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I got this really great green dress for my birthday from an aunt so I decided to wear it to church today. This is what my handsome hubby has had to look at all day long…


All day he’s been telling me how ridiculous it is that he has to stare at my boobs and the keys hanging there at my cleavage. I think it gets to him more knowing that the next time he gets to cum it will be on these tits while being videoed for later torment.

I’m not positive but there is a guy at church who had this thing for the keys around my neck. I noticed him taking a really good look today and I wonder sometimes if he knows and wants to ask about it haha. He is the one who asked me when I first started wearing it and I have him the “it’s the key to my treasure box” line. He gave me a little chuckle and accepted my answer back then. But… I do wonder because I see him looking! 🙂

Seriously, I can not take it anymore! I’m so fucking horny!! I totally don’t care that I’m on my period, I just went upstairs and woke cagedmonkey up by removing his cage. Once I got it off I stroked him to a nice big fat erection, climbed up on top of him and pounded my pussy down on his lap. I really really need a good hard fucking, but I need to be the one who uses his body like a sex toy to pound my pussy good.

So bad I wanted to fuck him harder just now but I couldn’t because our daughter was downstairs. I wanted to hear him whimper and moan as I selfishly used his body for my pleasure. I wanted to scream out a good hard cum all over his cock.

Really I’ve been fantasizing about our hood lately. I want to tie him to the bed, hood him and use him as nothing more than a hard cock to ride, topound my pussy with. And nothing more than a face to cum all over as his tongue penetrates my pussy and asshole. I want to have no regard for his sexual pleasure. I need to just fuck him hard… so hard I want to have trouble walking after.

I swear I need to get my kid a babysitter or a class to take, I’m going to die if I don’t get to use him like nothing more than a toy for my pleasure. I need to hear him agonizing without his own orgasm.


This morning is the first morning since vacation that we’ve had to get back to playing. We spent a week in Disney World, got sick once we got back which always slows play a bit and then, of course, mother nature steps in and throws a wrench into things. Though being on my period doesn’t mean I can’t treat cagedmonkey like a sex toy and use him for my entertainment and pleasure.

I realized, this morning, after tying him to the bed that I’m missing that intense Domme feeling. Honestly, since I usually get such bad Drop after an intense D/s session, I’ve probably been avoiding a play scene like that. I did get that feeling this morning though once I tied him up and started talking to him about what he would do and what I would or could do to him. Telling him he would deal with it because it was what I wanted and desired. Telling him that because he was my good boy of course he would gladly take whatever I had to give.

This morning has been fun and it’s not over yet. So far I’ve restrained him to the bed, teased his cock and edged him over and over again, used the Aneros to get him to the point of almost being milked and then plugged him with the nJoy butt plug. I even made him turn over on his belly, pushed the Aneros in all the way, positioned myself as if I was going to give him a good pegging and basically humped his ass while I stroked his cock underneath him. He was getting so loud I had to shush him so our daughter didn’t hear. I also put my hand on top of his head so his head didn’t bump into the wall at the top of the bed. Hehe 🙂 I’m such a nice caring Keyholder.

I decided when I went up that I would use the peppermint lube because then it would still be tingling his cock and asshole  while I gave him a little break. I will go up one more time this morning to bring him to the edge about 5 more times. I’m trying to decide if I should give him a horribly ruined orgasm today or wait until his birthday and decide if he will have one then. His birthday, in early June, is supposed to his next Maybe Day… it’s not like that’s so far away now.

I do know that when I finally do make him cum again it’s going to be on my chest. I want to make him video it so that he can watch it over and over and remember it when I keep him denied for longer and longer periods. I want him to see it when it happens, see it all over my big beautiful tits. I thought about making him cum on my mouth and making him watch it drip down my chin onto my breasts. I’m not so positive on the how but it will definitely be where he can video.

Ok time to work on lunch so I can go up and get in some good edging while the girl has her lunch and watches some cartoons.

Ok, really I have my hands on my dream dick everyday. I absolutely love cagedmonkey’s big thick beautiful cock, but when I have his locked up in a cock cage I can’t exactly have my perfect cock. As any Keyholder may know we do need something to satisfy us when we play certain games that involve 24/7 lock up with zero release. Well, from someone who really is not into dildos and toys, I have some pretty high standards and expectations if something is going to be used on me, other than my love’s fantastic cock.

You may have heard about the Doc Johnson Blush dildo I have and really like. It’s very lifelike, soft and actually warms to body temperature while using it. Most dildos, I’ve found are hard, cold and unforgiving. At least Blush is comfortable and something I have been able to use. The issue with it is that it has no hold, it’s all big, thick, soft and… floppy! Using Blush in the harness has caused a rip in the ur3 material right at the base. I’ll admit, it’s my fault – sometimes I like to get fucked hard with it. Can you blame me? 🙂 This put me on the hunt for a replacement.

