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Wanna know how desperate I am to cum? I got sick with a cold, and I’m still fucking horny as hell!

I spent a good part of yesterday cooking up a nice little cold, and by the end of the night it was bad enough that I ended up calling in sick to work. Did that stop me from following My Lady around like a lapdog all day long, asking her if there was any way to serve her, sexual or otherwise? Of course not. In fact, we even shared a shower later on in the night. I sensually washed My Lady’s incredibly sexy body, getting down on my knees in the shower to wash her feet and legs. I also played with her pussy, giving her a nice strong orgasm which may or may not have including squirting; couldn’t really tell with the warm water rushing down our bodies.

And this morning, just ten minutes ago, I woke up next to My Lady’s naked body next to me in bed. She was still sleeping, cuddled up next to me. I ran my hands up and down her side, brushing her hip with my fingertips. I gently pushed her to roll her over on to her stomach, taking care not to wake her up. I softly squeezed her ass and then slid my hand up between her legs. I rubbed my fingers up and down the lips of ML’s already wet pussy (what was she dreaming about, I wonder?), before pushing a finger all the way inside on one thrust.

My Lady moaned deeply and loudly. I absolutely LOVE waking her up like that and seeing her reaction. Even though she is still half asleep, she still bucks her hips back to meet my hand, unconsciously wanting more of my touch. I continued this for a few minutes until I knew she was awake, but I stopped before she had a chance to cum – unfortunately, My Lady is also sick, and unlike her intensely horny toy (ME!), she doesn’t seem to need an orgasm today. Yet. 🙂 When she wakes up, that could possibly change. As I’ve been going crazier and crazier with horny, she’s been wanting it more and more as well.

At the very least, I hope that we shake off this cold soon… it’s not doing me any good to be sick AND horny!!!

Because of this morning’s events, I was not able to post about what happened last night after my bath until now. I can’t really complain, though. 😉

My Lady is truly enjoying using the hood to torment me and isolate me from my own penis. After my bath, My Lady decided that she wanted to have some time with her toy. She sat me on the couch, cuffed my hands behind my back, and pulled the hood over my head. Then I felt her unlocking my cage once again, and my cock sprang free in an instant. God, that first moment of freedom feels SO FUCKING GOOD. Then I felt ML climbing up on the couch to straddle me.

She rubbed the head of my cock up and down her pussy, slightly teasing herself with my cock. After a few moments, she took me inside her pussy, sliding down all the way until her ass was on my thighs. She started to bounce slowly up and down, careful not to stimulate me too much too fast… it has been about a week since I last had an orgasm, so I’m pretty much on a hair trigger right now. I could hear her moaning as she rode my cock. It felt so wonderful to be inside her again.

Then I felt something being rubbed against my face in the hood. My Lady was rubbing her huge, soft titties against my face. I immediately started to groan in frustration. See, I absolutely LOVE to watch ML play with her tits while I fuck her, especially when she is on top. They are absolutely a perfect sight to see, but now I was being deprived of this treat. I wanted to see them. I needed to see them. But I was not allowed. She continued rubbing her tits against me as she fucked against me.

My Lady slowed her pace down and let my cock slip out of her pussy. The I felt her reach down and grab my cock, holding it upright as she pushed her hips down towards me. Then I felt my cockhead pressing against My Lady’s tight asshole. She was going to take my cock in her ass using only her pussy juice as lube. It was a good thing she was so wet and horny, because I slid inside without much difficulty.  🙂

It was even more difficult holding off my orgasm with ML’s tight ass squeezing my cock. I wanted nothing more than to fill her ass up with my huge load of cum, but I obeyed like a good boy should. After a few minutes of ass fucking, I felt My Lady hold still and begin rubbing her clit. She was going to cum with my cock in her ass. Oh….. my….. God…..

She came hard. Her ass clenched around the base of my cock, and I had to fight hard not to cum along with her. Every molecule of my body wanted it, but I was not allowed. She rocked back and forth, thrusting my cock in and out of her ass as she continued to cum. It lasted about twenty seconds before her ass released its grip on my cock.

I was still not allowed to see my cock, even after my remarkable performance in holding off my orgasm for My Lady. She cleaned me off and left me cuffed and hooded on the couch. She sat back to watch some TV until my cock got soft enough to go back in the Revenge. In it went, and off came the cuffs and the hood.

So… My Lady seems to be getting her fill of whatever she wants, while I am left desiring what I cannot have. Is there anything better than this?  🙂

Right now (9:34am EST) cagedmonkey is tied up in bed, hooded and has a thunderstorm continuously playing on his iPod. He has been that way since 8:30 this morning. I’m not sure how long I’ll leave him. 🙂


He cannot see or hear anything. He has no idea when I come in the room until I touch him and his entire body reacts. I realized something about me in all this exploration, in a reaction junkie. I love to hear, see and feel the uncontrollable reactions.

