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Haha I keep teasing cagedmonkey on this trip. We still aren’t to our final destination so I have plenty of time to continue teasing him and making him hard as much as possible. 🙂 We did make it to our first stop and my lovely subby hubby had to walk around for a bit.

I’ve been driving so I couldn’t post this earlier but here is what happened when I forced hubby to have a ruined orgasm while driving that car. He was begging me not to because he didn’t want to be all messy driving and then have a huge wet spot and messy underwear while walking around for 2 hours.
I’ve given him a little break for now so we can get a good chunk of driving done and stop for dinner. I’ll be sure to play at dinner if possible, don’t you worry! Hehe I’m having so much fun teasing the hell out of him!

For the last few days I’ve been keeping cagedmonkey as hard as can be for as much of the day as possible. It started the other day with my Change in Plans and I decided to continue through today since we have a 12 hour car trip.

Cagedmonkey gets no reprieve from me even while driving the car. As a matter of fact I’m totally getting off right now at the power I have. His hands are stuck on the steering wheel, so he’s almost in bondage while I tease and torment him. He has to keep very quite and keep a straight face so he doesn’t alarm the kids in the back seat of my teasing.


I just love watching him as he works so hard to concentrate on driving while I’m making swirls on his sweet spot to the music on the radio. Squeezing out the beat around his shaft as the drums pound, pound, pound through the speakers. Small, tight, maddening strokes that he can do nothing about. 🙂

Now he’s sitting next to me with a wet spot on the front of his shorts hehe. Good thing we have a few hours to go till we stop for a break. Either the wet spot will dry or be worse, depending on my mood! Haha

Since October 2013 I have had cagedmonkey locked in one cock cage or another. He mostly been in his Mature Metal Jail Bird because it is comfortable, easy to clean and easy to tease him in. When I say he’s been locked since October, I mean that, just about everyday he has had his dick wrapped in steel. There are a handful of days where I’ve given him some time out, to relax and once in a while even have an orgasm. 🙂

Yesterday, I unlocked my toy so I could have all day access. I wanted to be able to grab it whenever I got the chance, to stroke him and edge him and then walk away. I wanted to be able to instruct him to go “2 & 2” which is my new code for go in the bathroom and stroke 2 times for 2 mins each. Sometimes I change it up and do “1 & 3” or “3 & 30” even. It’s so fun to force him to go edge himself, no matter where we are. Like one time we were out and I specifically asked a woman where the bathroom was and said to cagedmonkey “there’s the bathroom, I know you need to use it so see you in 1&1” 😉

I literally edged hubby yesterday every hour, sometimes it was a few times during the edging too. We even went downtown to watch the fireworks and I snuck an edging in then too. He did have to work last night as well and, since October, I don’t think he’s ever left the house without me without his cage on. I wanted to keep playing all night long so I told him “you will go to work tonight without your cage on. I trust that you will be my good boy and not touch my toy unless instructed to.” Through the night at work he was told to go use the bathroom and follow my edging instructions. He was also required to show me pics and he even sent me a bonus and I got a video of one of his edgings.

For a good 24 hours cagedmonkey was teased and edged whether he was with me or not. Although, don’t think that just because he got home from work that he is able to sleep uninterrupted. I’ve already been up edging him still and I’ll be up often today to stroke him and edge him and then walk away. It is so much fun to keep him frustrated and on edge. He’s such a good obedient boy for me. It pleases me so very much to be able to play with him like this. I’m so in love with my subby hubby!

Since the other day when cagedmonkey had his Temporary Release, I’ve been thinking. I really enjoyed, I mean REALLY enjoyed having the access to his cock. I seem to have the old “my eyes are bigger than my stomach” thing going on sometimes. I had this grand plan of keeping hubby locked through till August. Obviously after the first three weeks that went to the crapper haha. Then comes my decision, do I keep him locked up now with zero release for the month of July our do I save that for another time?

Let me tell you what’s been roaming the kinky streets in my mind. Over the last couple days I started to realize how much I can’t do when he’s in 24/7. The focus is completely on me, and on serving me. There is only so much service I want or can tolerate. I have a very fond love for teasing and I start to feel bored and useless if I’m not able to tease the way I want. I want to be able to edge him, I want to be able to drag my nails up and down his shaft, to simply rub or lick that sweet spot on the underside of his cock. One of the things I miss most is probably sucking his cock and getting him to the edge my mouth. I miss feeling his big thick cock in my pussy anytime I want, edging him over and over with my tight pussy. Gripping his shaft as I cum hard on his cock.

Yup, I AM getting turned on writing this!!!

