Before ML and I started our chastity play, I never really considered shaving my pubic hair. It was just something that was there, and there was no reason to get rid of it. Besides, bald balls and a hairless cock… that’s for European men and porn stars, right?

Even when chastity came into the picture, it wasn’t something that ML and I thought about. ML didn’t think she’d like it very much – she thought it would be too “boyish” to not have any hair down there. But after wearing the cage for a while – and getting plenty of pubic hairs accidentally plucked by the cage – I brought the idea up to ML; I needed her permission, after all, considering it is HER cock.

We soon found out that we both REALLY liked having me shaved. Not only was it much more comfortable with the cage, but it made me a lot more sensitive to touch. And ML thought my cock looked really sexy… and HUGE!

Those first few shaves were very nervewracking – anytime you put a sharp metal object near your private parts is going to be a little scary. But I got used to it, and now it’s not too big of an issue. The biggest problem nowadays involves our attempts for longer lockups.

When the cage is on, I’m not able to shave as well as when the cage is off (duh). I have either two options: 1) shave what I can reach, which ends up leaving me with uncomfortable hairs, or 2) slide the cage back and forth to get”underneath” it, which leads to razor irritation and some ingrown hair issues.

Recently, I’ve been on a search for a more “permanent” solution. Electrolysis would obviously be great; but not only is it super expensive, but it involves electro-zapping the hair follicles… near my dick. And I thought shaving was scary…

Laser treatment sounds like a happy medium – not too painful, not too expensive, but effective for longer than shaving. But do I really want to go to some place to have a stranger work my bits over with a ray gun?

Then I came across this home laser hair remover while searching the internet for options. It’s got good reviews and seems easy to use. It shows mostly women using it, but they don’t need to know I’m using it in my balls. I won’t be picking it up anytime soon, though – $400 is a pretty hefty price tag.

Now, if someone wanted to get it for us as a gift… not that I’m suggesting that… πŸ˜‰

It would be nice to have a way to achieve longer term hair removal, so ML and I can try longer cage times without worrying about shaving. But for now, I’ll be using a blade.

I spent a couple of days working some odd hours, which gave me some time to hang out at home by myself during the morning. While ML was at work, she made sure to keep me occupied during the day by giving me instructions. Her favorite task was to edge myself in the cage using her wand. It certainly wasn’t lost on me that the toy she normally uses to get herself off was now being used to frustrate me, and I think My Lady also enjoyed the irony.

It didn’t take very long to edge myself – after being locked for over two weeks, my cock was in desperate need for attention. My cock was throbbing and twitching within moments of applying the wand, and I definitely could have cum if I continued, even in spite of being caged.

My Lady finally allowed me to unlock for this weekend, but the teasing and edging hasn’t stopped. She had me stroke myself for my first edge out of the cage (and for my first erection in weeks). God, it felt so fucking good… and just putting this out there, but my cock seems like it’s bigger than usual! Maybe it’s a trick of the eye after being locked for so long and not seeing it’s full size, but I look (and feel) huge! Anyone who says chastity shrinks your cock doesn’t really know what they’re talking about.

ML can also vouch for my consistent size – she also allowed me in her pussy last night! I was very grateful, because it has been SOOOOOOO long since I felt her pussy on my cock. Even though I was well drunk and don’t remember everything from last night (apparently, ML had not one, but two intense orgasms), I made sure to keep the feeling of her riding my cock in my memory… mainly because I’m not sure how long it’ll be until the next time!

It started out as an innocent attempt to increase the excitement in their sex lives.

Michael and Emily had been practicing chastity for almost a year, alternating as each other’s keyholder. They enjoyed how horny being locked chastity made them, how desperate and needy they became for one another. The only problem was their conviction – they could only keep themselves locked for a week or so maximum before the desire was too strong to resist. They wanted to go longer, but they couldn’t. They turned to Sophia for help.

Sophia was a good friend of Michael and Emily, they had met through meetups and get togethers through the kink community in their area. Sophia had a husband who she also kept in chastity – Michael and Emily were always amazed at how Sophia could keep her husband locked up for months at a time. Sophia’s husband had also not had a full orgasm in over 8 months, and she had no plans on allowing him to have one any time soon.

“There’s no way I would be able to go that long without Michael’s cock inside me,” Emily once told Sophia. “I think I’d die!”

“Oh, you’d be surprised,” Sophia replied.

So, when Michael and Emily realized that they would need help taking their kink to the next level, they turned to Sophia for help. They agreed to let Sophia hold their keys for a year and be in control of when they would be unlocked and allowed to have sex with each other.

