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What is a cocktease?

(n.) AΒ Cock Tease is a woman who, from the male perspective, acts in a sexual manner with the intention of seducing a man, but without actually fulfilling the expected sexual actions.

(V.) To purposely become enticing to a male to the point of giving him a hardon, or in most cruel cases, blue balls, with no intention of follow through.

While looked at as a bad thing by some men, this is hot and exciting to those who realize the build up to orgasm is the best part of the sexual experience.

Being a cock tease comes naturally to me. I have always loved the act of seducing a man, the lead in, that build up of sexual tension. I have always been fantastic at it. It’s fun, it’s exciting, it’s a major turn on and a huge ego booster knowing that I can turn a guy on and get his cock rock hard. It’s especially hot if I can do that with my words or how I look or act. Turning a guy on and getting him hard to the point of frustration without even touching him really makes me feel powerful and in those moments, I am. I have complete control over the guy who is dangling from my sexual marionette strings. So, yes, I LOVE being a cocktease. <3

Now that I am married to a sweet, sexy submissive man who thrives on tease and orgasm denial, I get to live in that adrenaline rush from teasing a guy past the point of frustration. I get to enjoy that wonderful place of submission, that place where he is a puppet on my strings… waiting, wanting and needing me. That place where he craves me in every way, desires my attention and begs for my touch.

Having my man in chastity heightens that whole cocktease scenario. Locking your man’s cock in a cage holds that level of frustration, it keeps that feeling of arousal at a high without the let down of an orgasm. I love that I tease my husband all day, every day and keep him at the highest height of arousal possible. I know every woman out there loves when her guy is attentive, loving and romantic. When her guy is in that spot at the beginning of a relationship where he is constantly wooing her, telling her how he feels about her, how he loves her, how he wants her and how she turns him on. You know what I’m talking about, all those things a guy does just to get in your pants. It’s those things that make us women fall in love with you and desire you. Sure there are other things but, come on, you know when you are attentive and romantic to your Lady she wants you more sexually. The more a man caresses a woman emotionally, the more desire she has for him sexually.

The reason I wanted to write this post was because last night after cagedmonkey left for work I sat… alone… completely losing my horny feelings. My pussy just wasn’t all that wet anymore and my smile faded and so did those good feelings of being wanted and desired. My constant feelings of arousal were dissipating. I woke up this morning feeling disappointed because I wasn’t feeling that crazy horny feeling anymore.

I will say that I started to tingle when I got that morning text message:

Hey baby πŸ™‚
How are you on this lovely lovely wonderful most awesomest morning, my sweet sensational love?

Eeeeeee! It only got better when the first thing that happened when he walked in the door was him stopping mid sentence to say:

Oh my God you look beautiful this morning.

Without another word or even putting his stuff down, he came over to me, put his hand around the back of my neck and kissed me as I was trying to tell him welcome home.

Seriously? Uhhhhhhhgh! That was that, my pussy got that warm tingly feeling inside and I knew I was instantly getting wet. I realized that my constant horny, crazy, neediness is fueled by my husband. It’s catapulted into the air and soars when I am with him. When he is stroking my emotions, petting them gently, he is causing a physical reaction in me. I love it more than I could possibly explain in words.

Boys, I can’t say it enough… never, never ever ever stop “dating” your Lady. Don’t ever, ever ever ever, stop “trying to get in her pants” – EMOTIONALLY! She will think you’re irresistible! She will want you, desire youand want to please you sexually more often.

I’ve been wearing the modified RevengeΒ 24/7 for the past couple of days now. It’s much more comfortable than it was before we had it adjusted, most likely due to the rounding of the lip of the tube part of the cage. That, plus the fact that My Lady is really enjoying the integrated lock feature, and it seems that the adjustment is a big hit.

One thing that ML and I have been having trouble perfectingΒ  – with all of our chastity cages, not just the Revenge – is the base ring. By “perfecting” I mean exactly that; the rings we have are very comfortable and useable for extended lockup periods, but they could be just a tad more comfortable. Then again, I have a steel ring locked around my junk, maybe it’s not supposed to be perfectly comfortable.

