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It’s Spring/Easter break around here so the public schools are off for the week. What that means is, cagedmonkey and I decided to find the kids a day camp to attend for a few days so we could spend time alone together at home. From today until Friday the kids will be gone during the day from 8am to 4 pm. That’s a whole lot of time for a couple of horny people to get in some serious action… if they wanted to. 🙂

This morning after dropping the kids off, I stopped and picked up breakfast. I got naked and brought it upstairs and cagedmonkey and I enjoyed a pretty yummy breakfast in bed watching “How I Met Your Mother” on Netflix. After breakfast, the laying together naked didn’t take long to turn into full blown screaming orgasms (by me!).

It started out innocently enough with kissing and touching but, I have no idea if it’s the kids not being home or what, I just dove right in and got all crazy kissing hubby. He instantly was kicked into overdrive and he pushed me back and laid me down on the bed. I told him I wanted to fuck him so bad! I really wanted to feel him inside me. I was arguing with myself in my own head because he’s not coming out of this cage until May 4th!

All that kissing, groping and simulated sex had my pussy soaked and aching for an orgasm. I told him I wanted to feel him in me, cage and all. It was awesome, even feeling that, his warmth between my legs, his body against mine… mmmm wonderful. I told him I was going to cum on his caged cock and I started rubbing myself. That’s when I really realized the kids weren’t home and I could use the wand and cum loud as hell over and over again. I told cagedmonkey to wait because I wanted to cum really hard on his cock and I grabbed the wand. He pushed his caged cock into my sopping wet horny pussy and I started the wand. Holy shit it didn’t take long for those vibrations to go through me. His cage was adding to the effects of the wand. The wand was vibrating my clit but at the same time hitting the steel and vibrating it right into me and I could feel it down into my asshole. My entire body was shaking ready to explode with a huge orgasm. I was moaning so loud, screaming “oh God yes!!” and “FUCK!” in between my screams. I was thrusting up at hubby cumming so hard, squeezing the steel cage around his aching attempted erection. I came so hard, so much and so long that I just eventually laid back limp on the bed breathing heavy and moaning. My throat is sore from screaming out my orgasms. I told cagedmonkey he had some cleaning up to do. My pussy and ass we’re soaked with my juices.

Once he began to clean up, sucking and licking my pussy clean, I was already getting way too turned on again. I told him to stop, I rolled over into my stomach, positioned the wand under me at my clit and told him he was going to tongue fuck my ass real good and I was going to cum some more. 🙂 Using both hands he spread my ass cheeks and started licking and tonguing my asshole. Good Lord it feels so good and drives me crazy when he does that. I seriously cannot contain my moans. Thank goodness the kids weren’t here! I was quite literally screaming through another orgasm as the wand hit that sweet spot and hubby’s tongue pushed me over the edge. My entire body was violently shaking, practically vibrating against cagedmonkey’s face as I pushed my ass in the air and came again extremely hard.

Wow, what an amazing couple of hours that was this morning! Fucking unreal! After that, we didn’t even clean up we just spooned and fell asleep together for a couple hours.

This was certainly was not the end of our play today but… what happened next, certainly needs it’s own post! Please check back, it’ll be written sometime soon! 🙂

Lady M: I can’t get enough of feeling your body, touching you all over.

cagedmonkey: I love the way you touch me.

LM: I want to touch you all over. I miss your cock.

cm: Yeah, about that… can I ask you something out-of-role?

LM: Sure, baby. What’s up?

cm: It seems like lately you’ve been really missing my cock… I’d say almost as much as I do, but that’s pretty much impossible. But I’m getting the vibe that it’s starting to take its toll on you too. Do you want my help with finishing the whole month you planned to have me locked 24/7? If you start to break down, do you want me to remind you?

LM: I’ll be okay. When I tell you that I miss you cock, I’m just expressing myself. I’m not going to pretend that I don’t miss it.

cm: Good, I don’t want you to pretend. I also kinda like it that you miss it.