“You’re sure you want this?” Sophia asked. “If I’m in control of the both of you, I’m not going to go easy on you. In fact, I would do everything I could to make it a living hell for both of you, because that’s what I enjoy…”

“We are sure,” Michael said. “We are ready for this.”

They were not ready for this.

It only took two weeks of being locked in chastity 24/7 for Michael and Emily to realize they were in way over their heads. Michael and Emily were absolutely desperate for some sort of penetrative sex with each other, but Sophia would not allow it. She kept both of them locked up tight in their chastity belts, letting the need build slowly. Michael and Emily felt the ache growing with each passing day, but could do nothing to fulfill their desires.

After a month in chastity, Sophia had basically turned Michael and Emily into sex starved maniacs. Even just the thought of sex would cause Michael’s cock to swell and throb in his cage, and Emily could feel her pussy nearly dripping through the steel plate over her crotch. She sometimes found herself absentmindedly stroking the chastity belt, wishing she could be rubbing her pussy instead. When Michael noticed this, he would whimper to himself, wishing he could take advantage of his god-awfully horny wife.

After two months of chastity, Michael and Emily were both desperate for an orgasm. Emily found herself grinding her pussy against objects during the day, rubbing herself against the counter as she cooked or fruitlessly humping a pillow as she tried to sleep. Michael could feel his underwear brush against his cock through the bars of his chastity cage with almost every step he took. Sophia used their desperation against them during this time, upping the intensity by introducing the couple to some bondage games. Sophia would tie Michael and Emily up together chastity belt to chastity belt, and wedge her wand between the two of them. When she turned the wand on, it vibrated the steel around both of their sexes, and it didn’t take long before both Michael and Emily were frantically thrusting into each other trying to get off. But the vibration wasn’t enough to get either of them off in chastity, it only made things worse.

After three months, Michael and Emily seriously began to regret asking Sophia for her help. They had hoped that she would occasionally unlock them for some sexual contact, but Sophia had kept them locked constantly. They could plainly see that Sophia was enjoying this even more than she thought she would – having two chastity slaves to play with was even more exciting than just one! Sophia tortured Michael and Emily by inviting her husband over, letting him out of chastity, and forcing them to watch him fuck her all night long. Sophia’s husband was more than happy to participate, as Sophia allowed him to cum more times that night than he had for the entire last year combined! Emily watched as Sophia’s pussy was stretched by her husband’s cock over and over, and Michael watched as Sophia’s tits were covered in cum. Would they ever get to feel that again with each other, or would Sophia keep them locked up forever?

Sophia answered that question about a month later by telling Michael and Emily that she would be unlocking them for the first time and allowing them to have sex with each other, but it would be on her terms. Michael and Emily quickly agreed – how bad could it be if they were finally going to be able to have sex?

They had no idea how evil Sophia could be.———————————————————————

“Please!” both Emily and Michael were begging. “Please, faster! PLEEEEEASE!!!!”

Sophia was incredibly turned on by the scene playing out in front of her. She had spent weeks thinking of the perfect situation to torture Michael and Emily with their own desires, and she had finally come up with the perfect way to do so.

Sophia was sure to restrain both Michael and Emily before removing their chastity devices. After being locked up for so long, it was frustrating to not be able to touch themselves, but being unlocked was enough of a release… for now. Sophia had placed Emily in her steel stockade on her hands and knees in doggy-style position, complete with a locking collar and waistpad to hold her in place. She was strapped down tight to the waistpad so that she couldn’t move her hips even the slightest inch. Michael was on his knees behind Emily, with his hands cuffed and attached to the ceiling above him. His predicament was what Sophia considered to be her masterpiece.

Michael’s balls were held in a tight grip by Sophia’s fucking machine, pulled slightly down and away from his body. There was not much discomfort when the arm of the fucking machine was pushed forward, but he felt the pain of being tugged when the fucking machine cycled backwards. This prevented Michael from thrusting into Emily’s pussy out of synch with the rhythm of the fucking machine. Sophia had also rigged the fucking machine with a firm backrest that caused the fucking machine to push Michael forward, forcing his cock into Emily’s pussy with each thrust. Essentially, Sophia had turned Michael into a flesh-and-blood fucking machine, able to easily control him with the turn of a dial. Michael would fuck Emily at the pace Sophia wanted, regardless of how fast or slow either of them wanted him to.

