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Things sort of coasted to a nice calm pace after our week of bondage, nonstop orgasm denial (for me), nonstop orgasms (for ML), and repeated instances of anal sex (for both of us). My Lady and I took the opportunity to discuss exactly what our goals were for the next little while concerning our approach to chastity.

In other words, ML clearly spelled out exactly how she plans on controlling my cock over the next few months.

The first detail that was addressed was my next Maybe Day, stil scheduled tentatively (it is a “maybe” day, after all) for our anniversary, which just happens to be in mid-January 2015. This leaves me with about 5 more months to go after already having gone a month without an orgasm. I’m already horny beyond belief and I’m putty in ML’s hands; how much more intense can it get? I’m going to find out.

The next thing ML mentioned was her desire to keep my cock locked up strictly 24/7 for “a little while.” I have been getting frequent unlocks over the past month or so. That doesn’t mean it’s been easy for me; in fact it’s a different kind of difficult when my cock is being teased, tortured, and edged on a near-daily basis. My Lady plans to take away these frequent outings and keep me in the cage  at all times, and this time it will be a lot longer than I’ve even endured before – after putting me in the cage last night before work, she plans to unlock me for the first time during the last weekend of September, nearly seven weeks from now. My longest 24/7 stint prior to this was 17 days; she wants to try and increase this by more than double this time around!

I’ll be honest and admit that I’m not so sure that I’m capable of handling this. The last time we tried this (when we made it 17 days out of an attempted 30 before we both broke down and ML needed my cock inside her) I was ready to go insane. How am I going to handle twice as much time? I’m afraid I might start to break down just a little bit by the end of it. When I shared these concerns with ML via text message earlier yesterday afternoon, she replied:

I don’t doubt that you’ll be going crazy by then. In fact, I’m counting on it. 🙂

She’s counting on it. Making me lose my mind is one of her goals, it seems.

In the spirit of honest admission, though, I will say that I need this. I’ve always needed this. I have craved the experience of having my limits tested, pushed, and broken through. I must see just how far I can be forced to continue when my own motivations can take me no further. My Lady is the woman who can do this for me, with me. I can trust her to read me and know exactly how many cracks I can take before I mentally and physically shatter. I can look to her as a source of pleasure, using my service towards her and her orgasms as a placeholder for the orgasm that awaits me so long from now.

The kids day camp is over, so yesterday was the last time we had for play time. I won’t bore you with a post full of all the same stuff from the past few days. So instead I’ll just pick a couple parts I thought might be interesting.

Our morning started out with him unlocking and then some snuggling and a little vanilla love making. At one point while we laid there in each other’s arms I thought I’d give him something to ponder. I simply and quietly said, “just so you know, I will be restraining you to the bed, putting on the RodeoH and making love to you.” It quickly turned kinky when I rolled him over and got on top of him. Such a powerful position, especially when I reach to the top of the bed and grab the restraints. As I kissed him I cuffed him to the underbed restraints. I stayed up there, straddling his waist, and running my hands all over his beautiful chest. Lightly trailing my fingernails up his sides, across his shoulders and down over his nipples.

I just love pinching, twisting, pulling and rubbing his nipples, it really gets him squirming. I moved myself down to straddle his thighs (which actually restrains him further) and I took his hard cock in my hand, right in front of my warm wet pussy and stroked him and edged him over and over. He was trying so hard to wriggle under me as I teased his cock and got him so close to cumming.

I left him there teased, aching and tied up as I went to get the RodeoH and got “pearl” situated in the o-ring. I stood next to him, making him watch as I lubed up, talking to him, telling him how he loves when I take him and make him mine. I got in between his legs and pushed them up toward his head, I swear his knees were touching his shoulders hehe. I gently slid into him, leaning over top of him, my big breasts laying on his chest. I kissed him deep ass I slid in his ass deeper, i love when he moans in my mouth. The lovey, sweet, gentle pegging was nice but I was getting incredibly wet and turned on. Being in that powerful position, taking him like that made my aggressive side come out. I wanted to fuck him and use him like a little slut. 🙂

I was having issues getting good positioning how I was, so I sat back on my ass still penetrating him, I laid back on my back, grabbed his thighs and pulled him right up to me. We were both laying on our backs and I pulled him into my harness hard and fast, over and over, pegging him. He was moaning so loud and grunting as I yanked his body back and forth, violating him.
It was such a fantastic position that I found and I look forward to using it again. I don’t peg him often but once in awhile when I’m feeling extra dominant and wanting him in a very submissive spot, I will.