LM: Right. See, I can’t play that “hard ass Domme” role like I don’t want your hard cock. This stuff is hard on me too, you know.

cm: I know, but I need to know how bad you want this. Because I obviously want out of the cage, and if you start getting weak I can’t guarantee what I’ll try to talk you into it. But if you REALLY want this to happen, I’ll try my best not to push it. We may need to work together when we try to stretch to new limits.

LM: I do want to make it. I will let you know if I need your help. It’s only a few weeks, I should be able to make it.

cm: You say “only a few weeks” as if it’s not that much time. To me, it’s “a few weeks!”

LM: Only a few weeks until I get to wrap my hand around that big fat cock of yours.

cm: Mmmmm, I love it when you describe it like that!

LM: Well, it is big and fat… but only when I allow it to be.  😉

A few nights ago, My Lady and I were laying on the couch together, and things started to get sexual… as they very often do nowadays. 🙂 We began kissing and touching each other; things started to get really hot, really quick. I rolled over on top of ML and began thrusting my hips towards her as I kissed her deeply. All of a sudden, both of us felt it at the same time: we flipped the “power switch.” All of a sudden, I felt very dominant and powerful over ML.

When I get dominant, I tend to talk dirty a lot. I rubbed up on her, and I started asking her if she wanted to get fucked. If she missed taking my hard cock deep inside her slutty wet pussy. ML was getting turned on, too, pushing back up against me as I pushed my hips down against her. I pounded my hips down on her, doing everything I would be doing if I was fucking her pussy as hard as I could… except for the fact that my cock was still locked in its steel cage, of course.

Afterwards, I started to get a little down. All of the simulating of the dominant, forceful sex kinda made me miss it a bit. I realized that I really do miss my cock. I miss being able to fuck My Lady hard and deep. I miss the way ML’s warm pussy feels when it’s squeezing my cock. I miss being able to fuck ML more than three thrusts at a time. Hell, right now I just miss my cock getting hard!!!

I didn’t expect these feelings to show up so strong and so soon into the 24/7 month. I’ve gone 24/7 longer than this, but not with the pretense that I would be waiting an entire month for my next full erection. It’s really getting to me this time around. I’m not really having second thoughts about all of this – chastity is still the most amazing thing that has happened to our sex life, and I wouldn’t change it a bit. But still, I can’t deny that right now a decent part of me truly feels like a prisoner locked away against his will. This is when chastity truly becomes “enforced chastity.”

If you’ve been reading our blog you’re already familiar with the fact that I am a huge researcher. When I’m interested in something I search the hell out of it on the internet and I love physical (& ebooks) books. As a new Keyholder I was happy to find that there were actually a few books out there for Keyholders and about male chastity. I have been into tease & denial since cagedmonkey and I got together but it is always great to find a book to give some ideas for that as well.

Below are just some of the books I’ve read on these subjects; well the ones I care to review and recommend to other Keyholders.

In all my research I was extremely happy when I found those certain key words to search that brought me to the websites with real life male chastity information. People who are married, love each other and live the lifestyle how they want it to be. Btw, those magic key words? Yeah, I finally got around to using “male chastity and/in marriage.” What a huge difference that made in weeding out the fantasy world.

That’s when I found Thumper’s blog as well as Sarah Jameson’s blog.I found that Sarah had written books that were available on her site and that is what got me started on hunting down books.
Sarah’s book main book (if she’s still selling it) is a bit pricey however she does have a couple free ebooks. Her tease & denial guide and guide to male chastity & orgasm denial (no I don’t feel it’s a “complete guide” but it’s a good read anyway) are pretty good for a Keyholder who might also be new at tease and denial. You can also sign up for free emails from her that do offer some good advice.
I can tell you that Sarah’s book is a pretty good book. It’s a very gentle, easy read and focuses on male chastity in a marriage. It really would be great for a very vanilla wife looking for information on this lifestyle. Though with all the other books out there, now, it’s hard to justify the cost of her book (which was an ebook/pdf when I got it). 🙂 I think it could be a great resource if she lowered the price and possibly offered it in print format.