Of course, Sophia had no intention of allowing Michael to fuck Emily hard and fast, like both of them so badly craved. In fact, Sophia had set the fucking machine for the slowest speed possible at the moment, causing Michael’s cock to sink into Emily’s pussy at an excrutiatingly slow pace. Each thrust of his cock took at least five seconds to plunge fully into Emily’s pussy, and another five seconds to pull out. After only a few minutes of this slow fucking torture, Emily began to try to move her hips back onto Michael’s cock. The stockade held her in place, but she couldn’t help but try. Sophia was getting very wet watching Emily’s futile attempts at impaling herself on Michael’s hard cock. Emily’s body was moving on its own accord, her shoulders hunching back and forth trying to get any type of movement going, but her pussy didn’t move an inch back or forth. Soon, Emily was wailing loudly, her entire body trembling as she could not contain her frustration any more.

Michael found very quickly that the pain of having his balls pulled was not bearable enough for him to fuck Emily in the way he wanted. He certainly tried, but could only manage an inch or two of penetration before he needed to pull away. Even if he could take the pain, having his balls pulled in that way would definitely prevent him from having the orgasm he so badly needed. Michael could only slouch against his restraints, taking only what the machine was giving him, silently begging for the machine to speed up so he could cum. Occasionally, his hips would involuntarily thrust forward in a fit of uncontrolled desire, causing him to yelp out in pain as the machine pulled his balls forcefully.

As Sophia had promised, Michael and Emily were in hell. They wanted nothing more but to have crazy hot hard fucking sex with each other; Sophia had put them so close to what they so desperately needed, but she wouldn’t give it to them. She only tempted them with it in the worst way possible. Michael and Emily reached their breaking point within minutes of each other, both of them crying out and begging Sophia to make the torture end. Tears were streaming down Emily’s face as she couldn’t take it any longer, and Michael had gone limp and was reduced to a broken mess of sexually tortured flesh.

But Sophia let the torture continue.

Sophia watched as Michael and Emily went through stages of frantic frustration, to deflated acceptance of their fate, and back again. Each time she could see the moment of change: their bodies shaking back and forth trying to gain some control of their situation, and then sagging lifelessly in their restraints. They would shout, cry, scream, wail, and then fall silent as Michael’s cock mindlessly penetrated Emily’s pussy over and over.

But Sophia let the torture continue.

Sophia watched the couple, rubbing and teasing her wet pussy as she enjoyed the scene. She wanted to draw it out so that Michael and Emily would be forced to watch her have a massive orgasm while they were teased mercilessly. She let her pleasure build and build, her moans getting louder and louder. As it became clear that she was about to cum, Michael and Emily couldn’t help but stare as Sophia brought herself to a huge, screaming orgasm.

Sophia was surprised by the strength of her orgasm – she was enjoying torturing the couple a hell of a lot more than she thought she would, and her orgasm was fueled by the intense feeling of power she felt in the moment. Even her orgasm was killing them, and that made it even more sweeter.

Once Sophia had come down from her orgasm, she reached for the control for the fucking machine. She looked directly into Michael and Emily’s eyes as she turned up the speed. Both Michael and Emily cried out in response to the increased pleasure.

“OH MY GOD!!!!” Emily screamed as Michael fucked her harder and faster. Michael was grunting loudly as the machine forced his cock into Emily’s tight wet pussy. They both were racing towards an orgasm they had been desperately needing for so long. The machine pounded Michael’s cock into Emily’s pussy as they were both ready to cum…

Suddenly, Sophia cut the machine off on an outstroke, leaving just the tip of Michael’s cock inside Emily’s pussy.

“AAAAAAAAAH!” Emily shouted in horror, as her pussy began to spasm. “NOOOOOO!” Emily shoved herself back, desperate to get Michael’s cock back inside her as her pussy suffered through a ruined orgasm. Her pussy lips sucked at the head of Michael’s cock, trying to pull him in so that she could experience some sort of pleasure from this long-denied orgasm, but it was no use.

Michael had thrown his head back, ready to fill Emily’s pussy with a load of cum when the machine stopped. “UGGGGHHHHH?!?!” was all he could manage as he looked down at his cock just barely in Emily’s pussy. He watched as her pussy pulsed around the head of his cock, and he felt himself falling over the edge. He tried to hold back, knowing how frustrating a ruined orgasm would be after all of this. He gritted his teeth, squeezing hard and trying to hold his load in…

The pressure and need to cum was just too much; Michael’s ability to hold back failed, and Emily’s greedy pussy ended up bringing Michael off, his cock twitched through a ruined orgasm. His cum spilled out of his cock and into Emily’s pussy. Emily felt Michael’s cock pulsing, and she knew that he, too, was suffering through a ruined orgasm. Each of them was cumming, yet neither of them were able to fully enjoy it. Emily cried once again as she felt the ache building in her pussy once again.

