasy. I felt like I was right where I should be.

The fullness of my submission to her in this way had a major effect on me later in the night, when ML and I went to bed.

My Lady and I were cuddling naked in bed, as we have grown very fond of doing. πŸ™‚ ML’s head was on my chest, and she was running her hand up and down my body. Soon, she was teasing my nipples with her fingertips and kissing my chest with her soft sensual lips. I couldn’t stop my body from shuddering as her hand trailed down, rubbing my sensitive cock between the bars of the Jailbird. It felt so good, but I wanted more… I NEEDED more, but I didn’t want to ask for release from the cage. I resisted as much as I could, but her teasing touches drove me over the edge.

I began to beg her to unlock me. And no, it was not an act. I was desperate to get out. So I begged, I pleaded, but all it did was turn ML on more. She got off on my desperation. She pulled my hand down to feel her pussy – she was dripping fucking wet. And, knowing how much she was turned on by my begging, I couldn’t hold back; I turned over, put my face in my pillow, and began to sob.

I don’t think I “cried” fully, but I came probably as close as I could to it. Then I felt My Lady’s loving hands on the back of my neck. She pulled me close and kissed me deeply and tenderly, and I felt the love she was giving to me. She cared for me, and cared about me… But she still wasn’t unlocking me. And to make her point clear, she pulled the covers down to expose her wet pussy, allowing me to please her once again with my tongue.

But she wasn’t through with me for the night, yet…

(Click here for Part II)

I’m Bored and was going through some of the pics on my phone today. I found some that I find rather sexy and I want to share.

Not some profound post from me so far today though I do have a lot on my mind. Anyway, hope you enjoy!

This one


Really, is that not just the sexiest thing? Yummy!

And this


So excited it's time to be wearing boots again!

And another


These are some damn sexy hips! That's why I put his tattoo there.

And one more


My cum dripping of his chin, as it should be!

Ok enough sexy pictures hehe I’ll stop now. I’m sure there will be some actual words to be written later since last night was… well, it was pretty incredible. πŸ™‚

Ok so this was actually a comment on the blog and not really mail but this is a better way to address it. I’m sure there are a few people out there who’d like to know.

pcguy asks:
“One question though.. You’d talked about the possibility of maybe eventually trying a bit of “female chastity” as well.  I saw you had the one brief stint of orgasm denial for Lady M, but do you still consider trying an actual device for any period of time at all?  I’ve always wondered if the female devices are really even that practical…”

As you know cagedmonkey and I do, very rarely, have a bit of the “Switch” in us. I’ll be honest and say it’s a controlled type of switch meaning it’s something, as the dominant one, I’m allowing him to do. I love when we do this because once in a freaking while it’s nice to not HAVE to be in control of every damn thing. The other part of that is that I actually do like to experience “the other side” of things. I like to know what it’s like to be on the receiving end of things. It also helps me to know how to be a better Domme! πŸ™‚

The answer to your question pcguy is yes, we do still plan to lock my sexiness up in a female chastity device. We wanted to do it right and not buy some novelty item off Amazon, so we ordered a custom sized locking one. It’s not a true custom device it’s just one that will fit my size, since I’m pretty sure with my huge tits people realize I’m not some nasty pencil thin model chick. It is a black leather device that requires three padlocks to even keep it on and closed. If I could find it right now I would post a pic, but it’s packed somewhere.

So, why haven’t we used it yet? Well first… we need three locks lol and didn’t have them right away, second we ended up moving and third we started to really think about the practicality and logistics of it all. Could I possibly wear it and function – it’s nothing like just having a cage locked on your cock. I mean seriously, every morning after my second cup of coffee who wants to be unlocking 3 padlocks while I’m about to burst?! That and I can literally think myself into an orgasm so the device is really about keeping me from sex… I have to mentally stop my orgasms.

