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I know that some of our followers have been curious how things have been with my shoulder post surgery. Well here is a little update. The surgery went great, for the past 6 weeks I have been in a sling, unable to dress myself, bathe myself, drive and unable to do plenty of other things. Slowly things have been getting better and I couldn’t have been more proud of my amazing cagedmonkey for picking up way more than just the slack while I’ve been restricted. He’s been super hubby & super dad for the past 6 weeks and my pussy is actually quivering right now thinking about the massive “act of service” it is. Outstanding!

Today was my 6 week post op appointment with the doctor. It went well, it felt like he was going to break my arm, but all is healed and I was given freedom from a lot of my restrictions! I’ll be starting loads of physical therapy to get my range of motion back as well as strengthening my muscles. After not moving your shoulder for 6 weeks the muscles and tendons are shortened and they need to be stretched out and worked out so the arm will work again.

Of course, what was the first thing this Lady asked the doctor when he was telling me I was all healed??

I held my hands out in front of me and I said “can I go like this and lean on my arm?” **read: Doggy style and/or being on top

He says I’m all good for that position and most others as long as I’m not in too much pain from it. Well, I didn’t realize it at the time but having this new freedom to use my arm how I like and no more sling turned me into some crazy horny nutty woman! Not to mention we got the Jail Bird back yesterday so hubby has been locked in that sexy steel cage since yesterday. It turns me on so much looking at it and touching it. Mmmmmm just makes my pussy sloppy dripping wet knowing that he’s given himself to me like that. That he wants me to control his sexual pleasure. That I hold the key.

One thing I’ll mention after 6 weeks is the awesome feeling of being able to hug my sexy boy with both hands, at once! Touching him on both sides, feeling his oh so yummy hips. 🙂 Anyway all day since we got home I’ve been in major crazy horny mood. I’ve been attacking hubby whenever I get the chance. Anytime we had a minute when the kids were busy doing something I’d make him get on his knees and lick and suck my clit.
Once, while our son was all into his video games I dragged hubby upstairs and had him get on his knees at the end of the bed and made him eat my pussy until I had an orgasm.

Finally, it was bath time! We got our youngest into his bath and took advantage of the 30 mins he usually plays around in the water. I came out of the bathroom after getting him settled and I straddled cagedmonkey on the couch and started kissing him so hard and deep. I was grinding down on his lap pressing against his cage. I could feel how his cock was struggling against the bars of the cage. We both quickly slid our pants down and my pussy was already soaked. I started to rub my juicy pussy against his cage and he had a little moan escape his lips. I leaned back just enough that I could slide the Jail Bird into me and I began to basically fuck hubby while in his cage. I came so hard and squirted my cum all over his cage, cock and balls. The entire time he was moaning and saying “oh my God” over and over.

When I finished coming down from that orgasm, I laid on my back on the couch, spread my legs and ordered him to eat my pussy and make me cum. That would be about the time he’d gotten me off over and over with his mouth and fingers. I love it so much when I start bucking at his face while he is eating me out.

I love when I’m so horny like this I get, what I call, “guy horny.” No offense guys lol but I get very selfish and want what I want and I just tend to take it. So it felt so good and powerful to grab his head and forcefully shove his face into my pussy. Right when I was going to cum I’d push him down so that I’d cum all over his face. At one point I made him beg me to cum on his face.

It was just super hot to me to seriously just fuck his face. I might have been laying on my back but I lifted my hips and rubbed my pussy sell over his entire face and got myself off on it multiple times.

Sometimes we just have to take or make opportunities to connect… especially when crazy horny!

So I recently got a ball gag with a nice sized dildo on the opposite side. If your curious which one it is exactly, it’s the Fetish Fantasy Deluxe Ball Gag With Dildo.
At first, I was a little worried the dildo itself would be very hard and might be uncomfortable. Ya see, I’m not very fond of dildos, vibrators or sex toys in general. However, if I’m to keep hubby locked up and denied for longer periods, I’m really going to have to find a way to keep myself satisfied. So, we’ve been testing out lots of different types and sizes of dildos and other toys (that will likely be the subject of another post lol).