“I hope you enjoyed fucking each other and your orgasms, because once Michael gets soft enough, you’ll both be going right back into your chastity cages…. I’m not through with you guys just yet. If you think this has been intense, wait until you see what I have in store for you for the rest of the year…”

After ML’s newfound passion for tickling me was discovered, I was worried that she might end up making that one of her true focuses while having me restrained. As she pointed out, I really REALLY do hate being tickled; the only problem is that it’s not really a danger to my safety, so I don’t allow myself to safeword out of it. This weekend, My Lady took advantage of some stockade time to show me that there is more than one way to “tickle.”

It’s my fault, of course; just like pretty much everything involving my fantasies, I gave ML the idea. I had told her I missed being in the stockade, and was hoping for some play time. We had also talked about ways she could tease my cock while it is caged, working together to find some sensitive spots she could stimulate with her fingers.

You can see where this is going.

Once ML had me securely locked in the stockade, she began to lightly brush her fingers over the shaft of my confined cock. After being locked 24/7 for two weeks straight, I got hard in my cage almost immediately. The only thing this accomplished was making it easier to torture me. With my cock bulging against the steel bars of the Jailbird, all of those sensitive areas were exposed for My Lady to toy with. Even the spot underneath my cockhead was right there, almost begging to be used to sexually torture me.

Over the course of the next hour or so, ML slowly and deliberate tickled and teased all over my cock and balls while I writhed in the stockade. The waistpad was rigged so tight that I couldn’t thrust or pull my hips away, and I had no choice but to endure her incessant teasing. She wouldn’t even give me a second to gather myself as she constantly tickled me, as her fingertips were always somewhere – teasing my twitching asshole, brushing over my full heavy balls, or poking and squeezing my shaft of my throbbing cock inside the cage.

It didn’t take long for me to begin moaning in frustration , and I was soon fighting a losing battle to stay quiet with the kids in the house. I wanted to thrust my hips so badly, but the stockade held me fast. It went on for far too long, much longer than I would have hoped or expected it to. But ML did not tire and showed no mercy.

On the contrary, as she noticed my anguish as time went on, she made it worse, whispering in my ear, “Why do you do this to yourself? Why do you tell me these fantasies, when you know I’m only going to make it worse than you ever imagined?”

“I don’t know,” I whimpered truthfully. I really don’t know why I tell her all of these fantasies about being sexually tortured for hours on end, longer than I could care to stand or endure. I guess part of me craves the intense experience, and I know she has the intensity to deliver those experiences.

ML finally stopped teasing me, but not for my benefit – she had apparently gotten extremely turned on by my reactions, and she decided to use me one last time before releasing me from the stockade. My Lady crawled in front of me so that her ass and soaking wet pussy was right in front of me face. She then backed up, forcing her horny holes directly into my face. She rubbed her pussy juices all over me, and she forced-fucked her asshole into my nose and tongue. She bounced her sexy round ass back against me, and for the first time that night I was in heaven.

You can see why.

In the end, my cock was left squeezed and sore in its cage and my face covered in ML’s horny pussy juices.

I always knew I liked bondage. I like the vulnerable, helplessness of it. I get so turned on knowing that I have someone so completely dependant on me. Which is likely why I enjoy the control of an FLR and chastity. I just never knew how much I enjoyed it, until cagedmonkey and I had some time to really play with rope on our anniversary weekend. I got to finally get him bound in such a sexy amazing way with his calves bound to his thighs and wrists bound behind his back.

I’m glad we had time to practice beforehand because I really think I did a good job getting him bound in the rope. The purple rope looks amazing on him too.

I feel like my rope tying skills can only get better from here. He certainly couldn’t move his legs apart from themselves but I wanted to make sure he was completely bound so I used another rope to bind his ankles and then his wrists.

I had so much fun with him tied up this way. One of cagedmonkey’s kinks is to be taken advantage of while completely vulnerable. So I spent a good amount of time tickling the living hell out of him. He hates tickling so much. I teased him verbally and just loved every single reaction that came out of him. My pussy got so incredibly wet during it all as well. It was dripping and I even climbed up and let him feel it as I rubbed it on his back and left him with a huge gooey wet spot.

After over an hour bound in the rope I felt he’d had enough. His face was beet red, his eyes were watering and I can just imagine how his muscles felt. The marks that were left from the ropes were exquisite. I admired them as I removed each loop.