Of course, only a naughty, dirty boy would want to or like getting fucked in the ass by his Lady so he had to be taught a lesson. 🙂 I bent him over the side of the bed, got my butterfly paddle from the bedside table and gave him a hell of a spanking. I made him tell me what a dirty, naughty, slutty boy he was for wanting me to fuck his ass. I made him tell me what an ass slut I made him by violating his tight asshole while he was tied down. Our playtime ended with a lovely red, stinging, quivering, used ass.
I very much enjoyed our week together without the kids. We were really able to let loose. 🙂

My ideas for going forward are still keeping him teased, tormented and orgasm denied until January, when we renew vows. This Monday I believe I will have him in 24/7 lockdown until the end of September. Once we get the Revenge back from getting some adjustments we will do a No Look, No Touch for a bit this fall when the weather is cooler.

Lots of fun to come through the end of the year and I look forward to sharing plenty of it with you all. 🙂

I dropped the kids off to day camp this morning, stopped at McDonalds for a coffee on the way home and the whole way back thought about how wonderful it was going to be to crawl back in bed with cagedmonkey and nap in each other’s arms. Yeah that happened for a little while, but it wasn’t too long before he woke up to the sounds of my Magic wand humming on my clit.

He watched me, enjoying the vibrations for a bit, taking in each of my breathy moans. He was begging me to enjoy every bit of it, not to cum right away but to take it all in. He asked me to feel it deep before I let it drive me into a massive orgasm. I arched my back as the sensations were sent through my body. He whispered, “may I take over?” And I handed him the wand. I let him hold it there stimulating my clit relentlessly bringing me to that first orgasm. I moaned loud, taking full advantage of the fact that we were alone in the house. Screaming out things like, “oh God, yes, yes, fuck” and plenty of other things I’m sure.

He didn’t stop, didn’t turn off the wand, didn’t take it off my clit… I didn’t want him to. I wanted him to keep going, to keep pushing me into orgasm after orgasm. My body shaking, trembling and shuddering through each and every one. The next stronger than the last. Over and over, screaming, moaning, yelping, twisting, arching, squeezing, tensing up. It was a flow of orgasm after sweet orgasm. I had cum so much I began begging him to fuck me, I wanted… no, NEEDED to feel him inside me while the wand stimulated me. I needed to feel the thick length of his shaft sliding in and out of my pussy. I didn’t want it fast or hard nor slow but rather perfectly paced and he got it! Though that second I was about to go over he couldn’t stay in or he would have instantly cum with me. He grabbed “Adam” and got into my favorite scissor position and paced it perfectly while I held the wand in place on my clit. The orgasm that came from that position was unbelievable. I can’t even begin to explain how it was other than it was so strong my entire body tensed up and lifted me off the bed straight and stiff like a board. It was so crazy… absolutely amazing!

Wow! Cagedmonkey did think quick, because the orgasm was so long and intense, to grab his phone for some audio – perhaps he’ll work out getting that posted here! Keep an eye… err ear out! 🙂

I just wanted to share one last thing. Later this afternoon I was heading over to get the kids from camp and I had a feeling come over me, that I’m sure some other keyholders may understand. I felt almost this feeling of guilt. I’ve been getting these massive, intense, hardcore orgasms and hubby has gotten none. I got this feeling like I owed him one for giving me such outstanding ones. Like I felt bad… I quickly talked myself out of it, lol, but I found it interesting that I had those feelings since I haven’t had that except maybe way in the beginning of our chastity play.

This morning, after sending the little ones off to camp once again, My Lady and I spent a few minutes in bed cuddling naked with each other. It’s such a nice thing to be able to do that during this week. After a few moments, I let my hands roam all over ML’s sexy body. I began kissing her shoulders and her back, and soon I was moving down between her legs, my tongue searching out her wet horny pussy.