I began thinking about this because of a small switch ML made with the Revenge tonight – she switched the anatomical base ring with the regular straight one. I had been experiencing some discomfort which I attributed to slight shaving irritation, but ML wanted to see if the ring was the cause. Lo and behold, the cage is much more comfortable tonight than it has been with the curved ring! This could simply be my mind playing a placebo trick on me, but I’m not sure. Maybe the round ring is a better fit for me; it makes me wonder if we should try out a round ring with the Jailbird instead of the oval one we are currently using.

The other thing about getting my ring right, and this is something we’ve known about, is that I really could use a slightly smaller ring diameter. Both the J and Revenge have a tendency to “hang low” on my balls and look like it’s going to slide off the end of my cock (I wish). It’sΒ not really all that bad, but it is noticable. You see, I have a stretchy sac and low hanging balls, which makes the diameter around them much smaller than you average guy. But the problem is that, while my balls are low hangers, they are also pretty damn big. So big, in fact, that if we were to get a smaller ring, I wouldn’t be able to squeeze them through the hole in the ring! Trust me, I’ve tried… with painful results. Also not that this is without taking into account my balls swelling with backed up cum after being denied orgasm for months on end.

The only real way for me to have a proper fitting ring that I can actually get my junk into is to get a hinged ring, and ML and I are not big fans of that idea. There’s just too many moving parts and places for sensitve skin to be pinched for my liking!

So, other than the remote possibility of having the JB fitted with a circle ring instead of oval, we are probably going to stick with what we have. The cages are more than capable of accomplishing the goal of giving My Lady completee control of my erections and orgasms. Also, a better fit might deny My Lady of her precious “rooty” that she has come to love so much… and has used to make herself cum so much, as well!

It seems as though wearing the Revenge puts me in a more intense subby mood. Yes, being locked in the Jailbird does the trick, also, but the closed style of the Revenge really puts an emphasis on just how little control I have over my cock at the moment. Surrounded and compressed by unyielding steel, I don’t even have the ability to see my cock, let alone touch it.

My submissiveness is clearly showing – today, I had the urge to text My Lady (who was in the same room, btw… but so were the kids) that I was feeling extra submissive and I had the urge to serve her. She texts me back:

Good. When I leave the room, count to 30 and meet me in the bedroom.

She then slowly stood up and left the room. Next came the longest 30 seconds of my life.

When I walked into the bedroom, ML was laying on the bed, completely naked with her legs spread wide, her wet horny pussy waiting for me. ML didn’t have to say a word. I closed the door behind me, dropped to my knees in front of her, and began licking her pussy like a good boy.

After two quick (but very nice) orgasms,  it was time to head back to normal parenting life. But as I stood up above her, my cage looked so fucking sexy between her legs. Again, without a word, I slid the tube of the Revenge between ML’s pussy lips. She gasped and looked into my eyes with a look that said, “do it.” And I did.

The cage slid effortlessly into My Lady’s slippery pussy, and she began rocking her hips, fucking the curved shaft of the Revenge. It wasn’t long before she was ready to cum. It looked so wonderful, but it was so frustrating – I could feel the heat of her pussy warming the cage, but I couldn’t feel her warmth and wetness directly. I swore I could feel her pussy squeezing me, but in reality it was my cock throbbing against the walls of the Revenge. I was denied the heaven of feeling her pussy grip my cock with orgasmic spasms. I pulled out, jealous of the steel encasing my cock, coated with a generous amount of ML’s gooey pussy juices.

My Lady was amazed at how good the newly designed Revenge felt, and I’m sure she will be interested in doing this again… perhaps this weekend when she has me all to herself for the entire night. As for me, the frustration will only grow, but serving My Lady satisfies me like nothing else can.

At the beginning of this year we had ordered a Revenge from Steelworxx in Germany. We got it back in March and tried it out for awhile. We realized after using it a few times that there were some things we wanted to add/change. We made sure we measured over and over and thought long and hard about what we wanted since, to make changes, we would have to send the device back to Germany. In August, we did just that. Btw, sending the device we spent a ton on to begin with, half way around the world was nerve racking! When a month went by without him getting it, I was nervous. Then when 6 weeks came along and he still hadn’t gotten it I was getting a bit freaked out and thought we lost our money and the device was just gone… but just over 7 weeks later Steelworxx emailed to say they have finally received the device and could start making the adjustments.