I can’t wait to have another weekend where we can play with the rope again. I’d like to find some other awesome ways to get him bound. Of course, I also want to think of other fun things to do to him while he’s so completely helpless and vulnerable. We definitely want to get him into more predicament type stuff.

A couple of weeks ago cagedmonkey and I celebrated our 15 year wedding anniversary. We had a weekend to ourselves to celebrate, thanks to Grandma. My morning, on Saturday, started with a naked subby hubby cooking me a delicious breakfast. Then, we enjoyed relaxing together as I had planned a full day of control over him. I had decided our weekend together would be a complete, and I mean complete, control weekend. He was to ask for everything, eat when/if I allowed him to, drink whatever I told him to. I even enjoyed a snack while allowing him a snack as well.

A little while ago I picked up a new bondage item and wanted to try it out first. So I had cagedmonkey lay down on his stomach and put him in the new… harness, I guess I’ll call it. It forced him to have his legs up and his back arched and head up while his wrists were cuffed near his chest. The awesome part of this thing was that I could totally get on all fours in front of him and force him to eat my pussy and ass and there was nothing he could do about it.

Once I was sufficiently satisfied and he was covered in my pussy juices, I stood up and simply said, “I’ll be back.” I left him there, laying on the floor, bound in that position, smelling me while I took a long, hot, shower. He had no clue when I would be back or what was in store for him when I did return. I’m sure he was aching with anticipation. After my shower, I came back and laid my fresh, clean, shaved pussy in his face and made him lick me to orgasm.

I did finally allow him out of the harness and I told him we were going in the bedroom so he could please me where I was comfortable. I had him uncage my big thick cock, however he was still not allowed to feel inside my warm, very wet pussy. The only thing I allowed him to do was set his cock on my clit while I used the wand to have another orgasm.

Such a tease to be so close but still unable to feel my pussy squeeze around his cock.

While I was enjoying my orgasm, cagedmoney really didn’t enjoy that I left him with a ruined orgasm, all over my pussy lips.

The poor guy so desperately wanted to feel me. I loved seeing the anguish on his face. I love causing him so much frustration… So much that I can see it on his face. I love knowing he wants, so badly, what in in control of. All of the sexual pleasure he’s aching for and only I get to give it to him… or not!

I’ve decided to break this anniversary weekend, post into two, so please continue reading about what happened in the evening here in Part 2!

A nice compact episode for you all! Just a quick chat about expanding on some of those things we are starting to enjoy. Thanks so much for listening!! It’s too bad we didn’t have the mic in the car the whole ride back from dropping the kids off to Grandma’s house lol we had some pretty awesome conversations!! Next time!!!

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Cagedmonkey and I have our 15 year wedding anniversary coming up soon and the kids will be with grandma the whole weekend. I decided that would be the perfect time to get in lots of playtime but I wanted to get in some practice before beforehand. So last weekend we spent Saturday night playing with some rope. I didn’t get the book out this time, I just did it from memory and really liked how it turned out.

I tried a couple different ties, as you can see in the above picture. I really liked the one on his left leg holding his calf to his thigh. I did learn that when I do that tie again I will move it up his thigh so that it holds his leg a bit tighter and he’s really bound and can’t pull his lower leg away. I also liked how I had his wrist rope cuffs attached to his legs so he was kinda in a hog tie-ish position. 

I did like how his right ankle was tied as well but I think that would be better suited to tying him to something rather than to himself like that. Once I had him bound like this I had so much fun with him. He was in the best position to have his cock and balls tickled! I pulled his cock back behind him and used my hands and theft wand on his sensitive spot to tease, tickle and torture his cock… He was such a drippy mess and it was so fun to force the fluid out of him. I did edge him that way quite a few times too and allllllllllllllmost ruined him but I decided I was going to save that for another time hehe πŸ™‚

Happy New Year to all of you amazing people!!!

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Looking forward to an awesome 2018!

We recently got gifted a couple things and I went shopping for some new toys to play with. I figured, why not start off this brand new year with some new toys? 

Some of these are not completely new but we did get more rope which gives us a lot more opportunity for new trying positions. We are looking forward to trying cagedmonkey in some predicament positions. Also the flogger itself is not a new thing but now I’ve got two and they are braided so I’m sure there will be a different feeling going on when I use those! The anal hook and Wartenberg wheel are completely new which I’m sure will only add to the freshness that is too come. 

Have you used any of these before and would you like to share your experience as either the giver or receiver? We would love to hear from you! πŸ™‚