I missed My Lady’s taste so much over the past couple of days. It seemed as though she missed the touch of my lips on her pussy, also, because she was moaning within seconds. She sounded so sexy, letting the noise out as loud as she wanted to. I rubbed my face all over her pussy lips, covering my face in her pussy juice. She always loves it when I do that. So do I.

After a quick cum, My Lady grabbed her wand and said she wanted to cum on a nice thick cock. I was happy to oblige, sliding myself into her tight wetness as she vibrated her clit. The wand did it’s magic rather quickly, as ML came pretty hard pretty fast. I felt her pussy grip and squeeze my cock as I struggled to control my soaring pleasure. After her orgasm, ML continued to play with the wand. I told her that I couldn’t hold off much longer. “Well, get Adam,” she instructed me, “I’m not finished cumming with a thick cock inside me yet.”

I did as I was told, easily sliding Adam’s thick shaft into her juicy pussy. She moaned louder as the fake cock stretched her pussy wide and the wand tickled her clit incessantly. Her moans turned to screams as I fucked her harder and deeper with the dildo. Her orgasm hit with incredible intensity; her entire body curled up and she screamed over and over as each wave of pleasure hit her. I could resistance from her spasming pussy as I pushed Adam inside her, her pussy eventually giving way to the hard fucking dildo. After ML (eventually) came down from her huge orgasm, it was time to head downstairs for breakfast… or so I thought. ML had other plans for me. It was finally her turn to torture her toy.

ML restrained me to the bed, cuffing my hands together behind my head and my feet together at the bottom of the bed. I couldn’t move at all, I couldn’t even spread my legs. ML then grabbed the “peppermint” lube from the nightstand and began to apply a generous amount to my cock. She began stroking me gently at first, allowing the tingly nature of the peppermint lube to settle in. Once she noticed me squirming from the sensation, she took the wand and pushed it between my legs and under my balls. A flick of the switch, and I was instantly moaning as my balls were powerfully vibrated.

My Lady stroked my cock, alternating between a fast and slow pace, sometimes switching to “up only” motions she has described before – keep that window open and handy, she uses more of those techinques later! Anyways… after a minute or so, she started quickly stroking me, pushing me towards the edge of orgasm very quickly. I moaned and whimpered, not only because I was fucking desperate for an orgasm but also because I knew what was going to happen next. At just the right moment, ML released my cock, letting it fall onto my stomach with a thump. My body tried it’s best to cum, but it was no use. She’s become an expert at edging me, and she can take me to the very tipping point basically at will now. She edges me a couple of more times, and brought me up one more time. This time, she pushed me just about as far as she possibly could without making me cum. I hung on the edge, my body NEEDING to cum so bad but unable to… then ML adjusted the wand underneath my balls. And oh God, I was going to cum! And with the wand vibrating it might actually feel good!

A millisecond before my cock began to spasm, My Lady switched the wand off. FUCK, NO!!!! I screamed in my head. Out loud, I only managed a desperate moan as my cock twitched in futility. I felt the cum creeping up the inside of my cock as my orgasm was slowly ruined. Her technique of ruining my orgasm was so damn effective, I didn’t even leak out any cum… at first. After my cock finished it’s failure at cumming, she grabbed my shaft and rubbed the palm of her hand on the sensitive head of my cock.

My body lurched off of the bed! OMG FUCK was it intense! She was giving me post orgasm torture, but without even the pleasure of giving me a true orgasm first – post ruined orgasm torture, or PROCT (apparently ML invented this, lol). My body rolled around as she continued her assault on my poor cock head. I was moaning and grunting, wishing she would stop but knowing she wouldn’t until she was finished with me. The cum from my ruined orgasm seeped out and only served to supply My Lady with more lube for her palm. When that dried, she used more peppermint lube, giving me even more terrible sensation to suffer through.

Honestly, it sucked. It was horrible – I couldn’t stay still. Every muscle in my body was firing, trying to fight off the sensory overload that my brain could only interpret as pain. I had to remind myself to breathe, but each time I did I let out a loud moan, straining my vocal cords. My neck arched back; by the time she was finished with me, my shoulder blades had lifted completely off the bed and top of my head was pressing into the mattress. At one point – I have no idea how long this went on, because I was being sexually tortured at the time – she began stroking my cock as if to make me cum. But even this was too much for me to handle, because to my dismay I couldn’t cum no matter how bad I tried. ML had overloaded my orgasm circuits, first with the ruined o and then with the post-o torture. She was telling me to cum, stroking me as if to make me, I was trying as hard as I could… and I could feel it, sooooooo close…. it was RIGHT FUCKING THERE….. but I couldn’t! FUUUUUUUCK!