Anyone who’s seen my Google search history in the past two weeks would think I have a serious obsession with dick, I’m sure haha. You all should know by now how much I research things to death! 🙂 In my hunting around I came across the Cyberskin style of dildo. It looks really fantastic with the nice soft, realistic feeling outer material and a firm core. That is very much how a real penis is, they aren’t all floppy when they’re erect and they certainly don’t feel hard like a silicone dildo.

Anyway, we were very excited to find one that I feel will work nicely for me! This is the one we bought and we were so excited to have it delivered yesterday.

However, mother nature decided to throw her own tease in there and has forced us to have to wait to try out our new toy. It looks and feels wonderful and I’m so eager to give it a go and tell you all about it. We did get it brand new and very inexpensively off Amazon if you are looking to order one for yourself or for your Keyholder. So far I am very pleased with it even down to the packaging, which comes with some fantastic directions on cleaning, care and storage to get a good life out of it. I do wish the listing had stated those directions in it so I would have known to add on the Renew by Cyberskin which helps keep the material like new!

I really can’t wait to share my experience with you all but, please, if anyone already has experience, we’d love to hear from you! 🙂

Ok, let me back up a bit.

During our vacation and since then as well, My Lady has kept me unlocked almost as often as she has kept me locked. Perhaps it’s even more tilted towards unlocked, but I haven’t been keeping much track. I’m too busy being teased insane by a hellaciously horny woman nearly every moment of the day.

ML has kept me unlocked so she can tease me whenever she wants and use her “favorite toy” whenever the mood strikes her. And she has been very active in both of those activities. Whether it’s sneaking a quick edge or two when the kids aren’t around or giving me a long teasing blowjob, she is certainly getting her fill of my cock. She has also been getting a good dose of sex, either taking charge and climbing on top of me or having me do all the work.

I’ll tell you this – it has not been easy to remain a “good boy” and refrain from cumming while fucking ML. In fact, I doubt you can classify what I end up doing as “fucking.” I’m often on the very edge of orgasm after just a few strokes into her tight wet pussy. At this point, I have no choice but to hold still as I struggle for control. After I drag myself back from the brink, I can usually manage only a few more thrusts before I’m right back to the edge again. And if ML wants some good hard thrusts, I pretty much have no choice but to give her a few good deep strokes before I have to jump up off of her before my cock explodes inside her.

My Lady assures me that this is not a problem for her, that she expects is after teasing and denying me for so long and that she is the one who is creating the situation. If it truly was a problem for her, she would just let me cum. She makes a good point, but I still want to be able to satisfy her penetration needs. This is why I was so happy that the RodeOh harness worked so well.

Earlier today I found an accidental solution to the problem, albeit not a permanent one. The kids went outside into the backyard to play, which left ML and me with some alone time. My cock got hard pretty quick as ML jumped on top of me and straddled me on the couch. It wasn’t long before I was hard as a rock and sliding into her warm pussy.

So, My Lady was riding my cock, and I could feel the edge approaching quickly. Then, out of the corner of my eye, I noticed that the TV was on. Right then, a light bulb went off in my head. A DISTRACTION! THAT’S WHAT I NEED!

So while ML is bouncing her pussy on my cock, her beautiful tits hanging right above my face, I start listening to Stephen A. Smith argue with Skip Bayless about the NFL draft. I’m listening and really thinking about what he’s saying. My Lady’s sexiness is still there, right in front of my face (and right on top of my cock), so it takes a real effort to pay attention.

And then I realize it’s working.

The urge to cum is fading slowly, and ML is still riding me hard. I was able to hold back, even when ML’s orgasm started to hit her. Usually, feeling her pussy squeeze my cock when she cums will be too much for me to handle, but this time I had no problems as she rode me through her orgasm. It was great to finally NOT have to tell her to be careful or to slow down. It was great to feel her cum on my cock without having to resort to her rubbing her clit while I stayed motionless inside her.

As successful as this was, I cannot resort to watching ESPN every time ML an I have sex. We’ve discussed the idea of desensitizing spray, and the RodeOh is also an option. I just don’t understand how guys out there can deal with this problem. I read on blogs here and there about how guys who have been denied even longer than I have can have sex with their KH, and they don’t mention anything about this type of issue. Is this just something guys don’t normally feel comfortable talking about, or is it just me that has this problem?

Wow, I just want to thank our visitors for pushing our page visits over 100k! Thank you so much to all of our followers and readers for having an interest in our adventure through Enforced Male Chastity… and all of the other fun stuff we’ve discovered along the way!



You guys are the best and I hope you all continue to visit as we continue to explore ourselves.