I just went up and ran my nails down his back, around and over his belly. I licked him from the base of his penis up his belly and bit, sucked and flicked my tongue over his nipples. I climbed up and straddled him, pinched his nipples a bit and then lifted slightly. My pussy has been wet all morning so it was just getting wetter seeing him like that. I held myself just barely above his belly so he could feel me rub my clit. My thighs tightened around his midsection as I brought myself to orgasm. I rubbed my wet juices on his belly as a gift. Then I scooted up to the hood and positioned myself over his nose and mouth so he could smell me through the spandex. Then I got just a little ON the hood so he could smell it while I wasn’t there.

I got off of him, kissed him through the hood and walked away. 🙂

Oh boy what a fun day this will be!

My Lady is getting used to taking charge during the new “no look/no touch” rules she has come up with. She showed her skill last night with a devious little tease that left me wanting to cum so bad!

I was a little overdue for some shaving maintenance, so after the kids went to bed, My Lady went about shaving me. She has gotten much better at shaving me with the cage on, which works well during this new game we are currently playing. After I my balls were nice and smooth, it was time to clean off.

My Lady led me to the bathroom, where she had drawn me a nice warm bath. After I stepped in the tub, she used cuffs and one of my belts to restrain my hands to  the shower rung. Then she put her newest toy on me – a spandex blindfold hood. Unable to reach down or even see, I was ready for my bath. She removed my cage and had me sit down in the bath.


It was a wonderful feeling, both being free of the cage and having the warm water surround my cock. I could feel my hard cock bobbing against the waves. It was a slight tease in and of itself, giving me sensation but no friction. Of course, I needed more, but I wasn’t going to complain.

My Lady then began to bathe me, giving me a literal sponge bath as I sat there. She used the loofa sponge to wet down my chest and back, soaping me up and rinsing me off. Her hands felt so wonderful on me, cleaning and caressing my body. It was relaxing to feel so cared for. This is the best part of being kept: the care that your keeper gives you.

Then the bath turned from relaxation to utter frustration. She kept moving down my body with the sponge, across my stomach until her hands brushed against the tip of my cock. I moaned loudly, and I heard ML giggle in response. She continued toying and teasing with my cock as I struggled to keep my hips still and avoid splashing water all over the bathroom floor. Soon, ML was stroking my cock under the water. My moans echoed off the walls as she drove me closer and closer to cumming. She slowed her pace just short of pushing me over, bringing me back from the edge and pushing me back up once again time after time. There was a moment where, as she got DANGEROUSLY close to making me cum, I was afraid she may give me a ruined orgasm. But she let go of my cock just in time, the waves in the tub acting as her freelance cock teasing agents, holding me on the edge but not giving me enough pleasure to cum.

It is difficult to explain the spectrum of emotions I felt during this. I was excited that My Lady was playing with my cock, grateful for the attention I was getting. But I was also very vulnerable in that position; once it was clear that I had no way of stopping or resisting the teasing ML was giving me, I had no choice but to submit to her. I could only take what she was giving me and wait for the sexual torture to end.

Once ML was finished bathing and teasing me I heard exit the bathroom, leaving me in the tub waiting for my erection to subside. Apparently, my cock had other ideas, as it refused to get soft even when the water began to chill a bit. I heard ML come back in twice to check on me; both times she was not satisfied with how my cock was still hard. Finally – after doing a handful of math equations in my head – my cock started to soften. ML let the water out of the tub and put the Revenge back, caging my teased and desperate cock once again. Only after my cock was safely locked away did she uncuff me and remove the hood.

I’ll admit, I didn’t think this would happen so fast… but I really do miss seeing my cock. Before this, I’ve always been able to watch ML tease my cock; being denied the sight of it seems to make the experience even more intense. I know she has more ways on how to drive me crazy with this idea; she has already told me this morning that she may need to unlock me again later tonight to satisfy some of her needs. Stay tuned….

You would think this post would be coming from the guy in the chastity cage who hasn’t seen or felt his own dick in days. Who hardly gets a chance to even get hard, let alone cum!

BUT, it’s not! It’s ME who has a crazy out of control horny problem haha! It is to cagedmonkey’s benefit because he loves when I dominate him and make him be submissive to me by demanding he get on his knees and lick my pussy any time I get a chance. God, I just love holding the back of his head and pushing his face into my extremely wet dripping pussy. Seriously, my crotch is dripping wet today it’s on my thighs! If he’s not there cleaning it up as much as possible how else will I keep from leaking through my panties and pants?