So to get on with this post… Holy shit! Haha Last night I decided to strap the dildo gag on cagedmonkey’s face and try it out. We started out first with hubby laying on his back and me on top riding his face, bumping my clit against his nose. It was pretty fantastic, I must say. I was bouncing up and down on his face while he could do nothing but stare at the dildo sliding in and out of my wet pussy and feeling the warm wetness drip down his chin and neck as I squirted my cum. After that we switched positions to see how many different ways I might enjoy using it. We tried a more traditional missionary position and I came nice and hard that way. So that works! I also got up on all fours and rocked my ass back and forth into his face, shoving his nose right in my asshole. All he could do was look right at my quivering asshole desperately wanting to be licking it. Oh man, it was so awesome to just use his face the way I did. Getting off so many times while he could do nothing but take my face fucking. Yummy!

It really turned out way better than I expected and I am very excited about giving it another go. Hopefully with some nice pics and video! I’m pretty positive that this is one toy that will stay in the nightstand next to the bed and get lots and lots of use! 🙂

My Lady and I were texting each other last night while I was at work, and the conversation wandered to the topic of sensory deprivation. You see, ML has been doing some research in that area, specifically sensory deprivation hoods. And when ML starts doing research, you know that she’s getting serious about it.

She began to text me some of the ideas that have been popping up in her head, and I couldn’t help but get turned on (which made my cock strain against the cage rather strongly). Here are just a few examples of the texts she sent me:

  • “like putting your hands in mittens behind your back, making you kneel on the floor hooded”
  • “I could open only the gag and make you choke on my dildo”
  • “I could take off the blindfold with my pussy right in your face while I cum”
  • “Put a dildo in your ass and make you sit on it while I fuck your mouth with mine”
  • “So if I told you I could put the hood on and use the face dildo as the gag piece instead and fuck your sensory deprived face, how would that make you feel?”

How would it make me feel?

Those sound like horrible, terrible things to have to endure. I don’t know if I could take it.

How would it make me feel?

I need to experience this.

That’s how it makes me feel. I can imagine myself in the moment, wanting it to end so badly, wondering why and how I got myself into this, suffering in pain and frustration. Yet it’s undeniable – I want it to happen. When I read those texts – and even now as I retype them – I get a tightness in my chest that says to me, “Oh. My. God. I NEED THIS.”

It’s scary and confusing to have these types of feelings – to want something you don’t want to happen happen, so badly. But honestly, that’s pretty much what chastity is. I’m sitting here with my cock locked in a steel cage with no way to get out on my own, and I desperately want to cum. But I want to be like this – desperate for release, yet powerless to facilitate that release, completely dependent on My Lady for any and all sources of sexual pleasure. I trust My Lady with my life; I know she will protect me and keep me safe, even when she is putting me through hell just because she can and she wants to. It speaks to my devotion to her how badly I want this to happen, even though I don’t want this to happen.

Now I’m left wondering just when she plans on putting these things in motion…

It’s funny to say that cagedmonkey planned a getaway for Valentine’s Day when we live a Wife Led Marriage. So how does it work when a husband wants to do something like that for his Lady in charge? Here’s how it goes for our WLM, perhaps others are different.

This year hubby and I are on a mission to create new memories, good memories and wonderful feelings around those certain times of the year that have been difficult in the past. I’ll admit I was a bit down about Valentine’s Day and didn’t want to plan anything but hubby asked that I give it a chance. I’m willing to do that because this is all about renewing and repairing and the past needs to stay just that. So I’m excited about creating new feelings with my wonderful, amazing guy. The difference here is that I didn’t want to be the one planning something to create those good feelings so I handed that over to hubby to figure out a nice time for us.

So the other day cagedmonkey came to me and asked how I felt about the kids having an overnight babysitter. This is something we’ve never done, not even when visiting grandma’s or anything. The kids have only recently started having a babysitter at all. So we talked a bit and I told him that I thought I was ready for it and that for us, our marriage we need to be able to do these things. With an overnight sitter comes working out our daughters medical needs and scheduling things and teaching the sitter what needs to be done in an emergency. No biggie though, I can handle that!

