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I’m pretty smiley and excited this morning. Cagedmonkey and I finally put the under the bed restraints back under the mattress and it’s got the juices flowing! I think I’m going to make a “honey do” list of sex toys I want him to find and make accessible so that I can get back to my “all day, so sorry you can’t sleep, tease and torment sessions.” I really am missing all the wonderful, regular things we used to do. I miss hearing the anguish in his moans. Those gasps from his lips as I do something to him that he doesn’t expect or that really gets him.

I know and can feel that I am missing my dominant side when things like this morning happen. I got him all tucked in bed, ran the girl to a doctor appointment, came back home and got her started on school. While she was working I went “to snuggle with daddy,” which really means I went to tease him and get off as much as I want him to make me. 🙂 I am loving, ever so much, the fact that we have a door that closes with a lock. My kids have quickly learned to knock and I don’t have to freak out and fall off the bed if I’m in the middle of a little something. I just stop, catch my breath and talk to them. Haha

So, as I was saying (before I got side tracked lol) this morning reminded me how much I’m missing that powerful, I’m in charge, dominant feeling. That, I’ll do whatever I want to you to amuse and please myself, feeling. That, you have to take what I want to give you, feeling. I knew deep in my chest when I straddled cagedmonkey’s stomach on the bed this morning and tucked his arms under his sides and used my legs to hold them there, restraining him. I loved the look in his eyes. I felt my pussy get warmer as I got that surge of horny. I pulled my shirt up to expose my big breasts as I moved myself on his stomach and dry humped him with my clothes on. It was not long at all until I was cumming right in my pants. Cagedmonkey’s face was rubbing between my boobs though they were just there to tease him as I would not allow him to lick and he obviously couldn’t touch. He could just feel the soft skin of my breasts on his cheeks and lips and smell my wonderful scent.

I felt how wet my pussy was getting. I know it would have been dripping, sopping wet if I wasn’t wearing panties and shorts. I could feel the attempted erection under the sheet on cagedmonkey’s lower half. I knew I needed to cum again so I slid down the slightest bit and positioned my clit at the base of his cock, which I affectionately call “rooty.” I grabbed him by the wrists and held him down, pressing into the mattress. I knew I needed to feel that powerful feeling of restraining him myself. I came so fast rubbing on “rooty” and holding him down. So hard that I felt my thighs squeeze his waist, my hands grip his wrists tighter and my pussy pulsing and gushing as I orgasmed again in my pants.

God it felt so good to be in that moment with him. Taking him and using whatever part of him I wanted for my pleasure. I’m looking forward to date night on Friday and I hope to break back in the restraints and other toys I’ve been missing. I want to build my horny and my aggression the next couple days so I can take it out on him in as many ways as possible in the hour or so we will have at home alone together! I might just have to find my harness and give him a good hard pegging and REALLY get my dominant feelings back.

I’ll start by saying this: I really do love my Jailbird. I like the way it looks when I’m wearing it, I like the way it feels when the steel hugs my cock, and I really love the idea of being locked up and having my orgasms and erections controlled by My Lady.

With that said, I’ve been thinking about the Jailbird lately, specifically about how it good the fit is. I’ve always been satisfied with the fit, but recently I’ve been wondering if it needs adjusting. My body has definitely gone through some physical changes due to wearing the cage, most notably, the slight stretching of my ballsack… which is great, because that’s something I had been dreaming of for the longest time. 🙂

One thing I’m wondering about is the gap measurement. Lately, the cage has felt a little snug around my sack. Do I need more space there? I’m not sure. I’m thinking the recent “stickiness” may have been due to the fact that I needed a shave badly more than being pinched (if you don’t believe me, check out the pic in my last post). I also must admit that I haven’t been lubing up as much or as often as I should.

I’ve also been thinking about the cage length. I’ve been noticing my cock doing some weird things in the cage lately, especially after ML has teased me to the point of bulging through the cage – the head of my cock will sometimes bend upwards and become smushed against the side of the cage. It sounds painful, but it’s not. But I can feel the weirdness of it from time to time. However, this could be due to the unique qualities of my penis… and no, I don’t mean just because it’s so big (brag). My cock is strange; it doesn’t bend or curve, but it twists just the slightest bit. Yeah, I know, I said it was strange. Anyway I think it’s this twist that causes my cock to end up in weird places in the cage. That’s not really solvable with a measurement adjustment.

I’ve also been finding that head of my cock pushes out kinda far out of the front of the cage after ML has teased me. Often when trying to sleep afterwards, the head of my cock with rub in the bedsheets and give me that sensitive/painful shock feeling. Would a shorter cage push the head of my cock down a bit and prevent it from poking out, or would a longer cage keep it better protected? I dunno. What I do know is that ML loves to see my cock bulging out of the cage bars…so maybe enduring just a little bit of discomfort to please My Lady isn’t such a bad thing.

My Lady and I have been a little lax in updating the blog during our move. Our frequency of playtime has dropped just a bit, although we are still both horny motherfuckers day in day out – that’s not going to change anytime soon. 🙂

Things are starting to settle in; we are nowhere near done unpacking, but we are making good progress. With all of that vanilla updating out of the way, now on to the updates you are really waiting for – the happenings of my cock and ML’s wet pussy:

– we have moved all of our sex toys to the new apartment, and ML plans to have me set up the under-the-mattress restraints over the weekend.
– my last orgasm was yesterday morning, during a very hot session of ML grinding on top of me until I filled her pussy as she came all over my hard cock.
– since that orgasm, ML has been intensely teasing me with the cage on, leading to frequent and somewhat painful strangled erections.

This morning in particular, ML put me in a very rough position. She came into the bedroom, locked the door (YES!!!), and climbed on top of me and planted her wet pussy right on top off my face. After a couple of strong orgasms on my tongue, she laid next to me and rubbed her pussy to another nice cum as she rubbed and squeezed my balls with her other hand. I was whimpering and moaning as my cock pulsed and throbbed against the bars of my cage. It was a full twenty minutes before I was able to calm down enough that I didn’t have to lay in a fetal position to avoid the pain of the steel crushing my cock.


As uncomfortable as it was, it was great to experience that feeling of confinement, of being controlled. It’s been too long since My Lady has used her dominance over me to satisfy her sexual needs. It’s nice to be getting back in the groove. 🙂

My Lady and I are both hot and sweaty, sore and completely worn out, totally soaked and dripping wet.

Of course, it had to rain on moving day. 😉

Apologies for the lack of posts lately, but we’ve been busy packing up the house and getting our stuff ready to move. But, thanks to the help of some of our good (very vanilla… we had to make sure to hide the sex toys before they came over, lol!) friends, we got everything moved in today! ML and I are both physically exhausted, but we are very excited to christen our new bed with our sexy humpings! 🙂


Woohoo, our new bed!