A couple of cheaper books are available on Georgia Ivey Green has a book “A Keyholder’s Handbook: A Womans guide to male chastity”
This book has some good advice for a keyholder on chastity but be aware she also talks about some other fetishes such as feminization, humiliation and others. This book is less than $10.00 and well worth it in my opinion. As with any self help type book, you take what applies to you and leave the rest. Nothing is the end all authority on how to live your FLR or chastity lifestyle.

Mistress Ivey also has another book “How to setup an FLR” which is a great read if you are also looking to expand your chastity lifestyle to include a Female Led aspect.
This book gives a couple a lot to think about in regards to what they each want from their relationship. It has questions for both partners to see where they are in terms of flr. We used this book to help write our chastity agreement.

Another book available from Amazon and is more vanilla than Mistress Ivey’s book but is an excellent starters guide is “Male Chastity: A Guide for Keyholders” by Lucy Fairbourne.
This book is in both paperback and ebook format which is also around $10.00. It’s well worth it again in my opinion. If you are looking for a book to start with or to introduce your wife/partner to chastity and being your Keyholder, this would be it. As the book states it is a very “non-threatening, female-friendly introduction to the topic of male chastity, ideal for nervous keyholders or as a love-offering from a would-be-chastened male.” This book is a gentle approach to the subject and written in a very matter-of-fact style. It really is the perfect way to introduce this kink.

I try to give my honest opinions on the things I use or read. I hope that they are helpful to those who check out our blog and those looking to get started in this wonderful lifestyle. We love and embrace both the chastity and flr/wlm parts of our relationship.

Please feel free to add your own opinions of these books in the comments. If others are anything like me they would love to hear more than just one point of view.

This isn’t necessarily archives because it’s from last night but it’s awesome! Cagedmonkey and I have a notebook that we use for communication and writing down our play and feelings about it. Yes we talk to each other but we also write in our book. 🙂

Last night cagedmonkey and I had a few drinks (well he had more than a few hehe). I ended up taking a snooze for a bit on the couch when I had a little upset tummy. Wine + chips & dip in my belly didn’t go too well.

Anyway, we had a fantastic night together anyway but that truly deserves it’s own post haha. This morning I woke up to a new entry in our book and it was so awesome I just had to share with you all!


I got a new pen! I didn’t realize it was so dark, though, so I’ll have to write a little more carefully.

I’m drunk and you’re sleeping on the couch (hehe). So instead of waking you up with random shit, I’m writing it down. How considerate of me, yes?

So my random stuff:
1. I love you!
3. I just spent some time talking to you about taking control of you, making you my slut, etc. I think I miss that. A LOT. I miss FUCKING you, like a powerful man. I would hope that in June (or whenever you decide to let me cum, this year, next year, whatever), you give me me an opportunity to taste that again.
4. What the? Am I secretly hoping that you push my denial past June? WAY further past? WTF? I want to cum so bad, but part of me wants to hear that I won’t cum again this year. I will be SOOOO happy with whatever you choose, as long as it’s what you want.
5. My lips are numb. 🙂
7. I really do love you. Like fucking out of this world live you. FOR REALZ YO!

Ok, I’ll be done for now. I’ve got more drinking to do. You might hear from me later. Hopefully you can read my handwriting with this pen, and I make you smile. <3<3<3

The bondage rope is quickly becoming one of My Lady’s favorite toys. Last night before I left for work, she chose to give me something to remember her all night long with. And it was VERY effective!

ML started off by using the rope to tie me down to the coffee table in our living room; she cuffed my wrists together, and then used the rope to attach the cuffs to my thighs, running the rope around my cock cage for good measure. Now, if I tried to move my hands upwards the rope would tug on my cage and pull on my balls. ML let out a tiny giggle as I tested her ropework for her; she was obviously enjoying herself already, and we were only at the beginning.

Once I was secured to the table, My Lady grabbed her prized butterfly paddle and began to spank my ass. As she whacked my ass harder and harder with each swat, I began to whimper after each hit. My reactions began to fuel her desire, and she spanked me harder and faster until it seriously started to sting. She sat across my back to hold me down and paddled me more. I could feel my ass starting to turn red as each blow stung my ass cheeks. I could tell by ML’s breathing that she was getting very turned on, and when she gets very turned on she starts to lose herself in the moment. When this happens, there’s no telling what’s in store for me next!