Yesterday, I took the plunge into an area I haven’t been as a chaste male yet, both literally and figuratively – ML and I took the kids down to the hotel pool for some swimming fun. We’ve been there once before on our vacation already, but I haven’t been swimming with the cage on yet. Would the cage be obvious when I climbed out of the pool with just my swim trunks on? And how would I react to the sight of My Lady in a sexy swimsuit?

Apparently, my “visibility” concerns were not necessary; the cage wasn’t noticeable at all. In fact, ML says that there was less of a bulge than when I’m unlocked. She suggested that maybe I should wear the cage all the time while swimming!

While things worked out well with how the cage looked, my fears of being turned on by looking at ML were all too real. She looked AMAZING; her tits looked great as she showed off her near-endless cleavage, and she was constantly swimming up to me and rubbing her ass against my cage. Then she’d swim up to me, wrap her legs around me, grind against me – underwater, to keep it subtle of course. She squeezed my locked up cock with her hands as well, driving me crazy in full view of everyone. It was equal parts embarrassing and exciting, although the horny part of my brain didn’t really care who was around watching us.

Last night, our last night in the hotel, My Lady really worked me over. We laid together in the bed, and before we drifted off to sleep she began to fondle my balls. She was tickling my balls so delicately, I craved more friction but she would not give it to me. I was squeezing against the cage almost instantly. I was moaning and whimpering, begging her to take care of my needs, but she was relentless.  When she had her fill of toying with me, she had me lick her pussy to a couple of orgasms before it was time to sleep.

I’ve reached the point where I need… NEED… something. Anything! I miss my orgasm so much, I’m craving it badly. If I can’t have it, I want to at least be close to it. Am I begging for a ruined orgasm? Am I that bad off? And how much worse can I get with about a month to go?

I wasn’t sure how much time I’d be free during our vacation week vs. how much time I’d be locked up, but that question was settled pretty quickly today. After scoping out the security at the park (no metal detectors), My Lady had me put my cage on in the nearest restroom. She has also determined that the cage will stay on for most of the rest of the vaca. This will include any trips to the (very public) hotel pool or other amenities. I really hope my bathing suit does a good job of keeping the Jailbird discreet.

Although there were a few interesting moments today – feeling the cage rattle back and forth while riding a roller coaster was HIGHLY unexpected – there hasn’t been all that much time that I’ve been pushing up against my cage. There is so much going on, so many people around, and my kids to keep track of that there’s almost no time for anything else. On top of that, ML and I are usually both exhausted by the end of the day.

Actually, I feel like I miss her a little bit, even though she is right here with me – literally, she is laying on my shoulder right now as I write this post, sound asleep. We’ve spent so much time together, but almost no time together. I might just wake her up, though, and ask if she wants to share a shower with me. 🙂

Hi there!!!
We’re in Disney World this week so you’ll have to pardon the lack of posts! That doesn’t mean we won’t be having any fun. We’ve never been here but so far it’s been amazing. When I say we haven’t been here, I meant to Disney World. Hubby and I came down here for our honeymoon but we did Universal Studios and the dinner theaters around here. The one thing we said then was that we wouldn’t go to Disney until we had kids and they were old enough to enjoy it. The kids are having a blast and we haven’t even gotten into the parks yet. We checked in yesterday and hung around the hotel, went swimming, got lunch, played at the arcade. Last night we took the kids to see the Pirate Dinner Adventure. It was as much fun as I remember it being when caged monkey and I were there over 10yrs ago.

So cagedmonkey and I have this goal of having penetration in every state in the US and any other countries we might be able to get. I, of course, unlocked him for the ride down. We decided to drive straight through, or well mostly. We left early Sunday morning and drove 17 hours straight through a bunch of states. We have a lot of the upper east coast states already but we did manage to stop in a family bathroom in North Carolina and get a few thrusts in. Oh, did I mention I wore a dress down with no panties on? Later at night I sat on him reverse cowgirl style outside at a rest stop in South Carolina. We ended up stopping for a few hours to sleep before driving the last 5 hours to Disney. We did miss a few states but sometimes the small ones can get away from ya. On the way back we do have to figure out getting in Georgia, Delaware and Maryland. 🙂 I’m sure we’ll manage.

We got into Disney yesterday afternoon, so hubby spent the entire ride and the entire rest of the day unlocked and free of his Jail Bird. That of course meant I had lots of opportunity to tease him. Oh gosh, I almost forgot, for a few hours of the drive, I spent time stroking and edging hubby while he drove! Haha anyway I teased him, grabbed him and squeezed him any chance I got yesterday. We, even though exhausted and in a bed next to the kids, managed some discrete sex. It really didn’t last long because we were absolutely beat!

This morning before we head into Magic Kingdom for the day hubby will “Suit Up” as Barney Stinson would say. He’s still sans orgasm since March 10th and doesn’t have possibility for parole, haha, errr orgasm until June.

Enjoy your day today guys, may it be a magical one! <3