This all started yesterday, cagedmonkey and I had a visit from a friend and the whole situation made me kinda hot. It was almost purely a vanilla visit but, you know me, I love to be a cock tease so I just had to make sure he left with a view to remember. He got an eyeful of my big tits on his way out hehe. 🙂 He told me later how hard he got and how it wanted to bust out of his pants. *giggle* that’s just drives me crazy because I love to know I turn someone on and tease them enough to go masturbate!


Now before you all get crazy saying we’ve said before that cuckolding is not our thing… it isn’t! Not in the true sense of the word. I’m not looking to have sex with anyone else but my hubby. However, if you read our post on “Pseudo-cuckolding” you would understand our boy toys are all about being used to make my hubby jealous that they can do what he can’t and desperately wants to… meaning getting turned on by me and then getting an erection, touching, holding and stroking their own cocks and cumming when, where and how they want. Now, me getting to tease, encourage and/or provide the visual stimulation to help our boy toys get to that point is just a bonus because I truly get off on being the thing that arouses men! 🙂

So, today, from the minute cagedmonkey got home this morning he’s been touching, fingering or licking my pussy. 🙂 I pretty much attacked him when he walked in the door. With his coat still on I pushed him up against the door and kissed him hard and deep. He had his hand in my pants almost immediately flicking his finger over my very wet horny clit. I finally let him get inside the house and settled and I went to make the kids breakfast. While I was in the kitchen I couldn’t stand the dripping between my legs making me hornier so I called cagedmonkey into the kitchen to “help me for just a minute.” I pointed down, motioning to him to get on his knees, he whispered, “yes ma’am” and did as he was told. I lifted my nightshirt, put my hand on the back of his head and pulled his face into the hot wetness between my legs. Ahhhhhh that felt good!

When it was finally time for him to go to bed this morning I went up to “tuck him in” and made him, again, lick my sopping wetness to a couple orgasms. I am just so damn turned on today that even that wasn’t enough. I had him get my favorite dildo (man I can’t thank the friend who gave me that gift enough!!) and fuck me nice and good with it til I came another couple times. 🙂

I think I’m satisfied… for now, but I totally feel my horny building again ready to drip down my legs. I certainly hope I don’t see an email from our young friend to cagedmonkey telling him all about how exactly he masturbated thinking of me yesterday. How it felt to hold his hard cock in his hand and stroke it slowly, then building faster and faster. Oy ok, enough of that Lady! Shhhhhhhhh!

I’m sure in a bit here hubby will be waking up to my wet pussy over his mouth as I sit on his face and make him drink up my warm wet juices!

Hope you have yourself a happy horny day! :)~

As far as fetishes and kinks go, male chastity can be very diverse. Many things can be added to or augmented to chastity; no two experiences will be exactly the same. What I’ve found is that chastity has opened up many different areas of kink to My Lady and me. There are things we thought we’d never try that we found were a huge turn on for both of us.

Last night at work, ML and I were having one of our “remember when” discussions about  the time she fulfilled my rape fantasy. I was amazed at how incredible the experience was, and how much I enjoyed it… after the fact, of course! As we were talking, we began to brainstorm about how to take it to the next step. As we were considering a lengthier scene, ML writes me the following text:

“Not too tough with enough time to spread it out. Like being kidnapped, kept, and repeatedly raped, hehe.”

My jaw literally dropped.

And my cage immediately got tighter.

What a GREAT IDEA!!!!!

We spent the next two hours, tossing around ideas for how to draw it out, including but not limited to: sending the kids to a multi-day camp, so she could abuse me over the course of days; cuffing me in various positions in various places around the house; blindfolding me, and using a variety of toys on me without warning; fucking my ass with the strap on, or toys of her choosing as I lick her pussy; leaving me restrained while she goes to rest, returning later to continue her assault; riding my cock while shoving a dildo up my ass; keeping the tease up while the kids are home, sneaking into the kitchen when I’m alone and roughly fingering my ass, giving me no place to hide; and so on.

Needless to say, my cock was trying its best to get hard. In vain, of course, pushing against the walls of the Revenge. But DAMN, was it hot. It was turning us both on! I have a feeling this will happen sometime in the future. 

It really is amazing that My Lady and I can discuss these dark desires with each other, without worrying about how the other will react. We made a promise to each other when we started this to be honest and open about any fantasies we have, no matter how out there they may seem. How else would we know if we liked something or not without trying it first?

I know all you guys out there always say that I’m the luckiest guy in the world, and I really am…. but not for the reasons you think. It’s not because My Lady locks up my cock for weeks on end, denying me orgasm until I’m insane with need, teasing me mad until I’m about to explode. It’s because I have a partner who loves me, respects me, and cares for me enough to allow me to trust her with anything and everything that is inside me without fear. And she has the same thing in me. THAT is why I’m so lucky.