What was in store for me, apparently, was a very rough pegging!

My Lady first started working Pearl into my ass. Pearl is a small-to-average size dildo, so it wasn’t too terrible. ML began fucking my ass with it fast and forcefully; I could feel it rapidly filling me up and exiting me, only to fill me up once again. I began to moan uncontrollably; ML’s response to this was to simply fuck my ass even harder. After a few minutes of this, she removed Pearl from my ass and reached for something much, much bigger.

The dildo she chose next was the large bronze one she has used on me before. This thing just looks painful – it’s longer than I am, and the head is extremely thick at the base. The shaft thins out to give a little bit of relief, however it is ribbed which rubs against my asshole over and over as it thrusts into me. She pressed the head of the dildo against my asshole. I wasn’t sure if it was going to go in at first! I felt my asshole trying to stretch around the bulbous head, and it didn’t seem to quite be getting there. No need to worry, though… ML shoved it in hard, forcing my ass to open up and accept the intruder. I grunted loudly as she shoved it in farther. God, it hurt SO FUCKING BAD. It felt like the dildo was pulling apart my insides.

My Lady began to fuck my ass with the huge dildo, roughly and without mercy. It didn’t take long for me to start sobbing and whimpering. I couldn’t take it anymore; I begged her to stop. I pleaded. And how did My Lady respond to my pleas? She leaned over and cupped her hand over my mouth and told me to be quite while she fucked my ass like a good little slut so I didn’t wake the kids (omgggggggg).

It was at that moment I started to break down. I didn’t just want her to stop. I needed her to stop. My Lady had never done anything this intense with me while the kids were in the house. I couldn’t stay quiet. I physically could not. Yet My Lady was forcing me to. I needed to scream. I needed to cry out in tortured agony. But I couldn’t I wasn’t allowed. So instead, I simply broke down and began to cry into her hand.

My Lady did it. She broke me. But did she stop? Oh no. She wasn’t finished with me yet.

ML pushed the dildo further into my ass; instead of screaming in pain I simply flopped down on the table like a rag doll. She pushed in as far as she could, thrusting deeper into me as I let out what would be best described as a long deep groan. I’ve never made that sound before. Then again, I’d never had a huge dildo pushing so far into my asshole I could feel it all the way up to my hips inside. My Lady held in in place deep inside me. My whole body shuddered as I struggled to keep my screams in my chest. I felt precum pouring out of my cock as I was harshly milked, I honestly didn’t care. All I cared about was surviving being impaled by the bronze monster My Lady was assaulting me with.

Just as I was contemplating whether I should safeword or not, My Lady pulled the dildo out of my ass. She untied me from the table, but I couldn’t get up. I laid on the table, as limp as a ragdoll. When I was able to lift my head, I saw ML motioning me to lay on the floor, face up. I slowly moved over to where she wanted me. She stood over me and removed her soaked-through panties. Facing my feet, she squatted over my face and shoved her dripping wet pussy into my face. For the next ten minutes, My Lady alternated between rubbing her pussy all over my face and pushing her asshole down onto my tongue. I fucked her ass with my tongue as a good sub should, and I sucked on her clit when she moved it within my reach. After she rode my face to two orgasms, she laid back on the couch and waved me over again. “You have a mess to clean up,” My Lady said. I crawled over and licked her pussy to a massive orgasm that seemed to last about 5 minutes. Even after all of the pain I was put through, I smiled proudly at my ability to make My Lady cum so hard with my mouth.

After we took time for our aftercare (always important after a scene like this!!!), My Lady sent me off to work with a sore throbbing asshole. And the weird thing is that I was horny all fucking night long. I still am, about 12 hours after everything happened. I think this the worst horny I’ve ever felt!

I was recently asked “how would a guy go about cheating while in chastity?” I actually hesitated, did I want to give up this information? Did I want to teach a soon to be chaste guy how to cheat the device? Ugh! What a hard spot to be in, but, I did explain what I felt would be cheating.