So far it’s been hard to work out how we would actually do it properly. We did come across another device that is slightly different. That device could make these things happen a bit sooner. I will be honest and say that I would never be locked up like my cagedmonkey. Mine would definitely be short term compared to his! I have this fear that if I suppress the horny it might get pushed so far that I lose it again… no one in the world wants Lady to lose her horny!

I hope this answers your question and I thank you for asking. πŸ™‚ please let us know if you have any other questions.

I must admit, I haven’t been the best sub that I can be lately.

Don’t get me wrong, I haven’t been disobedient or resistant. I haven’t been cranky or irritable. I haven’t whined or begged… too much (My Lady loves a little bit of desperation, after all!). I’ve been very giving with both my time and energy lately, doing whatever I can to please My Lady. The problem isn’t what I am doing or not doing. The problem is the reasons and motivations behind my actions.

My motivation for pleasing ML is pretty much expected at this point in my denial – I’m goddamn horny as fuck with a heaping side of blue balls. After a solid month of being teased nearly nonstop by the sexiest woman I’ve even known and not being allowed to cum, I guess I can’t be blamed much for that. But as much as ML loves the desperate state of aching horniness that I’m currently in, it sometimes works against my subby mindset. I’ll explain.

I’ve written before about how much I love to lick My Lady’s pussy. I love how she tastes, I love how her body reacts when I give her sweet kisses on her clit. I love it when she moans when I shove my tongue as far into her pussy as I possibly can. I love how her pussy walls squeeze my tongue when I wiggle it around inside her. I love how her body shudders when I swirl my tongue around her clit. And it feels great when I give her a nice, loud, intense orgasm with just my mouth.

And now here’s the problem: did you notice how many “I”s there are in that paragraph? The answer is: waaaaaaaaaaay too many.

I’ve noticed that recently I’ve been focusing too much attention on what my body needs or what my mind wants. It’s too much “me.” I’ve been asking to be unlocked a lot more often this month than I have ever before; and, although ML loves to hear me beg, I’m not so much begging but asking as if I expect a yes. Espcecially after pleasing ML in one way or another, I’m getting those “Okay, what about me?” feelings very frequently. This can’t go on.

I’ve been pleasing ML very well lately, but I’ve been doing it because I want to do it. I need to get back to pleasing her because she wants it. I need to get back to doing what she wants, not asking if I can do what I want. I need to get back to licking her pussy because it feels good for her, not because I think her pussy is delicious. And I need to get back to making her cum if and only if she demands it, not because I love to do it. I need to push my sexual needs and desires so far behind My Lady’s so that there is absolutely no question which is most important.

ML already has plans to get me moving in the right direction. After mentioning that I was off for the next two nights, she responded with this text:

Good. I’m in the mood for some ass worship. It’s been awhile since I just laid on my tummy and had you make love to my ass with your tongue.

She always knows just what I need. πŸ™‚

I’m sure it must be wonderfully frustrating to be woken up to a cold steel butt plug being stuffed in your tight asshole. Yeah… that’s exactly what I just said to cagedmonkey as I went in to visit him this morning and stuffed his ass with the nJoy.


The steel plug we have is only the small nJoy but I really do want to get the Large one very soon. I know Thumper has a few different plugs and I might have to talk to him about the ones he uses. One of the things I want to start with hubby is more use of the plug. With his incredible horniness and my intense teasing his prostate is swollen and the plug bounces and pushes against it forcing precum to drip and is a constant reminder of who owns his gorgeous little ass. The steel wrapped around his big manly cock is another reminder of who owns him… all of him… his mind, his body, his soul. Me, I own it… it’s mine all mine. I want him to forever and constantly be reminded of the control I have over him, the control he has given to me with his submission and devotion to me and our marriage.

This weekend we plan to discuss the “Daily tasks” that will be starting for cagedmonkey. It’s not a lot, it’s not domestic housework. It’s those things I want him to do to help show his submission and devotion to me. Those little things a sub does to show their dominant partner that they are thinking of them and doing those things they know would please them.