As you can see in the previous post (linked above) we had ordered the regular pad lock post and a 50mm ring and did the device kinda as is. You can see below how we added the steel ring around the start of the tube and we also got the anatomic ring which curves a bit back at the bottom.
We also added the integrated lock and the base ring size is smaller as well. It is now about 47mm I believe.
I do think we nailed the sizing and stuff on this one. After the past couple days, while hubby was off work, I made him get dressed in the Revenge. Especially when I woke up yesterday sore as hell because I made him fuck every hole I have nice and hard and deep. He fucked me over and over, as I requested, while he himself was denied any sort of pleasure or orgasm. I’ve been so horny and hard to satisfy sexually recently and I made sure I was fucked SO good that I was walking funny the next morning. God it felt good and I was wet and horny all day because I couldn’t stop thinking about all the constant fucking. πŸ™‚

I had cagedmonkey get dressed in the Revenge last night and so far he says he’s had no issues and is comfortable. That’s good because I have no plans of removing his device for a bit. I just love that he can’t touch or see his own cock and when he does attempt an erection he’s gets an all over squeeze around his cock.
It’s so shiny and sexy, don’t you think? I do have to comment on how much I love the integrated lock! It’s very easy to lock and unlock and, oh man, is it ever perfect for rubbing my pussy on hubby cage without hurting my lady parts! Even with the security screw on other devices the post still sticks out a bit and can hurt a little if in not careful. This lock is rounded and I couldn’t feel it at all when I was teasing hubby this morning.

I’m already enjoying cagedmonkey being locked in the Revenge again. Today I’ve been teasing him quite intensely, I’ve done my morning facesitting and also covered his chest with my pussy juices. I did a little breath play with him this morning and it got me turned right the hell on so I ended up cumming right there on his chest while smothering him with my big titties. I left his face and chest covered in my juices and went out to do errands.

When I got back from running around I went in for a little visit. While he was sleeping I lubed up my fingers and woke his ass up… quite literally. πŸ™‚ I gave him a good ass fingering with a couple of my fingers and, damn, did I love hearing his moaning and whimpering from being violated and used for my pleasure. I’m really going to enjoy using and abusing him and giving him a taste of what it is to have sore holes from being overused. In sure the rest of the week is going to be just lovely and frustrating for him. I can’t wait!

It seems as though both My Lady and I are both insanely horny lately. Add the fact that I don’t have work for two days, and that means ML and I have been up to some really naughty things lately.

Last night, after the kids went to bed, ML and I were watching a little TV when she decided to unlock me and have a little fun with me. She stroked me and edged me numerous times, making it difficult for me to follow the storyline of the show… not that it really mattered to me by that time.

After the show, ML decided to give me some break time from her teasings. I decided to play some video games to get my mind off of being out of my mind horny. It worked for a few minutes, until My Lady decided that break time was over.


As I continued playing, ML began stroking me once again. She continued to tease my quickly hardening cock, causing me to moan. When she had me rock hard and throbbing in her hands, she began to rub her palm over the head of my cock. It was amazing and agonizing at the same time – I absolutely love it when she teases and touches me, but the intense sensation delivered directly and only to the head of my cock is usually too much for me to handle in a calm, rational way.

I began whimpering and squirming around, trying to escape the sexual torture, but could not. ML continued rubbing the sensitive head of my cock, not even giving me a fraction of a second to gather myself or even take a nice deep breath. I began begging her to stop, but this only egged her on more. Finally, after what seemed like an eternity, she stroked my cock hard and fast right to the edge of orgasm and left me there, trembling with need and almost unable to speak.

(For those of you wondering, I actually didn’t do too badly in the game, considering the distractions… and yes, I’m that nerdy that I actually took pride in this.)

Soon it was bedtime for the horny adults in the house. ML and I snuggled up in bed, and it wasn’t long before my hard cock was deep inside her wet pussy. It was only a few minutes until ML’s pussy was squeezing my cock with orgasmic pleasure; it will be considerably longer until I get to experience the same. After ML was fully satisfied – and I was left as frustrated as ever – we snuggled up for some sleep.

And, to top off the evening with a perfect note… My Lady fell asleep holding my cock. πŸ™‚ It was actually an amazing feeling to know how comfortable she must feel with her hand wrapped around my cock to be able to sleep like that.