My Lady finally had mercy on me, releasing her grip on my cock. But my break was short lived; ML was climbing up on top of me, straddling me facing the other way, preparing to ride me and put the cock that couldn’t cum to good use. She shoved it into her pussy and ground her hips down onto mine, taking me as deep as she could. Little did I know that she was only lubing my cock up, getting it ready for what she really craved. She pulled off me and slid the head of my cock back a little bit, lining me up with her tight asshole. She popped the head of my cock into her ass, and somehow she shoved her hips down once again, taking my cock deep and fast all the way in her ass! Her ass was pressing me into the mattress, desperate to take my entire length. It was then that I felt the vibrations again – My Lady was using the wand on her clit as she fucked her ass with my cock!

Her screams were of pure pleasure, loud and uninhibited. Her ass bounced up and down as I felt my cock being buried deep in her ass. She rode me hard and fast; the quick pace, her tight ass gripping my cock, and the vibrations of the wand through her body would have definitely brought me off had it not been for the shutdown of my ability to cum. Then her whole body began to tremble and I felt her ass spasming around my cock as her orgasm hit her. She screamed even louder, letting out all of the tension and excitement that had built up while watching me suffer at her hand. Her orgasm was massive, her body shaking and her legs flexing in and out, pushing my cock in and out of her just the littlest bit. When she had finished cumming, she was woozy as she stood up, nearly having to hold herself up against the wall just to stand up straight. That woman can cum hard!

Last night when cagedmonkey got home from his meeting, the kids were already showered and in bed. I had him unlock a bit earlier because I knew I wanted to use him for some teasing. It was time for our little at home date night. I got myself a glass of my favorite wine and hubby made himself his favorite kahlua and chocolate milk.

Of course, it was Sunday night and that means Food Network shows! 🙂 We had a few drinks while watching the shows. By the time we got to the middle of Food Network Star I was feeling a bit frisky. At first I just sat back and instructed my sexy, naked, cagedmonkey to stroke himself as I watched. I had him go faster, slower, stop and let go right at the last second (I can even edge him now when HE is doing the stroking!). I get myself so worked up imagining myself riding his cock while he is doing that. So I crawled over on my hands and knees and knelt next to him. I grabbed his cock in my hand and stroked him and edged him time and time again, letting go at the last possible second and enjoying every bit of his whimpering.

That’s when I began sucking his cock and edging him and feeling his frustration grow and grow. What happened next will really have to be it’s own post so look forward to that coming soon! Sorry guys! 😀

I realized I was so super wet and gooey in my crotch and, at this particular time of the month, I don’t exactly like hubby down there cleaning it up so I went to the bathroom. I got that feeling while in there… that “God I want to fuck him feeling,” So I called out from the bathroom and told him, “you’d better keep that cock hard” to which he responded, “yes ma’am.” I came into the living room wearing only my tank top, walked right over to him where he was keeping his cock good and hard for me. I didn’t say I word but looked him straight in the eye all the way to him, straddled him on the couch and slid that beautiful big fat cock deep in my pussy. We moaned together on that one. Fuck, it was a beautiful thing.

I rode his cock as best I could without pushing him over. Not easy when he was already so sensitive from me edging him so much before that. I leaned forward on top of him, my big breasts pushing into his chest, and reached behind me and started to tickle my own asshole. Fantasizing that I was about to be filled up in both holes. I had hubby reach behind me with his hands and start fingering my ass. Mmmmm it felt so damn good and got me wanting my ass fucked. I lifted myself off of his cock and moved it slightly back positioned at my tight asshole. I gently sat down and inserted just the head of his cock and back out again, kinda teasing myself with his cock. I pushed down further and the up again. He was moaning and whimpering with each gentle thrust. Deeper in I slid him and back out and finally say all the way down on his lap thrusting his cock deep into my ass. I slowly fucked my ass with his big cock, sliding it in and out, lifting myself up and down on him. Stroking him tight with my asshole.