Usually when I have some feelings to discuss with cagedmonkey, I do just that, I discuss it with him or use our “Communication book.” I do not normally come to the blog to make him aware of some feelings I’m having BUT I honestly think this is something not only I experience. I do believe these might be some common “wife as a Keyholder or Domme” fears or worries.

I’m sure you’ve read how cagedmonkey’s horny level is at an all time high. I’ve really been teasing him and mindfucking him rather intensely over the past month. This has kicked up his fantasy thoughts and, as he says, his fantasies are getting darker and more intense… It seems like the longer he is in chastity and denied with the combination of intense teasing the more slippery that “slippery slope” becomes and the idea of a lot kinkier stuff becomes more acceptable. I guess we’ll just see, over time, how slippery that slope can actually get.

The reason I bring all that up is because as cagedmonkey’s fantasies are getting more intense, I’m finding mine are too. I’m finding a deeper dominance inside me begging to come out. Why don’t I just let it out, you ask? Well, that’s easy, fear. I’m really scared of hubby’s reaction to something I might say. I feel this want and desire to “get into character” and when he begs say to him “No, subby hubby has not earned that” or whatever but I’m afraid of sounding too harsh. I’m afraid of him thinking I’m mean. I really want to be more direct and stern rather than playful with him sometimes but I’m scared. I could sit here and describe this over and over but I think you get it. When he begs for me to let him cum, I want to say “hell no! Go do the dishes” but instead, out of fear of being mean, I say something like, “ohhh sweetie, I don’t think so… maybe later.” Which is bull crap, that’s leading him on. I guess I want him to read this and understand I want to be more definite. I want to be much more dominant. When I ask him to do something and he tells me “can I do it in a few minutes?” I want to be able to say “I asked you to do it now, if you don’t you will get punished with the paddle before work, you choose…”

Anyway, who knows if this post will piss him off or help him to know I want to be more demanding, I want to add to my dominance, I want to require more of him. I feel like I want to make him lists of things to do, daily chores or tasks. I dunno if it’s just the timing and the built up crazy horny or what… but there it is, it’s out there now. We’ll see where it goes from here I suppose.

I love you my sweet darling boy with all of my heart and soul. I will be forever here protecting you and dominating you, whichever path we choose. Whether it be the lighter domination that we have had for 15 years or whether it grows into something deeper, something more.

It’s creeping up on a month since my last orgasm now, and I can definitely feel my horniness taking on a whole new intensity. I don’t know if it’s because ML has been teasing me out of the cage more, or if it’s the use of the super-confining Revenge, or it could just be the fact that I’m a male with an incredibly high sex drive who has gone cum-less for so long…. but I can feel the need growing. I’d never use my safeword with ML just because I wanted to cum, but this weekend for the first time I considered thinking about possibly maybe using it. It’s that bad.

And I have how much longer to go?

Actually, the answer to that question is not 100% clear. It has been somewhat assumed that my next Maybe Day is our anniversary, seeing as we go on our Carribean cruise the week following. Assumed, but not decided on. And, as always, it is ML’s choice to make whether or not I actually get to cum on any Maybe Day. I feel somewhat safe about this time around; after this, I honestly have no clue.

I can feel my sexual need starting to take over me. Any time I am close to ML, any time I look at her I get turned on. I’ve had to battle with incredibly strong morning wood just about all week, my cock filling the cage and nearly bursting through the bars of the Jailbird. And my fantasies have beginning to get veryΒ intense.