Cagedmonkey and I have a written agreement that covers all parts of our sexual relationship, not just the Male Chastity. In this agreement, I made it quite clear that cagedmonkey was to tell me about any and all fantasies he has. I told him that I would be nonjudgemental and listen to them no matter their content. I think this is an important thing in a relationship, especially a relationship like this. He may have dreams or fantasies about something that he thinks he’s into or even something he’s not really into actually doing but the thought is hot. I’m sure we all know how that goes. πŸ™‚

Knowing those fantasies helps me in a number of ways. 1. I know what things are going on in his head so I can better mindfuck him later with it. 2. I never know if it’s something *I* might be into if he’s not mentioning things. 3. Even if it’s something he’s mentioned and I wasn’t totally into it… hearing his fantasies about it or his thoughts about it, could start to peak my interest in such a thing. I’m sure there are plenty of other ways knowing his fantasies helps me but those are some important ones for now.

Recently, cagedmonkey has been reading a blog that sort of reviews all types of bondage things. They have talked about things from simple cuffs to full body restraints, furniture and other things. Well, that got hubby off on a “window shopping” spree lol. He found lots of different interesting things, some he was just like “wow look at this” and a few others were like “oh fuck I could see her doing this that and other things to me in that.” πŸ™‚ Needless to say this post is going to cover the latter.

A couple weeks ago cagedmonkey sent me an email with a link to a certain type of bondage device. It pretty much renders him immobile and positions him in a way that I could do anything I want to him, over a long period of time. It’s also quite versatile as it can be taken apart and assembled in other ways. I think the thing I like most is that it can be disassembled and put away… So it’s not seen by some little eyes that don’t need to be exposed to such things.

At first when he showed me a couple of other things like this, I was like “no, how the hell would we explain a contraption like that to the kids!” Then when he found this one and that it can be totally hidden and put away, I started thinking. He and I have talked about a lot of different ways to use this as well as different things I could do to him while he’s locked in it. Btw, the dildo part does not need to be used – though, we’ve talked about how much control there is if he were forced to stay that way, ass penetrated, for a long period.

Cagedmonkey has a fantasy – I don’t know how sure he is about the real life part of it – where he is kept immobile for a long time and periodically I would come in and do whatever I wanted to him and there would be nothing he could do about it. I could shove my wet, dripping pussy in his face, I could get on all fours in front of him and shove my nice big juicy ass in his face. Obviously I could have my way with his ass, spanking him, violating him with whatever size toy I wanted because, locked in that, what could he do about it? I’ve thought about leaving him caged and leaving his cock to struggle against the bars trying to get hard while I use and abuse his body sexually. I’ve also thought about having him uncaged, hard and dripping precum. There really are so many possibilities with a device like this.

I’m kind of curious if this has sparked any fantasies or just thoughts in our readers. I would love to hear your ideas or fantasies about what could be done in something like this!

I’m just starting on the third week of my current denial, and this is always the time when my horny level kicks into high gear. Add to the fact that we are starting to settle in to our new home, which gives My Lady more time to concentrate on driving me crazy and satisfying her incredible horny pussy, and it’s no mystery why I’m really feeling the frustration now.

Getting comfortable in the new apartment is allowing us to get back into our kinkiness, and it seems as if we didn’t even skip a beat. Last night, ML came into the bedroom, locked the door (YES!!!!!), and cuffed me with the bed restraints we finally got under the mattress. Then ML decided to break the toys in to our new apartment. She decided to give me a night of good vibrations – the inserted the vibrating butt plug into my ass and placed the magic wand under my balls. I was moaning within seconds.

My Lady spent the next half hour changing the vibration patterns of the butt plug and moving the wand up and down the shaft of my throbbing hard cock. I just had to lay there and take it… and squirm and moan, obviously. It was maddening.

ML was grinding against my hips the whole time. Soon, my squeals and moans of frustration was too much for her to take; she needed to cum. She took the wand and used it on her clit until she was shuddering through a long, hard orgasm. There I was, my asshole quivering around the vibrating butt plug, desperate to cum; there ML was, cumming as hard as she ever has, satisfying her pussy with the vibrating wand. It was frustrating to see her cumming so hard just inches away from me like that.