There are a few things that I would consider cheating. Things like unlocking without permission. If you’re using your emergency key, cutting the lock or even pulling your shaft out the back of the device, you’re cheating. Of course, any unauthorized orgasm would be considered cheating as well. I’ve heard of some boys that can use a vibrator on their cage/balls and end up having an orgasm.

Some of these things are easy enough to know about because they cannot be hidden. Obviously, if a lock is cut, someone is cheating. Personally I like hubby to have access to an emergency key at all times so he has one on his keychain, BUT, it’s in a tamper evident wrapper. If he uses the key he has to cut the wrapper to get it out.
It’s also my handwriting so he can’t make a new one and try to trick me. I put a drawing on the other side too. 🙂

The other way to cheat, that I mentioned, was pulling out the back of the device. It is possible to do and it’s even possible to shove the penis back in and really, would I as a Keyholder, know that a guy cheated this way? Probably not, but your behavior may give you away. This form of cheating really sits on a guys conscience, he’s the one who have to live with the knowledge that he cheated. He’s got to feel the pangs of disappointment in himself everytime he looks at his Keyholder, knowing he didn’t play the game right and disobeyed her. Knowing if she found out she would be very disappointed in him and could ultimately not want to play with him anymore. Who wants to play with someone who cheats?

I mean if you’re asking to be in chastity and you have a woman willing to keep you, why in the hell would you even dream of doing something like that?

So the HUGE piece of news I teased in my last post was already spoiled by ML in her last post, unbeknownst to me: My Lady has decided to keep me in the Jailbird 24/7 until the May 4th. No removing the cage. Not even a cursory release for my poor cock. I will be locked up for the next 26 days straight.

624 hours.

37,440 minutes.

2,246,400 second.

Not like I’m counting or anything.

My Lady and I have talked about trying this for quite some time. When we were discussing it, it really turned me on. How would I respond to not having an erection for an entire month? How will I feel after it’s been so long since I’ve seen my cock get hard? How will it feel when my cock is finally free of the steel and can swell to its full size?

Now that it’s happening, it’s a little bit overwhelming. Although ML has caved in the past and given me mercy during some of these “extended” times or denial or lockup, I have a feeling she’s not going to crack so easily this time. She’s very curious about the reactions she can coax out of me. If I start getting desperate, she may just grow to love it. Who knows? Maybe I won’t even be getting out until my next Maybe Day in June? No clue. No control over it.

Right now, I’m a little stunned. I know for a fact I’m really going to miss my hardon. I like it when my cock gets hard. It feels nice. I’ve come to enjoy the feeling of my cock pressing against the steel cage, but it doesn’t compare to the feeling of my cock getting nice and thick and big when I’m turned on. The longest we’ve ever done a 24/7 lockup stint is ten days I think, and I started to get a little antsy near the end of that time. I went into what ML likes to call “bargaining mode,” which is when I start to try to make a deal with her in order to get just the tiniest need filled. For example, near the end of that ten day period, I was literally begging ML to give me a ruined orgasm, just so she’d let me out and touch me. Again: I begged My Lady to give me an utterly frustrating ruined orgasm just because I needed to get hard and be touched. This was after ten days. I wonder what My Lady will have me doing by the end of this run.

My Lady had some errands to run this morning, so she decided to let me stay in bed while she took the kids to school and got her stuff done for a couple of hours. “How nice of her to let me sleep,” you say? Notice, I didn’t say she let me sleep.

Technically, she made me stay in bed by cuffing my wrists to the bed. Then, she used her new favorite toy – the bondage rope – to fix the wand so it would rest right on my cage. She wrapped the rope around my legs so I couldn’t move them apart, to make sure I couldn’t move the wand from where it was. It would stay there until she got back from her errands. She hit the switch and turned on the wand to about medium vibration setting and left me there, blowing me a kiss on the way out.

Dear God, it was such an intense feeling! I was almost immediately moaning and squirming around on the bed, or at least as much as I could squirm around. The wand was vibrating my balls as well as rattling the cage around my captive cock, constantly teasing me without mercy. Although my cock was nearly crying for relief after about a half hour, I will admit the vibrations were somewhat relaxing. I must have dozed off once or twice (and had some extremely odd dreams about walking around in public with ML with the wand tied on me… very strange… lol), because I woke up with a start when My Lady texted me to see how things were going. I was about to text her back to say that I was surviving the treatment, but when I reached over to get my phone something… happened.