Anyway, hubby told me of the plans he thought of to make our Valentine’s Day a memorable one. He planned a getaway for the night to the same casino where we spent our anniversary day last month. Now when I say “planned” that means he told me what he wanted – an overnight babysitter, a night in the hotel, dinner, drinks, gambling and a night filled with loud orgasms. It then becomes my job as the Lady in charge to make it happen if it’s possible.

So I did just that, I first talked to the babysitter to see if her mom would allow her to do an overnight job and she’s ok with that if they go to their house. I’m perfectly fine with that myself, since our babysitter is our Pastor’s daughter and the kids will be in a loving, safe environment and will go to church with them the next morning! Woot, bonus! 🙂 After that was set I called up and made reservations for a room and dinner package at the casino hotel and we’re all set now to enjoy an overnight getaway for Valentine’s Day that cagedmonkey planned.

So in our Wife Led Marriage, hubby can certainly plan something like this to surprise me but I’m still in control of the financial and logistic sides of it! I love how we just work this way… to me, this is my idea of a surprise, a wonderful surprise and he knows that. I’m not one for having no control over a situation and really don’t do well with traditional surprises like that. I think he prefers to plan things this way and to not have to deal with talking to people, negotiating prices, dealing with credit cards and figuring out which money needs to go where and how much to cover everything. In our marriage it’s much easier to say what it is he wants to do and then I make it happen!

We hope that you and your love have a wonderful Valentine’s Day, chaste or otherwise.

CagedMonkey and I have had a very relaxed couple weeks in the chastity device and our D/s play because our Jail Bird is in getting adjustments. The Bird Cage we use as a back up device is really showing its wear and I don’t want hubby wearing it for more time than necessary. So really he’s only been wearing it to work.

I decided, since we haven’t had any real intense teasing play lately, today would be a bit of  a dominant day. Cagedmonkey works midnights so when he got home this morning he got breakfast for the kids and then got ready for bed. He had a headache so I gave him some Tylenol and let him sleep a little before putting him through this intense ride.

I’m not sure what you would call this but today he is (trying to) sleeping unlocked, bound to the bed, gagged with a penis gag and stuffed with the njoy butt plug. While he is enduring that torture? I will be visiting very often to stroke him and edge him.

I’m sure he’s going to be very tired and worn out by this afternoon but I feel like he needed a good reminder of who is in charge of all of his pleasures & sensations.

I’m really loving the idea of sensory deprivation play and I’m working to learn how to make it happen. So for now I’m playing with sensations and making him all filled up and unable to touch or do anything about whatever I do to him. He just has to endure whatever I want to do to him because I am in control of it all. I’m even in control of how much or the quality of sleep he gets. It should be a fun day and perhaps he’ll write later about how he feels about what I’m doing to him. 🙂

What do you do when that custom chastity device isn’t just right? Well you send it in and have those little tweeks taken care of so it fits absolutely perfect. Mature Metal is wonderful about talking about what seems to be wrong and will work out any issues with length, ring size and gap adjustment. It’s as simple as sending an email and then if there is a cost (ex. ring sizing is $10) you can request an invoice, pay it and mail your device to MM for adjustment. Be sure include a note in the box explaining what adjustments are needed. Once MM receives your device back it usually takes about a week for the adjustment and then another 2-3 days back in the mail (in the US). Very simple, very quick and stupendous customer service! I couldn’t be happier with William and Mistress MM, they both work so very hard to make sure their customers are extremely happy with their device!

This is the second time we are sending our device back for adjustment. The first time we sent it back we merely had William shorten the length of the tube itself. When we first ordered our device we made the mistake of ordering the tube exactly the length of hubby flaccid. When in reality, you should order at least a half an inch shorter. We chose to go about an inch or so shorter since he’s got length to begin with.

This time we’ve sent the Jail Bird back for other reasons. We were having some issues with the device twisting and think that the gap may not have been as small on top as it should have been or something. Whatever the reason we sent it back to Mature Metal so William could investigate the issue. We also made a few changes since the device would be there. We are having them add the security screw option so that we no longer have to deal with the pad lock jingling our scratching his legs or mine! The other thing we’re adjusting is the base ring. At first cagedmonkey was fine in the 1.75″ ring but for some reason winter and fridged temperatures came along and he could barely pop a testicle through! It was actually becoming painful to get the ring on. So to solve this we have asked that Mature Metal stretch his base ring to 1 7/8″ just to give that little bit more room for his testicles and to allow a little more blood flow from the base of his penis. My hope is that this will ease some of the major discomfort from attempted erections. I mean some discomfort is desirable but pain isn’t all that sexy!