Anyway, I feel like 24/7 robs me of some of my control. Maybe if I could stand a one-sided relationship, where I get literally everything and he gets nothing (isn’t that a slave relationship?), then maybe I could leave him locked 24/7 longer. I really just enjoy tormenting him. I enjoy forcing him to endure my teasing. I love forcing him to feel things that are otherwise enjoyable to the point that he is wanting, needing and begging for them to stop because they have become very UNenjoyable!

So I think it’s about time to go up and sit on hubby’s face until I cover it in my gooey, yummy cum. Then I think I’ll restrain him, plug him, unlock him and edge him. I want to edge him with my whole body, my hands, my mouth, my boobies, my pussy. Then again, I’m in charge, maybe I’ll be satisfied with just cumming on his face. 🙂

Since I was home Monday night, ML and I decided to watch a movie and have a few drinks together. In the past, alcohol has not agreed with ML’s chastity and denial plans very well. This time, things were slightly different.

My Lady had been talking for a while about how much she truly misses my cock. After nearly three weeks of being caged every moment of the day, she was beginning to long for my hardness inside her. She stayed strong for so long, but the alcohol whittled her willpower down just enough to want me out of the cage for just one night.

She made it clear to me that she wanted me inside her, but I was not allowed to cum. Fine by me! After being held back by the cage for so long, I was willing to take whatever I could get. She unlocked me and pulled the cage off of my shaft, and I immediately let out a long, slow moan. It felt so damn good to be free of the steel. But that was only the beginning.

ML wasted no time in pulling me up on top of her. She spread her legs wide and showed me her sopping wet pussy. I was ready in no time. I slid my throbbing cock into her tight pussy; it felt AMAZING. I really did miss feeling her soft wetness wrapped around my shaft. I thrusted into her a few times, but my orgasm was quickly approaching; the drinking had a minimal effect on my staying power, unfortunately. ML began to rub her clit in order to cum on my cock, and I did my best to thrust into her as much as I could. It wasn’t long before I felt the walls of her pussy squeezing my cock as she came hard. I looked into her eyes as her orgasm continued, and I couldn’t handle it anymore. I quickly pulled out, trying to avoid cumming on accident. I only half-succeeded – cum dripped from the tip of my cock as my orgasm was ruined all over the blanket beneath us.

ML laughed and pulled me on top of her once again; she wanted more. And this time, with my orgasm ruined, I was able to handle a little bit more. This time, I thrusted into her slowly and deeply, looking deep into her passionate eyes as I made love to her. Her body began to convulse as she came hard once again, and all of a sudden I realized that I was nearly there, too! Once again, I pulled out as quick as I could, and once again cum dripped out of my cock – my second ruined o of the night!

ML still was not finished with me – she wanted my cock in her ass. She turned over on to her stomach and ordered me to fuck her tight asshole. Being the good sub that I am, of course I obeyed. My cock slid easily into her ass, lubed by the slick juices of her horny pussy. My Lady grunted deeply each time I finished one of my long, slow strokes. Then I leaned down and pushed my cock deep into her ass, and she growled with animalistic heat. I felt her moving so she could sneak a hand underneath her body, and she began rubbing her clit furiously. I held still in her ass, hoping her orgasm wouldn’t cause me to ruin a third orgasm. Luckily, I was still in good shape when I felt her body tense up and her asshole grip my cock as her orgasm hit. She moaned loudly and bucked her ass back against me, taking my cock even further inside her. I love playing a part in those super strong cums that ML has. It makes me feel so good that I can do that for her.

ML was finally satisfied with the thorough fucking she receieved. We went to bed shortly after, and I was allowed to sleep uncaged, snuggling up to her naked backside.

In the morning, we discovered an interesting development – I was feeling some skin soreness on the shaft of my cock. ML and I took a look and found the source of the pain – there was a small spot of irritation on the shaft of my cock, and it kind of looked like the way skin cracks when it gets really dry. We believe this is happened because my skin lost some of it’s stretchiness during the extended 24/7 lockup, and when I got hard after being unlocked the skin to stretch too much too fast, which caused the “injury.” Thankfully, it was only slightly uncomfortable, and only when touched. It didn’t prevent me from wearing the cage, which ML demanded shortly after I woke up.

ML plans to keep me locked for the entire month of July with no release time – “plan” being the operative word. Seriously, though, I think she means it this time. The irritation was a little red this morning, but there were no signs of infection or anything like that. I’m going to keep an eye on it. I’ve also decided to use some skin lotion on my entire cock and balls (instead of just using it for lubrication around the ring, as I had been doing). Hopefully this will keep the skin cracking issue from happening again when my next release date comes along.