I don’t know if the wand shifted ever so slightly when I moved, but all of a sudden my cock started twitching and the wand was really starting to have an effect on me. It felt like at any moment, the wand might just make me cum in the cage! So I texted ML about it, telling her that I wasn’t sure but the wand might end up making me cum. Her response?

“Really? Cool! I wonder what it will feel like after, if you do… hehe”

What??? Oh God, I hadn’t even thought of that! Is the wand going to give me post orgasm torture? Will I be able to handle it? What am I supposed to do?

I tried to fight it. I held off as long as I could. But I couldn’t stop it. The wand kept pushing me and pushing me. And finally, I felt it. I was cumming! I could feel my cock twitching and pulsing in the cage, pushing against the wand. I dribbled a little bit of cum over my balls, but because I was still confined to the cage I couldn’t get a nice good cum. It was very much like a ruined orgasm – yes, I got there, but I was by no means satisfied. After my cock finished its spasms, the wand kept up it’s vibrating assault on me. Luckily, I think the “ruinedness” of the orgasm helped me avoid the post orgasm torture I was dreading. I was a little sensitive, but it was by no means as bad as I have heard about. After I was able to calm down a little bit, I was actually able to get back to sleep for a little while until ML got back home.

As for now, I feel as if a little bit of the edge has been taken off due to my ruined o, but DEFINITELY not enough. I’m still horny as fuck, as sexually frustrated as I’ve ever been (perhaps even more so), and still desperate to cum. So not much has changed!

My Lady also dropped a HUGE piece of news on my after I woke up today. But that’s something that’s big enough for an entire post on its own!

Last night was a pretty interesting night! I finally unlocked cagedmonkey and made him touch his own penis. It’s been almost a month since he’s put his own hands on his penis. I have unlocked him for various things in the past month but he has been restrained when out of his cage.

I decided since he hasn’t touched or stroked himself that I would force him to masturbate and use his own hand to edge and tease him. His hand touches all those spots he’s used to feeling while spending a good portion of his life masturbating (as you boys know you do!). So I tied our bondage rope around cagedmonkey’s wrist and hand while his cock was in hand. I left myself a piece of rope as a handle and used it to pull his hand up and down the shaft of his hard aching cock.


I loved listening to him moan and squirm and wiggle was I forced his hand up and down stroking himself to the edge over and over. I forced him to do this for probably a half an hour, on top of the half an hour or so I spent rubbing, licking, sucking, tickling and even smacking his cock. 🙂 Of course he was squirming so much that I had to make sure he was secured so I got a bit creative with the rope. My pussy just kept getting more and more soaked as I listened to him grunt and moan and groan.

I untied his hand from his cock and instead I secured both hands to his thighs with the rope. It worked like a charm so that I could spend a good amount of time teasing him and he couldn’t move.


Not only did I tease his denied cock, I also sat on his face and rubbed my pussy all over it making him lick me until I came. Then I really did a number on him by sliding down, facing his feet, and sitting on his very sensitive cock. I teased him, sliding very slowly up and down on him as he watched from behind. I reached back and spread myself wide so he could see every bit of himself being grabbed and gobbled up by my hungry pussy. He just moaned so loud cussing over and over, pushing his head back and clenching his eyes closed so he didn’t go over the edge.

I do believe that last night’s tease was quite intense but I suppose you’d need to hear from him how it made him feel. It certainly was a wonderful birthday for me because it ended in my making him eat my pussy for a good hour while I had extremely intense orgasms… over and over. My thighs were shaking, I squeezed his head between my legs and bucked like a wild horse.

It really was an extremely fantastic night. Especially falling asleep together naked which, with kids, is something we rarely do.

Cagedmonkey is back in his Jail Bird where he will stay with zero release until May 4th. I have plans for him on May 4th as we travel. 🙂 You’ll just have to wait to hear all about that, though!