Oddly enough, this is very exciting to me. I was secretly worried that maybe I was starting to veer off of the “kink” path in some ways, but these urges show me otherwise. I’ll explain. For the past few weeks, ML has been using my face to get her horny pussy off. I am enjoying it to no end. There have been moments, however, where she gets a little overeager and covers my face with her gooey wetness enough where I am unable to breathe.Β  We’ve explored this beforeΒ and enjoyed it very much, but recently I’ve been trying to avoid it. I don’t know why, exactly… I just wasn’t into it. But now that my uncontrollable horniness has taken over, I’m very aggreeable to whatever ML wants to do with me – whether it be smother me with her huge titties, force me to lick her pussy until my jaw aches, or queening me until I pass out tongue fucking her ass.

Even our most recent discussions about the pseudo-cuckolding fantasies are getting darker and more intense… do I really want to be locked into the steel bars and be forced to watch another man jerk off and cum all over my wife’s tits? Do I want to be teased mercilessly, edged over and over, and have to beg this man to either let me have an orgasm or allow the torment to stop?

I guess the real question is… do I want to have a choice in the matter?

I’m pretty sure I know the answer to that question.

Recently hubby and I have been talking a lot about some bondage equipment and boy do I wish we had the money to buy it and try it out. Anyone wanna get me a gift? Hehe Really though, it has so much potential for long term teasing, predicament bondage and even some humiliation.

If you’ve been following our journey you know about a local friend I met who we were doing a pseudo-cuckolding type thing with. For the blogs proposes, his name is Adam and he’s also who I named my favorite very very realistic dildo after. Well, he and I started talking again in the past couple days and I brought up this piece of bondage equipment. You see we’ve wanted to play in person with Adam for quite some time. Not that we are ok with me fucking another man – we aren’t – but that doesn’t mean he couldn’t come show hubby what a nice hard cock looks like when it’s stroked and cums. Especially when he’s all locked up in his steel cage and been denied for a month.

So last night I mentioned to cagedmonkey that I was thinking of inviting Adam over for some playtime. I told him if we had the equipment it would make his visit that much more interesting. I also told him I wanted him to take some time to think about what other exciting and deliciously evil things Adam and I could do in front of him and/or to him while locked into it. So here is what he emailed me from his assignment last night:

“as you requested My Lady, a continuation of my thoughts/fantasy from earlier – involving the stocks and you (and possibly Adam) masturbating while I was forced to watch – ways to make it even more frustrating for me by playing some porn within my view. You could be enjoying the porn while I’m forced to watch, unable to do anything about it, and you could do any/all of the following:

– force me to watch him jerk off to the porn
– force me to watch the cumshots in the porn
– stroke me to the same rhythm that the he strokes himself
– stroke me to the same rhythm as the fucking in the porn
– use my body to get off repeatedly
– edge me constantly
– or anything else you can think of

These are all such wonderful things. I’ve thought of a few others such as using him as furniture of sorts while I masturbate, pegging him while he is locked in the stocks – especially if Adam is masturbating in front of him, kneeling in front of him and (a big maybe) letting Adam cum right on my big titties… I mean, as I said, the potential there is almost unending!

I did email Adam to see his thoughts and fantasies about the whole thing, so I’m pretty eager to see what he says. I’m so sure my pussy will be completely dripping wet after reading his response. Just talking to hubby this morning, for the few minutes before he went to sleep, soaked my panties!

These were my exact words this morning as I tucked cagedmonkey into bed. He went to work early last night because someone called in sick. I decided to have him change back into his Mature Metal JailBird after his shower because I’ve been feeling a bit of a longer term lock up coming on. The thing is, I didn’t really get a chance to see my little knight in his shining armor. You know, those real life things like getting the kids to bed, packing dinner for hubby to take to work and all that fun stuff kinda got in the way of admiring my beautiful locked up toy.

So this morning, cagedmonkey did as he is required. He went in the bedroom, stripped naked and waited for me. When I walked in I took off my clothes and pressed my naked body against his. Oh good Lord that feeling of our warm skin touching is one of the most fantastic feelings in the world. I simply said to him, “I’m home.” That’s what that feeling is, warm, inviting and comforting… it’s home.