After she finished her cum, she uncuffed me and told me to fuck her in her new favorite position on her back with me laying by her side. She used her wand on her clit again with my cock deep inside her and she came one again, but even harder this time – her legs locked and she lifted her feet off the bed, and I struggled to keep my cock inside her as her pussy sounded spasmed so hard around my cock that it almost pushed me out.

Once she came down, I continued to thrust into her gently. She was pretty much finished, but I felt like I couldn’t stop. I needed to cum. BADLY. I begged, I whimpered, I pleaded with her to let me cum. She stroked the hair on the back of my head and said the words I both hate and love to hear: “Not just yet, darling.” It took all of my self control to pull out before I lost control.

I’m extremely sexually frustrated after that night, as you’d expect. And this is only the beginning, I’m sure; this Friday is Date Night, and thanks to our new address we have the option of going home instead of just going out to dinner somewhere. ML is very excited about this, and I can only guess on what plans she has for me. I have no idea how my sexually tortured and frustrated body will respond. Only time will tell.

Usually I have about a week or so during the month (most of the time the week or so before I start my cycle) where I’m so crazy, mega horny that almost no amount of orgasms or sex can satisfy me. It’s that time during the month where I’m craving cagedmonkey’s nice big, thick, cock the most. I just want to feel him in my hand, my mouth, my tight wet pussy while in cumming good and hard on him, squeezing him.

For some reason this month my crazy horny time hasn’t stopped! Maybe my body is making up for the lull we had while packing and moving. I don’t know for sure but it started about two weeks ago and damn if I’m not super fucking horny STILL and I’m finishing up my cycle. It’s actually worse today than it has been. At times like these that I just love that I keep cagedmonkey denied of orgasm and “hair-trigger horny,” as I call it. When I keep him that way, it helps at times like this when I’m so fucking horny and am having a hard time being satisfied. I love having his cock stand at attention for me the moment I want to ride it and cum on it.

This morning is a perfect example of how horny I am and how I love having cagedmonkey ready on a whim. I had unlocked him Sunday night so I could tease him very intensely. I teased his cock for about an hour or so Sunday night and Monday night. I edged him over and over, stroked him until he was whimpering and begging me to stop. The first thing we did before I got out of bed this morning was make love. About an hour later I was dying to get some dick and how lucky that I have one here to use whenever I want. πŸ™‚ I went to the bedroom with a dripping wet, horny pussy, slid my hand quietly under the blanket and woke hubby with a stroke of his cock. I love how his eyes get wide and he takes in a big breath when I startle him awake like that. It certainly didn’t take him long to get hard when I told him, “I need to fuck you right now.”

I climbed up, straddled him and rode his cock till I had a few orgasms. I’m so horny and sloppy wet this morning that we were both slippery, shiny, wet and gooey. I love seeing his cock glisten with my pussy juices. I was fucking him so hard, riding his cock, squeezing it with my intense orgasms that he began begging me to slow down and to be careful so he didn’t accidentally cum without permission. I have to admit, hearing him beg and whimper like that really got me going. It turned me on more, got me even hornier that I just HAD to twist myself off of him so I didn’t force an orgasm I’m not ready to give him yet. I love him like this way too much to give him an orgasm and have to start over building him up again.

So after I rolled off of him, I was laying there next to him for a second and realized how quivery and achy my pussy felt. I just NEEDED to cum again! I made him turn a bit sideways on the bed, while I laid on my back, and slide his cock in me so I could get myself off again on his big hard cock. I do love that position, it almost reminds me of the doggy style feeling and he can get in there nice and deep. I rubbed my clit good and fast and gave myself two fantastic back to back orgasms. The first one was so strong and intense and my whole body tensed, it surprised me and I kinda moaned out a “what the fuck?!” God damn that felt good. Ugh, I’m killing myself writing this right now haha. πŸ™‚

About an hour after that (just as I started this post haha) I was getting myself all worked up again – it really didn’t take much. I just kept thinking about how, if my daughter wasn’t here, I would use the hell out of cagedmonkey. I have these strong feelings of wanting to use him to – try – satisfy my extreme horny. I was thinking about how I would love to straddle his face and make him lick me to a few messy, drippy orgasms. I want to make his face shine with my pussy juices from ear to ear. I thought about how I want to slide down his chest and right down onto his rock hard cock, riding him to even more orgasms. But, alas, our daughter is here doing her school work so, I’ll have to settle for sneaking in every so often and getting myself off using his body for my pleasure.