So now that our device has been received by MM we just have to wait. I’m dying to get it back because our back up (the Bird Cage) is really started to show it’s wear. I hate that I’m stuck putting him in it while we’re wait for our Jail Birds return.

Last night  My Lady and I were able to get a babysitter so we could go out to dinner and start up our traditional Date Night once again. We dropped the kids off and headed over to the restaurant that serves the drinks perfectly to ML’s liking – yes, we choose our place to eat on how well the drinks are made.  🙂

In the past, ML and I have gotten somewhat freaky in the car ride to and from dinner (one time, I actually made her squirt all over the floor mat!). I didn’t expect too much craziness tonight, though, due to it being ML’s “time of the month.” We had our normal touchy/squeezy/feely time on the way to dinner, enjoying our time without the kids in the car.

When we got to the restaurant, we were seated in a booth, and ML and I sat on the same side – awwwww, how cute, right? I wouldn’t say “cute” exactly, since ML was planning to touch and tease me throughout dinner! ML had me unlocked for most of today, and she wanted to take full advantage of that PLUS the fact that the kids weren’t around.

After a few drinks, ML was feeling frisky and she told me to take my cock out of my pants so she could stroke me at the table. I sneakily slid my cock through my zipper, and her hand gripped me tightly as she slowly stroked me. I had a difficult time keeping my moans under control as she delicately teased the sensitive spot under my cockhead. I could see ML was enjoying it too, as she was rolling her hips slightly, almost as if she were riding me.

A few more drinks, and ML was certainly having a good time. I was rubbing my hand up her back and down to the waistband of her pants, slipping inside to rub her ass from time to time. Then, inspiration hit me… I slid my hand down further and pushed my middle finger into her asshole. She gasped and then she moaned softly.

“Yeah, do it,” she said. I needed no more encouragement. I began tiny thrusts in and out of her asshole, and soon she began to moan a little louder. It was when she started to bite on her thumb I knew I was making real progress.

“Oh, God, I’m gonna cum…” she whispered. And cum she did! She wasn’t too loud, but it was loud enough for me to hear, and get VERY aroused by. She was grinding down on my hand, cumming pretty hard from just one of my fingers in her ass. After about 20 seconds, she started to come down and regained her composure just before our waitress visited our table. It’s too bad, really… I was hoping to make her order another drink while I was one knuckle deep in her ass. 🙂

Needless to say, we got the check shortly after and bolted for the car. Once inside, My Lady took the opportunity to do something she gets to do very rarely – cum LOUD. We kissed and she rubbed her horny pussy through her pants (period be damned, lol). She was ready to cum very quickly. I slid my hand down between her legs and began rubbing with her, and I whispered in her ear, “Cum, nice and loud for me.”

She totally let loose. Saying she came hard and loud is an understatement. She kept going for a good half minute, moaning louder and louder as waves of pleasure coursed through her entire body. Higher and higher she went, louder and louder she got until she was basically shouting out her orgasm. I absolutely LOVE it when she cums like this. I couldn’t take my eyes off of her. When she holds nothing back, she is so amazing and beautiful. It’s beyond words.

My Lady wasn’t finished even then. On the ride back home, the aftershocks of her massive orgasm kept hitting her, and each one seemed to trigger its own (admittedly smaller) orgasm. My Lady was cumming in the passenger seat next to me as I drove, without even touching herself. She writhed and squirmed in the seat, moaning almost the whole way home. Luckily, she was able to compose herself by the time we picked up the kids. She must have been completely satisfied because she dozed off in the car on the ride home.

It was a fantastic night, except for the fact that I had to go to work following all of this. I would have much rather spent the night with ML – snuggling, kissing, perhaps giving her more orgasms if she wanted them. Instead, I’m stuck at work, once again locked up and denied orgasm. After twelve days of not cumming, I’m patiently waiting for my turn to have a massive orgasm. When it will be is up to My Lady…