I could feel the growing warmth between my legs as my pussy began to get wet. I knew I just HAD to have his face in my pussy making me cum all over it. I straddled him and slid right up onto his chin and mouth and rode myself to quite a wonderful orgasm as I slid his hands up my curvy body to my big luscious breasts. I was so wet, gooey and wanting, that his face slid easily between my lips and the sloppy sounds of my cummy pussy were so hot.

I twisted off of his face and lay beside him, I brushed the sheet away to expose his steel encased cock. There my beautiful toy was, squeezing, struggling and strangling itself trying to get an erection. All I could say was, “oh how I’ve missed you, JailBird.” I really do love being able to see the bulging when he’s so turned on by me. I don’t get that with the Revenge at all. After having him in it for the past week, it was quite a turn on to see him just the way I like him.

Last night hubby and I got a chance for some playtime since he was off work. The past couple days have found me feeling awfully dominant. I have also been eyeing his sexy little butt and wanting to have a little ass play. It certainly does get my pussy extremely wet and drippy to 1. Be so dominant 2. Hear his noises, moans and whimpers during ass play & 3. Bend him over and spank his sexy little ass.


Seriously is so damn cute, sexy and squeezable!

Like I said, last night was the first night cagedmonkey was off work. We got the kids to bed, watched an episode of Doctor Who and then took a shower together. I do have to say I love him on his knees in the shower soaping me up and washing my entire body. Such a wonderful feeling to have him look up at me so lovingly because he is in heaven getting to service me. After our shower we went in the bedroom (& closed AND locked the door – still love that we can finally do that!) for some playtime.

I knew I wanted to play with his ass and I was really in the mood to use the RodeOh underwear harness but I couldn’t find it. πŸ™ Instead of using a harness I just grabbed a few toys I wanted to play with and the lube. I also got my wand because… well, it’s so much fun for so many reasons. πŸ™‚ I had hubby on his back and I crawled up between his legs and licked from the base of his caged cock all the way up his belly to his neck. Oh the sounds he made just drove me crazy!

I started out so loving and gentle with Pearl, which is our regular probe for his ass play. Not too big, not too small, just the right size. I was really enjoying myself and loving the moans from him as I penetrated his ass and at the same time pushed my wand under his ball sack. He was pressing so hard against the sides of his Revenge while attempting to get an erection. His balls were pulled tight as his caged was thrust forward. I was enjoying his moans so much that I wanted more so I felt it was time to get a little more into it. This is where I would have used the harness if I knew where it was.

I instructed hubby to get on his hands and knees and present his ass to me properly. While he got into position I grabbed a couple of other toys. I found our Aeronos and Blue and got a little excited that I could get some milking out of him AND push his ass play a little further than normal with a bit bigger probe. I started with the Aeronos which his ass loved and practically took in without me trying. I used it for a bit to rub his prostate internally and I could tell he was absolutely loving it. His cock was dripping from the internal massage. That’s about when I decided to push him. I took Blue and didn’t even give him a chance to slowly take my violation. I shoved Blue into his tight asshole which caused him to yelp. It’s so fucking hot to make him react the way I can. I started fucking him hard, ramming his ass with Blue. Since Blue had such a bulbous tip to it I was sure to pull it all the way back out each time to get extra stretching of his asshole.

Well… things can’t possibly go as planned and while I was slamming his ass hard and fast with Blue, we had a bit of an accident lol and like the title says, sometimes shit happens… literally! That put a stop to that play, we got cleaned up and it was time for some major Aftercare. Hubby was so incredibly upset and ashamed and embarrassed. Ya know, whatever, shit does happen. It wasn’t a big deal and there have been plenty of times he’s had to wipe shit off his dick from fucking my ass. Haha It really was no big deal and after some good old fashioned hugs and kisses and lovey time we got back to some face riding pussy eating and full on body worship. After he gave me about 7 orgasms with his mouth we fell asleep in each other’s arms. Mmmmm my favorite.