Cagedmonkey reached between my legs and started to rub my clit. This flipped a switch in me and got me even more turned on. I leaned back and put one hand on the couch behind me, with his cock in my ass, so that he could finger my pussy while I fucked myself in the ass. I demanded, “make that fucking pussy cum like a good boy.” He replied enthusiastically, “YES ma’am!” And He fingered my sloppy pussy faster and faster as I bounced hard up and down on his lap until I felt my body tighten, my thighs began to quiver and shake and I began cumming so insanely hard. I squeezed his cock in my ass so tight and gushed from my pussy all over his hand and his “mound.” I could feel the sweat building in my back, forehead and chest as I pounded down on his lap harder, fucking my ass deep and hard.

I could feel myself getting lost in it all. I felt myself building and that’s when I leaned forward and grabbed cagedmonkey by the throat. I held him down into the couch by his throat while I slammed my ass so hard and fucked his cock over and over so hard until I basically wore myself out. I let go of his throat, laid on his chest, told him I loved him and kissed his cheek. I had this huge feeling of pride come over me because my amazing boy had held off orgasm during all of that, knowing he did not have permission to cum. He’s awesome!! I love my boy so much for all the pleasure he gives me and for giving me the control over the pleasure he gets.

I was so sweaty and beat that it was time to climb off, slide him out of my ass and get cleaned up. What a fucking amazing night! And ahead of us we have a week of opportunities because the kids start their day camp tomorrow. Four days of 6 hours kid free… whatever will we get up to in that amount of time?!?! 🙂 hehe

My Lady has been taking just about every moment she possibly can to tease me over the past week or so. Some of these teases have been quite intense. Throughout most of this time – at least the times she is not actively using her “favorite toy” – I have been wearing the cage. My cock has been reacting very strongly to her teases, filling up the cage very quickly and bulging through the bars in a desperate attempt of a full erection. And my high level of horniness does me no favors when I am waiting for these attempts to subside.

Wednesday night, after a day of bearing witness to many strong orgasms that ML enjoyed, I was off to work… after licking ML’s pussy and bringing her to 3 more orgasms, which gets me more turned on than anything else in the world. During a potty break at work, I noticed there were some tiny red dots along the shaft of my cock. ML had just shaved me recently, so I figured it was some sort of rash or irritation. I sent her a message, asking if she would unlock me and we could check it out. She agreed.

At home that morning, she pulled the cage off, drawing the “release from the cage” moan that has pretty much become standard. 🙂 She held my slowly growing cock in her hands, inspecting the dots I saw. Just before I was able to start enjoying her touch, she snapped me out of my daze.

“These are bruises,” she said.


“These are tiny bruises! It must be from pressing up against the cage so often. You’re putting a lot of pressure on it, and you’re getting little tiny bleeds under your skin. Your poor cock!”

NOW she feels bad for my cock. Not after watching it struggle for freedom in the cage. Not after watching it drip copius amounts of precum after a particularly devious tease session. It takes cock bruising to draw sympathy from My Lady.

(Just kidding!! She is very loving, but she is also very strong in carrying out her wishes and doesn’t fall victim to feelings of pity)

So, yeah… my cock was reacting so strongly to being teased by ML while I was caged that I ended up hurting myself. The good news was that it wasn’t painful or anything. But just to be safe, ML imposed a 24 hour ban on teasing me while the cage was on. Silly me, I got excited thinking that I’d get some unlocked time… “I didn’t say no cage, I just said no teasing while the cage was on,” she replied. Figures.

Tonight before work, her appetite for teasing kicked in – I got my unlocked time, but with a healthy dose of sexual torment along with it. She teased my cock with a long, slow, sensuous blowjob; she even managed to bring me to the edge and hold me there for a few seconds using only her mouth… when the fuck did she learn to do that? And the good news was that, when it was time to lock me back up again, there was no sign of bruising or any lasting damage whatsoever. Now she can go back to teasing me whenever she wants, and I can go back to becoming more and more desperate for an orgasm as each day passes.

So basically, things are back to normal. 😉