Ok, I won’t deny it… I’m pretty lucky for those other reasons, too. 🙂


Now that I have had time to grow accustomed to the enclosed style of the Revenge, My Lady has decided to step things up to the next level. She wants me to truly feel as if my cock has been isolated from myself. What does this mean for me?

It means I won’t get to touch or even see my cock again until My Lady allows it.

We have talked about this for a while, and it’s a very exciting idea for both of us. My cock will stay locked in the Revenge, out of touch and out of sight (the Jailbird’s open style allowed me to see and touch my cock, just not get hard). When ML wants to take her toy out and play, or removes the device to perform shaving/cleaning/other types of maintenance, I will be blindfolded and cuffed or otherwise restrained. There will not be a moment when my cock is out and my hands and eyes are free, and vice versa.

(Caveat: My Lady is going to do her best to fulfill this, but due to her shoulder still not being 100% she may need a minimal amount of help from me. The spirit of the idea will still be followed as much as possible)

I really don’t know how I’m going to be affected by this.

These rules have only been in effect for the last day or so, so it hasn’t had a chance to really set in yet. ML hasn’t had to remove the cage yet, so I haven’t had a “see no penis, feel no penis” episode so far. But when that first one comes, I’m pretty sure it’s going to be mind blowing. Will I feel like it’s not even mine anymore, since I can’t see it or touch it? My Lady will truly be in control of my cock during that time, and I will fully depend on her for any sensation I would receive.

How bad will it get? My Lady knows I have a tendency to try bargaining when I’m really desperate. Will I begin to bargain just for a glimpse of my cock? What will I be willing to give up for it?

I can’t wait to find out!

A while back cagedmonkey got tattooed with a lock that I designed for him when we started this whole chastity journey. I finally went today and got my matching key. I’m super excited about it, I love it and it looks awesome!
I am forever and permanently cagedmonkey’s Keyholder!

I’m not really one who plans out how things are going to be or even what things are going to happen. I’m more of the go-with-the-flow type person because I’ve found that things are much more enjoyable when we don’t expect or count on certain things. One thing about life that used kill me was getting my hopes up or expecting something and then only getting disappointed because it wasn’t how I imagined, what I pictured or exactly how I wanted it.

One thing chastity had taught, me as a wife and Keyholder, is that nothing is ever set in stone and everyday is a maybe day! I certainly have ideas of how I want things to go, especially a T & D or D/s session but in no way do I plan our expect anything to go in any particular way.

Since our Valentine’s Day romp my goal was to keep cagedmonkey caged completely (not out, no erections, no feeling me) until my birthday in April and denied his orgasm until his birthday in June. Well as you all probably read a couple weeks ago, the caged completely thing was blown out of the water soon after. Hey, what can I say? I love my man’s cock! 🙂 Still denying him orgasm until June was going to be easy, right?

Nothing is ever as easy as we think! Last night was something quite amazing. Hubby and I were spending some wonderful time together snuggling on the couch. We watched a couple shows on Netflix and just laid together holding each other. Cagedmonkey ended up rubbing my shoulders, relaxing me and making me feel so good and loved. One thing led to another and we were kissing and groping each other. It felt incredible to have his body between my legs, above me like that. It was so sexy, such a turn on, to feel his strong arms, his hips and thighs. We kissed and made out like a couple of horny teenagers.

We’re stopped for a break to get a drink and we talked. As were were sitting there talking we got on the subject of how bad we both missed his cock. With it being in the Revenge I don’t even get a chance to play with it like I do in the Jail Bird. Somewhere in our conversation I leaned over, used the key on my necklace and unlocked the lock on the Revenge. I popped the caged off and he started to instantly get hard so I made him quickly remove the ring.

This was something that had been going through my head for a good part of the day. I am a wife and I have a sexual relationship with my husband… but I’m also a Keyholder. Sometimes the heart, the wife part of me, really wants to have that connection, that intimacy with her husband. To feel his body against mine, to feel him slowly slide his thick cock into my tight pussy, to feel him fill me up with his cum.

One of the best things about being a Keyholder, his dominant, is that I’m in charge and what I say goes! Sometimes when the wife part of me wants to take over, I have the choice to let it happen. To feel my man make love to me. Thrusting slowly into me until I feel those very familiar spasms of his cock. Continuing to thrust as I feel his warm cum overflow my pussy. Filling me up and spilling out on to the couch because there was so much!

It may seem like I messed up my plans but really the ideas I have to get to my goals are never plans. Ideas don’t always happen like we think and that’s the best. One thing I did different this time around was I immediately locked hubby back in the Revenge. I did this in hopes of preserving some of that horny he had pent up for three weeks. I certainly want to try to avoid the “low” that happens after orgasm. We will see how this goes, it’s new to us because usually if he’s going to cum, I drain him with multiple orgasms.

So when a Keyholder Wants something, a Keyholder will have it. She is in charge!