As I said when I started writing this post and got myself all worked up again I had to save it as a draft and go get myself more of his awesome cock in my pussy. I swear I’ve cum at least 8 times already in just the couple hours I’ve been awake. Ok I have to stop writing again and go get off more haha. Oh boy, I’m going to get nothing done today when I’m like this! πŸ™‚


Pic borrowed from - so sexy

Sorry to the guys but this is something I need to say to my Lady friends (and to you guys). There are a lot of misconceptions about a woman’s period. A lot of women think it’s gross and dirty and that there is no way they can have sex during it. Ok maybe some guys think it’s gross and dirty too. I just feel a need to let all the ladies in on a secret. Ok maybe not a total secret…

There has actually been a lot of research about it and you can go do your web search if you want but having sex and/or having orgasms during your menstrual cycle is a fantastic idea. Ok so, if you’re like me, those first few heavy days you might not want to but after that I suggest you make that man of yours give you lots of orgasms. Or tie him up and make him watch you masturbate. πŸ™‚ I have to say that “magic wand” works like a charm through a maxi pad to give you a pretty damn good orgasm.

I normally have a kind of heavy few days and a long period (like 8 days!) BUT the months where I am having multiple orgasms I pretty much have no cramps and my cycle length shortens by days! I know all of you ladies totally understand wanting your cycle to be shorter. I’m sure the painful cramps are on your list of “guys have it easier because…” and well, who wouldn’t want to ease those?

In the past three days, I have used cagedmonkey to have many orgasms. During this cycle I have had minimal cramps and besides the heavy stuff the first 36 hours it’s been much lighter flow. I decided to let my horny flow and just go with it. I don’t get undressed, don’t need to get anything prepared or worry about mess. I just rub on him and give myself an orgasm. It’s been a very dominating kind of few days when I call him into the bedroom and push him favorite on the bed, straddle his ass and grind my pussy on him until I cum good. As a matter of fact, I’m sitting here getting all tingly down below thinking about it right now! I wish I was home because I’d go in the bedroom and lock the door and lay next to him, making him watch me give myself a nice big orgasm.

Anyway ladies, there is never a need to “take a break” just because you get your cycle. Take that time to force your guy to watch you get off over and over… I mean it’s almost a necessary thing to help ease your menstrual discomfort, isn’t it? And I’m going to take a guess – not sure there has been actual research on it but – that having multiple orgasms and the chemical release during those orgasms would likely help with your PMS and your mood/depression etc. See, guys and gals, it’s all in your best interest to orgasm frequently, especially during menstruation. πŸ˜‰

Well I’ve noticed each time we go through a new denial period that I get to a point where I start getting these feelings of guilt. I start feeling bad for times like this morning when I go visit hubby in the bedroom and cum over and over again until I’m a heaving, breathy, sweaty mess on the bed. πŸ™‚ I could really feel the frustration in him, the massive amount of horny dying for some satisfaction. I could hear it in his voice, see it in his face and feel it in his touch. He’s aching for an orgasm and while I love to get him to this point, as a keyholder it can be a rough time. It’s time to get over the guilt feelings for denying him and just enjoy the frustration.

Though, these are the times us keyholders may need that little reminder that we are doing a good job, that this is what you boys want. You want to be teased, used as a sex toy and left in a puddle of precum, denied the pleasure of your own orgasm. Sometimes we just need some encouragement. A super easy way to let your Mistress/Wife/Keyholder know you are loving the anguish they are putting you through is to say thank you. It is so encouraging, not too mention pretty damn hot, too hear cagedmonkey say, “thank you for allowing me to please you My Lady while you deny me the pleasure of my own orgasm. You always know just what I need.” It really shows so much submission and let’s me know that, even if I’m being a little harsh, it’s ok because he wants my control.

Anyway, I know when I get these feelings, something I’m doing is working because the more frustrated and horny he gets, the wetter and more drippy my pussy is. The more I hear the frustration in his moans, the harder I cum. πŸ™‚